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Discover 4 Bone-Chilling Thrills

By E.J. V'KantyPublished about a month ago 3 min read
You Can Productions/Stay Home (2020)

Horror fans don’t have to wait for the next big release to get new chills and thrills. You can find plenty of free content online from indie artists who want to develop names for themselves. Even if you’re not a hardcore lover of scary movies, you can find plenty of short films to fill the time. Get a dose of spine-tingling excitement and discover up-and-coming horror filmmakers with these horror shorts.

Ignore It

Here is a horror short that sets up the atmosphere right away and builds tension until the very end of this 6:33 film. While very little is said to describe the entity tormenting this family, it quickly becomes clear that they have been dealing with the supernatural threat for far too long.

Ignore It stars:

  • Madison Rojas
  • Madison Leyson
  • Michael Perl
  • Aina Dumlao
  • Crystal Hughes

Ignore It is an adaptation of a Jeff Speziale short story, entitled You're Going to Notice a Woman in Your Home, You Must Ignore Her. The film was written and directed by Sam Evenson. Evenson also handled the editing and the visual effects.

Stay Home

Elephant in the room - This horror short was made during the 2020 Covid lockdowns. 2020 was a rough year for everyone, particularly because we really didn’t know much about Covid or how it would affect the majority of us. While certain scenes in this short were understandable at the time, they haven’t aged well and seem very cringeworthy in today’s world.

That said, this is a real treat for horror fans. Especially for those who adore Danielle Harris & Scout Taylor-Compton, this is a fun little adventure that makes the most of an unpleasant experience. You’ll find many familiar names in the list of credits below. For that reason alone, this 16:49 minute short is well worth the watch.

Stay Home cast:

  • Scout Taylor-Compton - Scout
  • Dee Wallace - Dee
  • Barbara Crampton - Barbara
  • Amir Talai - Dario
  • Kane Hodder - Kane
  • Danielle Harris - Danielle
  • Written & directed by Chris Heck and Gabrielle Stone

Catch Your Breath

If you’re a fan of urban legends, you’ll love this 9:00 horror short. Catch Your Breath follows two boys as they investigate a local legend about the Lady Beneath. The legend has high school students in the area both scared and fascinated. As Andrew begins to back out, Mike tempts him by promising his crush would admire him for confronting the legend.

As Andrew performs the ritual designed to summon the Lady Beneath, both boys discover the story is much more than a mere legend.

Catch Your Breath cast & crew:

  • Samson Oliver - Andrew
  • Toby Oliver - Mike
  • Matt Sears - Writer & Director

House Rules

I should offer a trigger warning for this 8:00 horror short, titled House Rules. The main character in the story is a woman who flees from her home after suffering spousal abuse. While there isn’t explicit violence in this short, there is verbally threatening language that some may find offensive or triggering.

Hoping to get away from her husband, the woman looks for an Airbnb rental and finds just one that’s in her price range. In taking the rental, she must agree to obey two simple rules. When she breaks those rules, she faces some unexpected consequences.

House Rules cast & crew:

  • Jiya Kapur - Woman
  • Jiya Kapur - Writer, Director

These are just a few samples of the short indie films available on YouTube. You can search for them on your own or follow me for future installments. Even if you just have a few minutes, a horror short can give your day that extra spooky feeling!

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