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Hell Apartment5

Chapter Five: A xiu

By Sixth SensePublished 6 months ago 11 min read

Li Yin looked at the bright and bright moon outside the window, when the hands of the watch crossed midnight - it meant that they were already bound in this village. Only one month later, at midnight on July 8, can leave here.

One month... is really long.

In terms of customary instructions in blood.

He still clearly remembers... the first time Ye Kexin took him to see Xia Yuan.

Xia Yuan, who lives in room 1006, gave Li Yin the first impression at that time - no way? He is the one who has lived in this horrible place for four years (Xia Yuan lived there for four years a year ago), is it true?

Wearing a pair of rimless glasses and a well-pasted suit, with a slender figure and a refined and kind face, he looks...he can't be equated with the building manager in Li Yin's mind.

"Are you a new resident?" Xia Yuan accepted him easily at that time, and seemed to have gotten used to it.

"Yes, Mr. Xia, I..."

"Don't say anything." Xia Yuan immediately asked him to sit down in the room, and then said to Ye Kexin: "Kexin, go and inform everyone about the arrival of the newcomer."

Kexin looked at Xia Yuan at that time, his face couldn't help but look like a ripe apple, and he didn't dare to look directly at him. Then, he nodded shyly and walked out.

Xia Yuan's room was about the same size as Li Yin's. However, in comparison, the arrangement is a little more plain.

"Don't be too nervous," Xia Yuan said with a smile: "People who enter this apartment for the first time will be at a loss, and when I tell him the truth, they will have a feeling of collapse of the world view, which is difficult to accept and believe. "

"I... until now, I feel in the dark about all this." Li Yin held his forehead and said, "Mr. Xia... Do I really want to live here forever?"

"Coffee or tea?" Xia Yuan didn't answer directly, but took out a ceramic cup from the cupboard and said, "I have Yuqian Longjing from Hangzhou, and the coffee is imported from Colombia and Brazil. My parents sent it to me abroad."

"Coffee...I have always felt that this kind of thing is no different from traditional Chinese medicine." Li Yin said with a wry smile: "Well, the tea is ready, by the way, don't add wolfberries."

"Okay. Would you like some chrysanthemums?"


Xia Yuan looked only twenty-four or five years old, slightly older than Li Yin, but he was very sophisticated in his actions. After making tea, he kindly handed it to Li Yin, and then said: "Next, I will say If you want to, believe it as much as you can, I can assure you that I will never lie. However, I don't have an exact guarantee for how much you can accept."

"I, I understand."

Then, Xia Yuan told Li Yin everything.

When everything was finished, Li Yin's expression was beyond shock. He really couldn't accept such a weird statement.

But... it's true again. He had already tried to walk outside the alley to look here, and sure enough...the apartment disappeared without a trace.

Here, it is indeed an incomprehensible abnormal building.

"I understand your current mood, but...I must tell you...you will die if you leave this apartment for more than forty-eight hours. If you don't believe me, I can show you a video. In order to make people believe this, There used to be..."

"I believe it." Li Yin accepted this easily, and continued: "Then... you, at the places indicated by those blood letters, have met... met..."

"Yes." When Xia Yuan said this, his face became a little pale: "Unfortunately, since I entered this apartment, I am no longer an atheist."

"The existence of idealism...?" Li Yin's hands began to tremble uncontrollably at this moment.

Xia Yuan pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said, "I was able to live until today. Looking back, it was a nightmare. Just recalling it, I doubt how I survived."

At this time, Li Yin raised a question.

"You said just now...in general apartments, there will be no blood-letter instructions at intervals of more than half a year, so...for the same resident, how long is the interval between blood-letter instructions?"

"It's hard to say." Xia Yuan continued: "It will be faster at first, and new blood characters will appear every few months. However, the later the time, the longer the interval. I have already completed it." Five blood-letter instructions, and the last blood-letter instruction has been almost a year since now."

"Then...doesn't it mean that we have to live here all the time unless instructions are issued?"

"Yes. There is no way. The saying that you can leave after ten bloody instructions was also told to me by the old residents when I first moved in. And those old residents also died later."

Li Yin is very clear... I am afraid that he will live in this apartment for a long time in the future.

Then, Xia Yuan took him to know the neighbors in each apartment.

Li Yin was deeply impressed by the following people, the couple Hua Liancheng and Yi Zhen who lived in Room 706. The couple were very young and seemed to have just graduated from college. They lived in this apartment a year earlier than Li Yin. He was easy to talk to; there were two other people who were also hard for him to forget.

One is Tang Wenshan who lives in Room 502, and the other is Sachiko Odagiri who lives in Room 402.

Tang Wenshan is an extremely gloomy and taciturn young man with extremely cold eyes. When he sees anyone, he always looks like he is a sworn enemy; while Sachiko Odagiri is a college student who came to China from Japan to study. She spoke very well, and she had a very calm and composed expression, which made people feel that she couldn't see through her. Another reason why Xingzi left a deep impression on Li Yin is...she is so beautiful that Li Yin is shocked, she is a standard gothic lolita.

After Li Yin started to live in the apartment, he naturally often met Sachiko Odagiri who was the next-door neighbor. At first, he hoped to have a good relationship with these experienced residents. Ye Kexin is very approachable, but Sachiko Odagiri always feels unapproachable. When she is free, she always holds a Japanese version of "The Tale of Genji".

Li Yin remembered that when he went out yesterday, he and Ye Kexin went to Sachiko Odagiri's house to say goodbye. And she was still so cold, and she didn't say a word from the beginning to the end.

