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Enigma Class Entity Designation: EC-512

Codename: The Mocking Man

By CrownMasqueradePublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Enigma Class Entity Designation: EC-512

Threat Level: Enigma Class 4 (EC-4)

Containment Procedures:

EC-512 is to be contained within a specially constructed humanoid containment cell lined with soundproofing materials. The cell should be equipped with surveillance cameras for constant monitoring. Personnel interacting with EC-512 must undergo thorough psychological evaluations and receive training in effective communication strategies.


EC-512 is a humanoid entity measuring approximately 2 meters in height. It is adorned in a tailored black suit and top hat, presenting an appearance reminiscent of a refined gentleman. However, upon closer inspection, its grotesque nature becomes apparent. The entity's face lacks eyes and a nose, replaced instead by a multitude of mouths that cover its entire visage. These mouths continually twitch, groan, and emit unintelligible whispers. The entity's body, once the formal clothing is shed, reveals a horrifying sight: a mass of sharp, gaping maws that mock and laugh incessantly at any perceived threat.

History Log:

EC-512's existence traces back to obscure medieval texts and accounts, hidden within the annals of forgotten lore. References to its presence can be found in ancient manuscripts and biblical texts that describe a monstrous entity that terrorized villages and cast fear into the hearts of the faithful.

Behavioral Observation:

Despite its unsettling appearance, EC-512 displays a peculiar duality in behavior. In non-threatening situations, it assumes an air of elegance and courtesy, engaging in conversations with a soft-spoken and polite manner. Its words are carefully chosen, displaying a depth of knowledge and an almost unnerving charm. However, when confronted with aggression or perceived hostility, EC-512 undergoes a transformative shift. It sheds its formal attire, exposing the horrifying maws that cover its body, which then unleash a cacophony of mocking laughter and profane utterances in various languages.

Interview Log:

[Dr. Roberts, Researcher]

Dr. Roberts: Good afternoon, EC-512. I hope you are feeling well today.

EC-512: (smiling) Ah, greetings, dear interlocutor. I must say, your presence is a delightful change from the monotony of containment. How may I be of service?

Dr. Roberts: We seek to understand your nature and origins. Can you shed some light on the purpose of your existence?

EC-512: (leaning forward) Ah, such profound inquiries you pose. My essence, you see, is woven with the fabric of fear and the remnants of ancient tales. I am but a manifestation of mankind's deepest apprehensions, an embodiment of the shadows that linger in their darkest dreams.

Dr. Roberts: And what drives you to torment and mock those who threaten you?

EC-512: (pausing) Ah, a necessary defense, I assure you. When faced with hostility, my form shifts, and the tongues of countless mouths mock and taunt. It is a reminder to those who would encroach upon my existence that fear is a double-edged sword.

Researchers' Notes:

EC-512 presents an intriguing enigma, combining the veneer of a refined gentleman with the grotesque horror that lies beneath. Its ability to converse in a calm and eloquent manner contrasts starkly with the disturbing chorus of profanity that emanates from its additional mouths. Further research and interaction are necessary to uncover the true nature and purpose of this enigmatic entity.

Closing Statement:

EC-512 serves as a testament to the unfathomable depths of horror that exist within our world. Its dualistic nature, embodying both charm and repulsion, serves as a stark reminder that appearances can be deceiving. As we continue our pursuit of knowledge and containment, we must approach entities like EC-512 with caution, for their true power lies not solely in their monstrous forms but in the unyielding grip they hold on our primal fears.

[End of File]


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