Dreamer Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Dreamer Chapter 1

The sun was shining down from a cloudless sky while Lorri looked out her window at the tree below from the second floor. She could only imagine how hot it might be outside as she wasn’t a fan of the summer heat. She sighed heavily to herself but thought that at least she doesn’t have school to worry about anymore since she got her high school diploma just a few weeks ago.

Getting her diploma was a rough battle considering she had been in a coma for a few years and had to spend most of her summers studying and being home schooled until she caught up with her class. Her mother even made sure she was ahead so they had no real reason to deny her.

High school was rough itself once she attended and didn’t make any friends but at least that was over and done with now.

“Lorrianna! Breakfast!” her mother called.

“Alright mom!” She called, heading to the door and down stairs to the kitchen with nothing but her black scrub pants and a bra with no shirt. Her hair a long thick mess that was probably due for another perm with her workout watch on her right wrist.

Once she got to the kitchen she looked at her mother with her shockingly blue eyes that contrasted against her light ebony skin. She didn’t need to ask what was for breakfast, as the scent of eggs washed over her once she got to the kitchen and saw the plate with a few slices of avocado waiting for her. Was her preferred breakfast almost every morning so her mother rarely asked what she wanted for breakfast anymore.

“Thanks, Mom,” she said, grabbing the plate and shifting around the island in the kitchen and took a seat with the fork in hand that had rested on the side of the plate.

Victoria, her mother nodded at that, grabbing her own plate and filling it with eggs and nothing else. She wearing a business suit with her blonde hair in a ponytail. She turned towards her daughter and looked at her with her green eyes that fit her ivory skin rather well. “I think I added a bit too much salt but should still be good. Sleep well?”

“Yep, a tad too much salt on one spot but it’s still good, don’t worry about it,” she confirmed after taking a bite if eggs with a bit of avocado. Then began to devour the whole plate as if she was a starving creature.

Her mother gave her a look as if she was the weirdest thing on earth while she slowly ate her eggs at first before returning to her normal eating pace. She should be use to her eating like this by now but it was still odd.

“Did you have any dreams you remembered last night? They are always quite fascinating.”

“Nothing that I can remember, sorry, Mom.” Lorri smiled and finished her breakfast already and moved to wash her plate in the kitchen sink. “What about you?”

“Only an end of the world kind. Was rather interesting. I’ll have to tell you about it when I get back from my meeting.” She finished her eggs and looked at the time. “Speaking of, I have to head out. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t while I’m gone.”

Victoria smirked at her teasingly.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t while you are gone,” Lorrianna teased back and set the washed plate on the counter a bit away from the kitchen sink. “Good luck with your meeting.”

“Will do. Work on those job applications while you’re home and waiting for the college ones,” she sang as she headed towards the door. “I love you.”

“Love you too!” She started washing her mother’s plate as she stepped out the front door.

“I love you more.” She closed the door and locked it behind her.

Lorrianna chuckled, shaking her head and finished washing the dishes and pan that her mother used and went back upstairs to her room. She sat in front of her computer and turned it on, playing some electronic dance music and got started on her job applications for a few hours before getting up to stretch and collapsing on her memory foam bed with her many anime body pillows.

She relaxed there, comfortable not really sure what to do today considering her online friends weren’t online at the moment and wasn’t in a gaming mood. She let her eyes close for a while, thinking to herself and imagining a world like hers but with angels and dragons. Both are cool and imagining herself as a seraphim angel, the highest tier of angel with six wings.

She only imagined it for a moment though, or what felt like a moment as the next thing she knew she was at school, the high school where she graduated. She stood before the first set of doors at the entrance and walked through towards the second set of doors a few feet behind them.

Three more doors that were closed were on either side of her, a four way option, she coming from one of the four and headed straight ahead to the second set of double doors and into the main hallway that had the school office on the right side and the cafeteria straight onward.

She headed towards the cafeteria but then took a right towards the staircase that led to the second floor, feeling drawn that way than anywhere else in the school.

At the top of the steps, the hall split straight ahead and to the left. She took a left turn down the hall, past the lockers, noting the window straight ahead at the end of the hall that was too high to reach. It was night time, with the branches of a barren tree covering parts of the window, casting the shadow of a clawed hand from the light of the moon that is shining down.

She turned to the right when she reached the end of the hall, the hall continuing onward. She paused, however, feeling curious as to why one of the doors were open when all the other classroom doors were shut.

She headed towards the open classroom on the left side and looked inside. The desks were knocked over, computers broken with the screens cracked and the walls had claw marks. The room dirty as could be and walls caked in dried blood. The two large windows filtering an eerie light in the room.

