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Enigma Class Entity Designation: EC-9437

Codename: The False Man

By CrownMasqueradePublished 7 months ago 2 min read

Enigma Class Entity Designation: EC-9437

Threat Level: Enigma Class 4 (EC-4)

Containment Procedures:

EC-9437 is to be contained within a specially constructed reinforced steel chamber measuring 10 meters by 10 meters. The chamber is to be fitted with airtight seals and monitored by a combination of infrared sensors and closed-circuit cameras. Any breach or anomalous activity within the chamber must be reported immediately to the designated Site Director. All personnel assigned to EC-9437's containment must undergo regular psychological evaluations to ensure their mental stability.


EC-9437 is a grotesque entity that defies conventional understanding. Its appearance is an amalgamation of distorted humanoid features, twisted limbs, and elongated appendages that writhe and contort unnaturally. The entity's skin is pale and leathery, with pulsating veins visible beneath the surface. Its eyes, devoid of pupils, emit a dim, eerie glow. EC-9437 emits a constant low-frequency hum, causing a feeling of unease and dread in those exposed to its presence.

History Log:

EC-9437 was first encountered deep within an abandoned underground facility, where it had been dormant for an unknown period. The facility was initially believed to be a site of clandestine research conducted by an unidentified group. The Foundation's investigation revealed signs of ritualistic practices and human experimentation. It was during this investigation that EC-9437 was discovered, hidden within a secret chamber.

Behavioral Observation:

EC-9437 exhibits highly aggressive and predatory behavior, preying upon any living beings that enter its vicinity. The entity possesses a heightened sense of awareness, capable of detecting even the slightest movements or changes in its surroundings. It employs both stealth and brute force to incapacitate its victims, often dismembering them with its elongated limbs. EC-9437 has displayed an ability to move through confined spaces with alarming speed and flexibility, making it an elusive and formidable adversary.

Interview Log:

[No interviews have been attempted due to the extreme hostility and unpredictable nature of EC-9437.]

Addendum: Incident Report

Incident Report EC-9437-01

On ██/██/20██, a containment breach occurred during a routine inspection of EC-9437's chamber. The entity managed to escape its confines, resulting in a widespread security alert throughout the facility. Multiple casualties were reported as EC-9437 systematically hunted down personnel, leaving behind a trail of disfigured bodies.

Security teams were dispatched to neutralize the threat, engaging EC-9437 in a prolonged and harrowing confrontation. Despite their extensive training and advanced weaponry, the entity proved resistant to conventional containment tactics, sustaining significant damage without showing signs of deterrence. The incident concluded with the successful re-containment of EC-9437, but not without a heavy toll on personnel and infrastructure.

Following the incident, a comprehensive review of containment protocols and facility security measures was conducted, resulting in enhanced reinforcement and additional safeguards to prevent further breaches and to ensure the safety of personnel.

Researchers' Notes:

EC-9437 represents an unparalleled level of hostility and relentless aggression. Its physical capabilities, combined with its ability to instill fear and psychological distress in its victims, make it an entity of exceptional danger. The origin and purpose of EC-9437 remain unknown, and its anomalous properties defy rational explanation. Further research into its physiology and capabilities is necessary to develop effective containment strategies.

Closing Statement:

EC-9437 is an enigmatic and malevolent force, driven by a primal instinct to hunt and maim. Its presence poses a severe threat to personnel and operational integrity. Continued efforts in understanding the entity's origins and researching countermeasures are crucial for maintaining containment and protecting human life.

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