On the contrary, Hua Liancheng and his wife were very enthusiastic, and repeatedly asked them to be careful and come back alive. This moved Li Yin very much. After a year, the relationship between each other is also very deep.

Everyone... After all, they are all supporting each other, and they have lived till now!

Thinking of this, Li Yin had mixed feelings, and looked at Luo Hengyan and Qin Shoutian who were sleeping beside him. And, Ye Kexin, who was constantly fighting against sleepiness.

"Kexin, hold on, we need two of us to be awake." Li Yin said, "Persist on a little longer. Here, let's drink some tea."

"I'm fine..." Although she said so, she still yawned: "I, I can't fall asleep."

So Li Yin had no choice but to talk to her more, so that she could concentrate: "Then, let's talk. Kexin, you... like Xia Yuan, right?"

"Ah, that's right... um? Ah, no, no, no, I'm not..." Ke Xin quickly waved her hands and said, "I, I'm not with Xia Yuan..."

Ye Kexin's ability to live up to now is not unrelated to Xia Yuan's existence. It's been three years, and she's managed to survive until now. "Xia...Xia Yuan," Ye Kexin's face turned red at the moment: "He may not like me. Besides, the first thing I think about now is the issue of survival. I don't dare to think about it... "

Li Yin said with a smile: "We can definitely leave that damned apartment together alive... definitely!"

Ye Kexin felt a little relieved when he heard Li Yin's words.

"Heng Yan, he has a more impulsive personality, so I'm more worried about him." Li Yin turned to look at the sleeping Luo Hengyan, and said, "He is very pitiful. After his parents died, he came to K city to live alone. Imagine something like this going to happen.”

"That's right..." Ye Kexin nodded, and said, "Shoutian is also...divorced because of his wife's affair, wandering around in the middle of the night alone in a decadent manner, drinking and getting drunk, and in the end his shadow was..."

Qin Shoutian and Ye Kexin had received the same blood instruction before, and there were only three of them that time, but the other person died, and only Qin Shoutian and Ye Kexin survived. Therefore, Ye Kexin also has a strong sense of companionship towards Qin Shoutian, and very much hopes that he can survive.

The next day... finally arrived.

"So, Mr. Li and Ms. Ye haven't woken up yet?" Village Chief Zhang came to greet them early in the morning, and Luo Hengyan replied that Li Yin and Ye Kexin were very tired and still resting.

"It doesn't matter," Village Chief Zhang suddenly looked left and right, seeing no one around, and asked Luo Hengyan in a low voice: "Mr. Luo, there is no one else here, just tell me... your boss, when will you come?"

"Huh? Boss?" Luo Hengyan was stunned, and asked, "What boss?"

"Haha, I'm still pretending. I know your boss has told you to act like one, it's okay. I've already got through with the people in the village, and they won't dare to disrespect me. You can go anywhere in the village Looking around, I have absolutely no opinion."

"I... I don't understand..."

"Yes, yes, you don't understand, it's right if you don't understand. Don't worry, I will definitely entertain you during the time you live in the village. Your boss has already contacted me."

Seeing Village Chief Zhang's so attentive appearance, Luo Hengyan began to realize that this village chief seemed to have misunderstood something.

However, it seems that it was because of that "boss" that the village let them stay, and even did something to their own grandchildren, and they were so enthusiastic about them.

So...for the time being, let him continue to misunderstand.


Zhang Suyue suddenly ran over in a hurry, and said out of breath, "Grandpa, something serious has happened... Hao, Uncle Haotian, he is gone!"

"Haotian?" Village Chief Zhang frowned immediately, and then said to Luo Hengyan, "Mr. Luo...I'll go and deal with some things first."

"Disappeared", for Luo Hengyan who is extremely sensitive to everything, this is really a word that can easily be associated with. Li Yin repeatedly warned him that any "unnatural" must be absolutely paid attention to. Therefore, he immediately said: "Village Chief, I, let's go and have a look with you!"

In front of the rushing waterfall, Axiu took off her shoes and socks, soaked her feet in the water, and shook her feet.


She immediately turned her head and saw that it was her neighbor next door, Liang Renbin who grew up as a childhood sweetheart.

Liang Renbin, who looks very handsome, has always been very close to Axiu. After the death of Axiu's parents, they expressly hoped that Axiu would marry Renbin. However, Axiu has been delaying the marriage on the grounds that her parents are filial piety. After all, people in the countryside have more conservative ideas than people in the city.

But... After what happened to Li Bing, Axiu also kept Ren Bin at a respectful distance.

"Today is Sister Bing'er's memorial day." Axiu turned her head and said, "I will pay homage to her. No matter how much people in the village hate her, I will never forget this day."

"Why bother? Axiu, because of Li Bing, you have to keep fighting against me? She is already dead, what else can I do?"

"I don't want to see you again." Axiu continued to say coldly, "If you come here again, I won't be polite!"

Liang Renbin said with a bitter face, "Okay...well... Anyway, today, it's useless to say anything to you. But, Axiu, you have to remember that I'm always sincere to you!"

After Renbin left, Axiu leaned over, scooped up water and washed her face. And at this moment, through the gap between her fingers, she saw... What was reflected on the water was not her face, but another woman!

She slowly took her hand away, her own face was still reflected on the water.

"Sister Binger..." Axiu was not afraid at all, and said, "I know, I know you hate...Even if it becomes like this, you are still my sister Binger. I won't be afraid of you, because I believe you will never hurt me. Go ahead and do it. Kill all the people who forced you to death... all..."

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