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Forsaken Night

Haunted Redemption

By Shidhartha HowladerPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Forsaken Night
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

In the small, isolated townspeople of Ravenshade, nestled deep inside the eerie embrace of the Blackwood Forest, a humans named Thaddeus establish himself entangled in a supernatural incubus that defied reason. Thaddeus had always been a skeptic, scoffing at tales of ghosts and ghouls, but that was before he stumbled upon the decrepit planetary house famous as the Forsaken Manor.

The fable of Forsaken manor house had whispered through the town for generations. It was said to be cursed, a point where the living mingled with the spirits of the dead. The townsfolk avoided it, spare for a fewer brave souls who dared to speak of it only in hushed tones. Thaddeus, however, was closed to the mystery of the mansion, his curiosity driving him into the heart of darkness.

As he approached Forsaken Manor on a moonless night, the air grew colder, and a sense of dread clung to him like a second skin. The gate creaked open on its own, beckoning him forward. Inside, the mansion's walls seemed to whisper with secrets long forgotten.

Thaddeus explored the gloomy hallways, for each one step ringing eerily in the darkness. He felt the front of something otherworldly, something that watched his every move. Suddenly, a spectral image materialized before him, its form shift and contorting. It spoke in a sound that dispatched shivers down his spine, "Thaddeus, you should not have come."

The figure introduced itself as Seraphiel, a guardian spirit bound to the Forsaken Manor. Seraphiel explained that the mansion was a seaport for lost souls, trapped 'tween the realms of the living and the dead. Thaddeus had unwittingly crossed the threshold into a supernatural realm, and thither was nobelium easy way out.

Desperation clawed at Thaddeus as he pleaded with Seraphiel to release him from this haunted place. The guardian spirit agreed, just the price was steep. Thaddeus had to find a way to set unfreeze the tormented souls inside the manor, and he had only one night to undefined so.
With a flicker of hope, Thaddeus embarked on his quest, encountering restless spirits with tragic stories. He met Elowen, a array maiden who had perished in the afforest centuries ago. Her sorrowful eyes implored him to see her lost locket, the key to her salvation.

Beneath the creaking floorboards and behind hidden doors, Thaddeus uncovered the stories of the mansion's damned inhabitants. He gathered lost relics, hard words of comfort, and offered solace to the forsaken souls. Time raced against him as the hours dwindled away.

In the depths of the mansion, he faced Malekai, a malicious inspirit who reveled in the torment of others. Malekai sought to thwart Thaddeus at all turn, his spectral form contorting with malevolence. Their confrontation was a battle of wills, of get off against darkness, with the fate of the lost souls wall hanging in the balance.

As the number one rays of dawn broke through the mansion's grimy windows, Thaddeus confronted Malekai one final time. With a tide of courage, he banished the malevolent spirit, release the cursed souls from their eternal torment. The Forsaken manor house trembled as a brilliant light engulfed it, and then it was gone, leaving only an empty undefined in the woods.

With the curse lifted, Thaddeus emerged from the forest, his heart heavy with the angle of the supernatural horrors he had witnessed. The townsfolk of Ravenshade would ne'er know the true story of what had transpired that night. Thaddeus had become a witness to the inexplicable, forever troubled by the memories of Forsaken Manor.

And so, the legend of the damned mansion faded into obscurity, and Thaddeus returned to his life as a skeptic. But oceanic abyss within him, he carried the knowledge that there were forces beyond explanation, lurking in the shadows, waiting for the next trusting soul to stumble upon the supernatural.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work!

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