What Kind of Dog Is That?!

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Could Be Based on a True Story

What Kind of Dog Is That?!

The cemetary was a place she often visited. Day, night, it didn't matter to her. This was a place of comfort for her. Her Grandmother was laid to rest here, how could any wrong come from visiting her dear Grandmother.

The air was crisp with early signs of fall all around. It was early evening and the sun was just starting to set. Deciding she has another half an hour or more she settles back in and starts talking to her Grandmother once again. A cold breeze blows across her back and she hears the crunching of leaves and sticks. She pops her head up not particularly alarmed, just looking to see who's there. Seeing nobody around she assumes its just a squirrel or bird and continues talking.

She has just finished talking. She is gathering her things to head home when she feels another cold breeze on her back and hears the crunching of leaves again, only this time there is the distinct sound of thudding boots against the ground. Expecting to see someone else coming to visit a loved one, even though it was an odd hour for people, other than people like her to be out, she looks up and sees nothing. There is no sign of wildlife, and certainly not any people that she could see. But if it were an animal would she have heard boots?

Beginning to feel creeped out, she hurries and shoves the rest of her belongings in her bag. She puts on her jacket and is getting ready to throw her bag across her shoulder when she hears it again. She can hear the boots and the crunching leaves and it sounds like it is getting closer.

She can feel the panic rising in her chest, she flings her bag on and turns to run out. As she turns she is stopped right where she stands.

Standing directly in front of her is the most gruesome thing she had ever seen. A dog, but not any ordinary dog. This dog looks as if it had been turned inside out. It is covered in blood with teeth baring, glowing red eyes, and a growl so menacing it drew a blood curdling scream from her throat. As she screams she turns to run away but she doesnt get far.

As she turns she sees a figure standing in front of her. A human figure, a male human figure with a face completely distorted to look like one only seen in horror films. He is covered in blood, it is dripping from his hands and his boots are drenched in it. The human figure in front of her opens its mouth but no words come out. He raises his blood drenched hand and points in her direction.

Knowing whats behind her, she doesn't turn around. She lets out another blood curdling scream as she tries take off to her right and run out to find help. As she runs she can hear the boots behind her and the menacing growl of the inside out dog. She is screaming and running for her life.

She has to be close to the road now, she can hear a car coming. She tries to run faster to catch the car. The faster she runs, the faster the sound of the boots, and the closer the dog is. She is praying the car will hear her screams and stop.

The road is in sight she can see the headlights on the pavement. Just before she gets to the pavement she realizes she no longer hears the boots or growling behind her. Not daring to slow down or stop till her feet hit the pavement and the car stops, she keeps running.

She reaches the side of the road, praying the car will stop. There is no car. The lights she saw were street lights, the car she heard coming is nowhere in sight. As she turns to run toward home, she smacks into a blood covered shirt with dripping red hands. As she looks up, the distorted face is looking down upon her with a smile that sends shivers straight down her spine. She lets out one last murderous scream before collapsing.

She can feel the figure looming over her and the massive inside out dogs breath on her hands as the cover her face. She is screaming and praying to God as she feels the blood drenched hands on top of her head. They begin to squeeze her head as if its trying to crush her skull. She lets out one powerful scream to God to help her, please help her. That is where this must end because to this day she will not say what happened after that point.

Later that evening a car found her laying on the side of the road and stopped to help. The only 3 words she would repeat is, "evil is here". "Evil is here"

Story has it that she never recovered and has been in a mental institution since that day. Her story has never changed. She has never mentioned her dear Grandmother again, but still insists on a daily basis that evil is here.

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