She remembered this room, it was her computer lab class; however, the tittle of the class she couldn’t recall. What happened here? she asked herself and almost instantly remembered.

People were filtering in and taking their preferred seats. There were three rows of computers on each side with the projector at the very center of the room that stood between the middle rows.

She was sitting in the second row when it happened.

The projector along with where the teacher was standing to begin was suddenly consumed by a thick shadow. Some people didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out because it was so silent. She was the closest to it on her row and had stood up when she too noticed it.

The wise students moved away and the unwise moved closer, she being one of the unwise. She even placed her hand inside of it to see if anything was there but all she felt was a cold sensation.

It did nothing at first.

When one of her classmates, Sarah, was about to move away and go contact security, something stepped out.

It looked like a dog but was more of a hybrid of some kind. It stood taller than two meters, and had a mane like a horse that went all the way down its spine and the hair wrapped around its entire tail, which gave it a fluffy and soft look. However the rest of it was short furred like a horse but it looked like the body belonged to a dragon without wings. It had black, slick looking fur like a panther, and its eyes red eyes had black vertical slits like that of a viper.

Sarah was the first one it noticed, and she was the first to die.

The creature pounced on her and started ripping her flesh first and swallowed her in chunks until nothing was left and those who weren’t frozen in fear ran out the door and it went after the next closest one in sight.

A sudden sound pulled Lorrianna from the memory, it sounding like a door creaking open which startled her. She thought she was alone here, but she clearly wasn’t.

She turned from the room and headed the way she came, running down the hall and down the stairs towards the main entrance. She saw nothing until she opened the first set of double doors stepping through towards the exit.

A hooded figure, however, suddenly materialized out of nowhere. She turned to go back through the doors but they had suddenly slammed shut and wouldn’t budge.

Lorri turned back around towards the hooded being and it was already centimeters away from her. It was fast and silent and the shock almost made her heart skip a beat. She pressed her back against the door, trying to create as much distance between them as she could but she knew it was useless.

It reached a clawed hand towards her that was balled into a fast that had a chain hanging out from it.

“Don’t be afraid,” it said in a voice that sounded familiar but she couldn’t place it. Whose voice was that?

The hand opened slowly, showing what looked like a pendent of a red eye.

She looked at it confused before looking towards the figure with confusion. “…Who are you?” her voice was a bit more shaky than she would have liked but it was at least clear.

He didn’t answer, he took one of the chain ends, unclipping it and placed it around her neck without ever touching her.

“I told you that I would be able to find you. I’ll see you at home.”

Lorrianna opened her eyes, feeling groggy and sat up, looking at out the window seeing that it had gotten cloudy. She had fallen asleep unfortunately but not like she had anything better to do.

She shifted a bit, deciding to go for a walk or something and get out of bed so she didn’t end up being lazy the entire day.

She threw on a camo shirt since most things went with scrub pants and walked back downstairs after grabbing the keys and moving her hair outside her shirt and brushing it to be a bit presentable when she left the house.

She had grabbed her headphones and phone while she was at it before heading outside and locking the door behind her, deciding to listen to music on her way out. She plugged her headphones into her phone and had her music on shuffle before walking out of the neighborhood and walked to the middle of town.

There weren’t too many people out it seemed, always appeared to be less and less people in her opinion, but perhaps it is because she goes out at random times. A lot of people also moved out to get a fresh start because of what happened anyways.

She crossed the street, and she was reaching the center of town which held the park. It was rather different compared to the rest of the town because the grass was very green here, almost incredibly so in contrast to the rest of the any grass patches and even lawns.

She took a quiet stroll around the park, doing her best to keep her mind blink. It was difficult considering her mind always wanted to wander. Think of different things, people, those she had met in the past and what she could be doing. Her mother, what happened to her father, and more things that she just couldn’t possibly figure out.

She began heading away from the park, heading towards the school. It was the only school in this small town. However, the entrance is blocked off, but one could still see it. The tall brick building, built some time ago that was as sturdy as can be.

The school had several broken windows that people could see and some guards posted further in that were a little harder to spot. The place looked like it had suffered a bomb from the inside but no one was ever allowed in except police officers and some health officials. A few military personnel were also rumored to be allowed in as well, but she wasn’t so sure about that one.

She stood there for a moment before noticing an itch on her chest. She itched it a bit before pulling her pendent from under her shirt, looking at it. The red eye seemed to look back at her as if it had a life of its own.

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