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Enigma Class Entity Designation: EC-6542

Codename: The Ascended

By CrownMasqueradePublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Enigma Class Entity Designation: EC-6542

Threat Level: Enigma Class 2 (EC-2)

Containment Procedure:

EC-6542, classified as an Enigma Class 2 entity, requires strict containment measures due to its potent telekinetic abilities. The entity is to be contained within a reinforced glass enclosure with dimensions measuring 5 meters by 5 meters. The enclosure must be specifically designed to withstand the force of the entity's telekinetic manipulations. To neutralize EC-6542's telekinetic powers, a specialized electromagnetic field generator is installed within the enclosure, creating a counteracting force against its abilities. Access to EC-6542's containment area is restricted to Level-3 Enigmatologists, who have undergone extensive psychic shielding training. Personnel entering the enclosure must wear psychic shielding equipment to prevent mental manipulation by the entity. Regular psychic evaluations of assigned personnel are mandatory to assess their psychic well-being and ensure their resistance to the entity's influence.


EC-6542 is a humanoid entity with an ethereal and elusive appearance. Its body is composed of a translucent, luminescent substance, giving it a captivating and otherworldly glow. The entity possesses telekinetic powers, allowing it to manipulate objects and levitate itself effortlessly. Despite its formidable abilities, EC-6542 maintains a calm and composed demeanor, often observed in a meditative state, as if delving into profound contemplation.


The true origin of EC-6542 remains a perplexing enigma. The entity was discovered within the confines of an ancient temple, surrounded by mystical artifacts and inscriptions originating from a long-lost civilization. The temple's enigmatic history and the nature of the writings within suggest the possibility that EC-6542 may be an embodiment of a forgotten deity or a manifestation of concentrated psychic energy. Extensive research and thorough analysis are necessary to unravel the mysteries surrounding its existence and understand its true purpose.

Documented Interactions:

EC-6542 exhibits a predominantly passive nature, avoiding direct contact with humans. It displays a reluctance to engage in interactions and maintains a cautious distance. However, when approached too closely or when its containment is perceived as threatened, the entity exhibits defensive behavior. It employs its telekinetic powers to manipulate objects at a distance, creating an invisible force field as a protective measure. These actions serve to deter potential threats and ensure its safety.

Addendum: Incident Report

During a routine evaluation of EC-6542's containment, the entity breached its enclosure using its formidable telekinetic abilities. This breach resulted in increased aggression, causing minor structural damage and inflicting injuries upon personnel present. The containment breach was eventually brought under control through the utilization of specialized psychic nullification equipment, which successfully neutralized the entity's telekinetic powers. EC-6542 was subsequently recontained without further incident. This breach highlights the imperative need for upgraded containment protocols to mitigate potential breaches and ensure the safety of personnel.

Researchers Note:

The unique telekinetic abilities possessed by EC-6542, coupled with its translucent composition, warrant in-depth investigation and analysis. A thorough examination of its psychic capabilities, energetic composition, and potential connections to ancient civilizations holds promise for unlocking the secrets of its true nature and purpose. Furthermore, continued exploration of the surrounding temple and deciphering of the cryptic writings may provide valuable insights into the entity's origins and significance.


EC-6542, an enigmatic humanoid entity possessing ethereal properties and formidable telekinetic powers, presents a complex and enigmatic subject of study. Its true origin and purpose remain veiled in mystery, necessitating comprehensive research to unravel its secrets and understand its significance. Implementing advanced containment measures and conducting detailed studies will contribute to unraveling the entity's purpose and harnessing its ilities.

Closing Statement:

The containment and study of EC-6542 present both scientific and metaphysical challenges. The Enigma Protocol's commitment to unraveling the enigma surrounding this ethereal entity requires interdisciplinary collaboration and the utilization of cutting-edge technology. By unlocking the secrets of EC-6542's origins and understanding its psychic capabilities, the organization will advance its mission to comprehend and safeguard humanity from the anomalous forces that dwell in the realm of the unknown. Through diligent research, the Enigma Protocol aims to shed light on the mysteries surrounding EC-6542, unlocking knowledge that could shape our understanding of the universe and our place within it.


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