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Enigma Class Entity Designation: EC-5739

Codename: Man Hunter

By CrownMasqueradePublished 6 months ago 4 min read

Enigma Class Entity Designation: EC-5739

Threat Level: Enigma Class 3 (EC-3)

Containment Procedure:

EC-5739 is a highly dangerous entity and must be contained within a specialized, biologically sealed containment chamber measuring 10 meters by 10 meters. The chamber is constructed with reinforced, soundproofed walls to prevent any attempts at escape. Additionally, it is equipped with a gaseous tranquilizer system specifically designed to suppress the entity's aggressive tendencies. Access to EC-5739's containment area is restricted to Level-4 Enigmatologists, who must undergo rigorous training and adhere to strict safety protocols. Personnel entering the chamber must wear full hazmat suits and respiratory apparatuses for their own protection. Regular psychological evaluations of personnel assigned to the entity's containment are mandatory to monitor their mental well-being.


EC-5739 is an incredibly disturbing and grotesque creature, standing approximately 3 meters tall. Its hulking body is covered in mottled, leathery skin, which seems to be a natural adaptation for its dark, subterranean habitat. The entity possesses elongated limbs that end in sharp, claw-like appendages, enabling it to inflict significant damage on its prey. What sets EC-5739 apart from other creatures is its extraordinary speed and agility. It moves with uncanny swiftness, almost appearing as a blur, and can navigate complex environments effortlessly. However, its most notable feature is a series of writhing, prehensile tendrils extending from its back. These appendages are highly flexible and dexterous, allowing EC-5739 to capture and manipulate its prey with frightening precision.


The origin of EC-5739 remains shrouded in mystery. The entity was discovered deep within an unexplored cave system, its presence hidden from the world until now. While the exact circumstances of its existence are unknown, there is speculation that EC-5739 may be the result of a genetic mutation or an ancient creature that has managed to remain concealed for centuries. Extensive research and analysis are required to determine its true origins and shed light on its enigmatic nature.

Documented Interactions:

EC-5739 displays highly aggressive behavior, primarily targeting and subduing its prey with its formidable tendrils before consuming them. Its preference for human victims is particularly alarming, as it demonstrates an uncanny ability to track and stalk individuals over vast distances. Numerous attempts have been made to communicate or establish any form of non-violent interaction with the entity, but all efforts have proven futile. EC-5739 seems solely focused on hunting and devouring its victims, showing no signs of cognitive or social behavior.

Addendum: Incident Report

Despite stringent containment measures, a significant breach occurred during a routine evaluation of EC-5739. The entity managed to exploit a previously unknown structural weakness in the containment chamber, allowing it to escape. The breach resulted in injuries to several personnel before the entity could be tranquilized and recontained successfully. This incident highlighted the imperative need for reinforced containment measures and constant surveillance to prevent any further breaches.

Researchers Note:

The unique anatomy and behavior of EC-5739 present intriguing avenues of study. Detailed analysis of its appendages, sensory systems, and hunting techniques may provide valuable insights into its evolutionary adaptation and predatory instincts. Investigation into its possible genetic origins and any associated environmental factors may also prove essential in unraveling the mystery of its existence. Furthermore, studying the psychological and physiological effects of EC-5739's presence on its human prey could offer valuable knowledge for understanding and mitigating the entity's impact.


EC-5739 is an immensely dangerous and elusive creature with exceptional speed, agility, and predatory skills. Its origins remain enigmatic, requiring further investigation to

determine its evolutionary lineage or the circumstances that led to its existence. The strict containment measures in place are of utmost importance to mitigate the risk posed by this aggressive anomaly and safeguard the lives of personnel. Ongoing research efforts, coupled with vigilant monitoring, will aid in unraveling the mysteries surrounding this menacing creature and potentially developing effective countermeasures.

Closing Statement:

The containment and study of EC-5739 demand stringent protocols to ensure the safety of personnel and prevent any further breaches. The Enigma Protocol remains dedicated to understanding the origins and behaviors of enigmatic entities like EC-5739, as doing so will contribute to the preservation of human life and the development of effective countermeasures. Vigilance, ongoing research, and the collaboration of experts from various fields are paramount in unraveling the mysteries surrounding this malevolent creature and protecting humanity from its deadly grasp.


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