Doll Village


Doll Village
Happiness can be in the truth or the mask of jealously.

The shuffling and voice of Jiguang's parent came from inside their home. They had their travel-sacks ready and were preparing themselves for a joyful day.

"We will be home soon. Thank you for being able to take care of yourself until Granny comes." says mother as they both kiss Jiguang on the forehead. She waves blindly into the open air around her. She is familiar with the smooth shuffle of her mothers feet and the deep limp of her father. SHHHF, SHHHF, blop as they walk into the distance.

As Jiguang grabs her wood piece and tools to begin her craft she hears "Ji-ribbit! Ji-ribbit!" A small croak came from around her. "What did you say?" Jiguang says aloud into the soft breeze whispering by her.

"Ji-croak," said the deceptive little goblin toad from under her chair, "Ji is the name your mother told me to call you." Jiguang, confused by where the voice is coming from, leans from side to side hoping to use her sensitive ears and her surrounds to pinpoint the voice. "My parents don't call me that, no one does." Jiguang says into the air. "Your mother is in the woods waiting for you," the toad croaked as black muck dripped from it's dry lips, "follow me so you can SEEEE-ribbit her. "Glup."

The mumified messenger hopped from under Jiguang's chair into her sight. In the darkness of Jiguang's vision a small foggy but vibrant blob came into sight.

"Is that you," Jiguang exclaimed, " is that you in the dark?"

Jiguang drops her craft supplies and feels the wall behind her then to the ground with her hands. Kneeing on the ground she leaned closer and closer to the small blob. Nose to nose with the fossil of a toad that is in her blurry sight was an adorable plump toad, vibrant green with pearl white yes and silky skin.

She gently scooped him into into her hands,examining him.

"You are a frog?"


"Excuse me, I am not sure the difference?." The young blind girl says as she rotates her new discovery.

"I am a-GULP-toad" he choked out, "my legs are shorter. Thanks for reminding me." he says as he rolls his body while Jiguang moves him unsteadily.

"Well, you are the first toad that I have seen. Aren't you a cute thing." Jiguang says with her eyes blooming as she blinks.

"Come with me to see more. Your mother is waiting." The tiny toad jumped from her hands and away into the wood lining. Stunned, Jiguang balances herself as she stands. Watching the green blur get smaller and smaller in the dark of her mind, her heart starts to beat rapidly.

"Wait, I can't see you when you go that far away!" Jiguang shouts as the toad disappears.

"Jiguang, where are you going?" Granny shouts from a short distance behind the confused girl. She slowly turns with both hands stretched out trying to feel for her grandmother. Granny swiftly shuffles over and takes the girl's hands then places them in her aged palms.

"I saw a toad! I thought he was a frog but he corrected me and told me he was a TOAD!"

Granny is shocked with what her granddaughter is saying then turns her nose up, "What is that on your hand my girl?" Granny rubs her thumbs in a dark green muck on Jiguang's hands.

"This must be from the toad, Granny!" Jiguang is so excited but confusing her grandmother. Granny is trying not to let Jiguang hear the concern in her voice, "Sounds like I got here just in time. Let us go inside and wash you up for a meal. How were your mother and father?"

Granny knows that this will be a discussion for them to have together as a family as she leads Jiguang inside.

Alexsandra Barentine
Alexsandra Barentine
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