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The unfathomable

By Betty OnesjayPublished about a month ago 6 min read

Behind the curtains which flip with every new vision, the heart pounds softly and then suddenly the pace ruptures and rises swiftly. Lap dab lap dab, then a huge gasp of air and the breath increases...what happened to courage?

"Aaaaaah! I can't take this anymore! I don't think I can!" Anna yelled while sobbing.

"What is happening to me?! Why do I always feel like an outsider?! I wanna be freeeee!!" Anna continued to yell.

It's a new day. The sun rises steadily, casting its radiant beams to every corner of the coast of Havana. In a small village located in an anonymous place in Havana, Cuba, life was beginning to stir.

Anna was a young woman, no older than twenty, who had always felt a peculiar connection to the unseen, the things that lurked just beyond the realm of human perception. Her grandmother had often told her stories of the ancient spirits that protected their land, but Anna had never paid much attention. That was until the nightmares began.

Every night, the same vision haunted her. Shadowy figures, whispering in a language she couldn't understand, pulling her into an abyss of fear and uncertainty. She could feel their eyes on her even when she was awake, a constant reminder of her growing isolation.

On this particular morning, however, something was different. The air was thick with an unspoken promise, a sense that change was imminent. Anna stepped outside her small, weathered home, hoping to find solace in the familiar sights and sounds of her village. The scent of sea salt mingled with the fragrance of tropical flowers, creating a heady mixture that usually calmed her nerves. But not today.

As she walked towards the beach, she noticed a group of children gathered around an old man, listening intently to his tale. It was Marco, the village storyteller, whose words had the power to transport listeners to other worlds. Anna found herself drawn to the group, hoping his story might offer some escape from her torment.

"Long ago," Marco began, "this land was not as you see it now. It was wild, untamed, and full of magic. The spirits of the forest and sea lived in harmony with our ancestors. But as time passed, greed and fear began to corrupt the hearts of men, and the spirits withdrew, hiding themselves from human eyes."

Anna felt a chill run down her spine. She knew this story. It was one her grandmother had often told her, warning of the consequences of losing touch with the unseen world.

"But there is hope," Marco continued. "A prophecy speaks of one who can see beyond the veil, who can bridge the gap between our world and theirs. This person will face great challenges, but if they succeed, harmony will be restored."

The children gasped in awe, their eyes wide with wonder. Anna, however, felt a knot of fear tighten in her chest. Could this be about her? She had always felt different like she didn't quite belong. Was she destined to face these unseen forces?

Determined to find answers, Anna decided to seek out the old shaman who lived on the outskirts of the village. He was rumoured to have knowledge of the spirit world, and she hoped he could help her understand her visions.

The path to the shaman's hut was overgrown and winding, but Anna pressed on, driven by a sense of urgency. As she approached, she could feel the air grow colder, and the shadows seemed to lengthen. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Enter," a raspy voice called from within.

Anna stepped inside, her eyes adjusting to the dim light. The shaman, a frail old man with piercing eyes, sat cross-legged in the center of the room, surrounded by various herbs and talismans.

"I know why you are here," he said, his voice echoing with an otherworldly resonance. "You seek answers about the visions."

Anna nodded, unable to speak.

"The spirits have chosen you," he continued. "You have the gift of sight, the ability to see what others cannot. But with this gift comes great responsibility. You must confront the unseen forces and restore balance to our world."

"But how?" Anna finally managed to ask. "I don't know where to start."

The shaman smiled, a glint of mischief in his eyes. "You must venture into the heart of the forest, to the place where the veil between worlds is thinnest. There you will find a guide, a spirit who will help you on your journey."

With a mixture of fear and determination, Anna set out on her quest. The forest was dense and full of shadows, each step echoing with the rustle of unseen creatures. She followed a narrow path, her heart pounding with each step.

As night fell, the forest came alive with the sounds of nocturnal creatures. Anna felt the presence of the unseen all around her, their whispers growing louder. She was close.

Suddenly, a figure emerged from the shadows, a luminous being with eyes that seemed to pierce her very soul.

"Welcome, Seer," the spirit said. "I am your guide. Together, we will face the fears that haunt you and restore the balance that has been lost."

Anna felt a surge of courage. She was no longer alone. With her guide by her side, she was ready to confront the fear of the unseen and reclaim her destiny.

The spirit led her deeper into the forest, where the trees seemed to whisper ancient secrets. They came upon a clearing, bathed in an eerie glow. In the center stood a massive stone altar, covered in intricate carvings that pulsed with a faint light.

"This is the Nexus," the spirit explained. "It is a portal between worlds. To restore balance, you must pass through and confront the darkness that lies beyond."

Anna hesitated, the weight of her task settling heavily on her shoulders. "What will I find there?"

"The shadows of your deepest fears," the spirit replied. "Only by facing them can you hope to restore harmony."

Taking a deep breath, Anna stepped forward. As she approached the altar, the air around her shimmered, and she felt a pull, drawing her into the unknown. She glanced back at her guide, who nodded encouragingly.

With a final, determined step, Anna touched the altar. The world around her dissolved into darkness, and she found herself standing in a vast, shadowy landscape. The air was thick with an oppressive silence, and she could sense the presence of the unseen all around her. A figure emerged from the gloom, a twisted reflection of herself, embodying all her fears and doubts. "You cannot escape," it whispered. "You are not strong enough."

Anna's heart pounded, but she stood her ground. "I will not be afraid," she declared. "I will face you and reclaim my life."

The shadow lunged at her, and Anna felt a surge of fear. But she remembered the words of the shaman and the guidance of the spirit. Drawing on a reservoir of inner strength, she confronted the shadow, their forms intertwining in a battle of wills.

As the struggle intensified, the shadow's grip weakened, and Anna felt her confidence grow. She focused on the light within her, pushing back against the darkness. With a final burst of determination, she broke free, the shadow dissolving into nothingness.

The landscape around her brightened, and she found herself back at the Nexus, the spirit standing beside her. "You have done well, Seer," it said. "But your journey is not over. The balance is fragile, and there are other challenges ahead."

Anna nodded, feeling a mixture of relief and anticipation. She had faced her fears and emerged stronger, but she knew there was more to come. The unseen world held many secrets, and her destiny was only beginning to unfold.

As she turned to leave the clearing, a faint whisper echoed in her mind, a reminder that the line between the seen and unseen was ever-shifting. She had taken the first step, but the path ahead was still shrouded in mystery.

Anna glanced back at the Nexus, a sense of unease settling over her. What other dangers lay ahead? And who—or what—was watching her from the shadows?

Anna took a few steps forward, a few steps backwards, gasped some air and flipped her curtains...

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