by Landon Hodge 2 years ago in fiction

By: Landon Hodge


A huge tornado was forming on the east side of the U.S and it stretched from Mississippi to Maine. Kentucky was right in the middle of its path. Everything that was picked up in the storm was directed to the middle (Kentucky). The whole state of Kentucky was hit really hard by houses, cars, and other debris, but there was one thing that no one could have predicted would fly into Kentucky. It was about to be full on Armageddon.

It all started when a chemical plant in Tennessee called UniTech was picked up by the storm and all the chemicals were released into the dangerous winds. UniTech must have been working on a new chemical because all of the people who inhaled this chemical got very mad. The chemical effects wore off very quickly. Then, all of the sudden, it started raining horses. Nobody was prepared including me and my family. So, my family had to pack an Emergency Supply Kit fast. In our kit, we packed a first aid kit in case someone got injured, a flashlight to see where we were going, cans of food so we don't go hungry, a radio to hear how bad the storm was, a couple gallons of water to stay hydrated, and a few parts of a tent to have shelter. In my personal bag, my parents made me pack a few parts of the tent so we could have shelter, clean underwear, and deodorant so I wouldn't smell bad, toilet paper so I stay clean, and last but not least, I would have apples so if one of the crazy horses comes after me I could try and tame it by giving the horse a treat.

When we stepped outside to start our long journey to the west, we couldn't believe our eyes the whole city of Lexington was torn down. The horses were everywhere and they were mad since the chemical didn't wear off due to the fact that the horses have a different body system than us. I tried to think of what we could use as a repellant to the horses and I came up with an idea but it was a gross idea. The idea was to go cover ourselves in horse feces hoping the scent would cover us up. We followed out with the plan and worked our way over to the car; we smelled terrible.

When we got to the car, we tried to clean ourselves off with some towels in the car since every time we eat in the car we have to put towels over our laps. Once we got clean enough, our dad put the pedal to the metal. Since we weren't covered in feces and we were in a moving vehicle all the horses started to notice us and chase us. My baby sister was so scared I tried to calm her down and kept saying to her "It's going to be ok." There were horses coming from all directions and there was no way to go. We decided to jump out of the car and hope there was still a little feces scent left on us to get out of there, but that obviously didn't happen.

I remembered that I packed apples in my bag in case something like this happened. Thankfully, I was prepared for whatever was to come because when I threw the apples, three horses got them and somehow the chemical must have worn off of them. We all got on a horse and started riding on them until we found a fort. A fort was a place where people came to be protected from the horses. When we reached the fort, the rest of the horses were far behind us. The people in the fort were surprised to see that we had tamed the horses. I told them I just gave them apples so they started a ton of apple orchards in the fort so whenever an emergency happened we could just give the horses apples.

If my family and I did not prepare or pack those apples, the worst could've happened to us. Though we did not have an emergency kit packed, we knew what we would need to help us get through the treacherous path of the crazy horses.

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