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Enigma Class Entity Designation: EC-231


By CrownMasqueradePublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Enigma Class Entity Designation: EC-231

Threat Level: Enigma Class 5 (EC-5)

Containment Procedures:

EC-231 is to be contained within a specialized chamber constructed of reinforced materials, resistant to both physical and energy-based attacks. The chamber must be situated deep within a subterranean facility to minimize the risk of exposure to its influence. All personnel assigned to EC-231's containment must undergo rigorous psychological evaluations and receive regular counseling to maintain their mental resilience.


EC-231 is an extradimensional entity that defies conventional comprehension. Its true form remains incomprehensible to the human mind, often described as a swirling mass of writhing tentacles, luminous eyes, and unfathomable appendages. The entity emits a palpable aura of dread and exudes an otherworldly energy that distorts the surrounding environment.

History Log:

References to encounters with EC-231 are scattered throughout ancient texts and obscure folklore, hinting at the entity's existence since time immemorial. It is often associated with madness, eldritch rituals, and the dissolution of sanity. The true nature and origin of EC-231 remain enigmatic, intertwined with ancient cosmic forces far beyond human understanding.

Behavioral Observation:

EC-231 exerts an insidious influence over its surroundings, gradually warping reality and eroding the fabric of sanity. Those exposed to its presence experience increasing paranoia, hallucinations, and a pervasive sense of impending doom. The entity is known to manipulate and control lesser beings, driving them to carry out its inscrutable agenda.

Interview Log:

[Due to the nature of EC-231 and its incomprehensible communication, attempts at conducting a traditional interview have proven futile. However, the following transcript presents fragments of conversations and written records involving individuals who have had indirect encounters with the entity.]

Researcher 1: What did you witness when you encountered EC-231?

Subject A: It was beyond anything I can describe. The very air seemed to pulsate with an otherworldly energy. I heard whispers, unintelligible voices from places unknown. It was as if reality itself was unraveling, and I could feel my sanity slipping away.

Researcher 2: Did it communicate with you in any way?

Subject A: No, not directly. But its presence was suffocating, like an unrelenting weight on my mind. I felt as if I were being observed, studied, and manipulated. It sought to break me, to dismantle my sense of self.

Addendum: Incident Report

Incident Report EC-231-01

During an attempted relocation of EC-231, the entity demonstrated a surge in power, causing a temporary rupture in dimensional barriers. This resulted in catastrophic consequences, including the manifestation of bizarre, otherworldly entities and severe psychological trauma to personnel involved. Emergency protocols were enacted, and containment was reestablished after extensive efforts and the implementation of advanced reality stabilization procedures.

Researchers' Notes:

EC-231 embodies a force beyond human comprehension, reminiscent of Lovecraftian horror. Its existence challenges the limits of our understanding and threatens the very fabric of reality. Further research is necessary to explore its origin, its true purpose, and develop effective countermeasures to contain its malevolent influence.

Closing Statement:

EC-231 represents a terrifying glimpse into the unfathomable depths of cosmic horrors that exist beyond human perception. Its presence serves as a reminder of the fragile nature of our reality and the inherent limitations of our understanding. Vigilance and continued research are essential to safeguard humanity from the eldritch terrors that lie dormant in the shadows.

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