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Does lizard man exist?

David Eck's conspiracy theory that earth is being affected by lizard men

By Zheng toPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Lizard man, also known as reptilian, is the same thing. After the Greys, the most notorious alien race in the human world today is the Lizard People, who are also a nightmare for many people.

In most sources, there are three main types of lizard people.

1. Humanoid lizard man

Just your average, run-of-the-road lizard man. The skin is mostly brownish green.

2. The winged Draco lizard man

Usually 7 to 12 feet (2.1m to 3.6m) tall, they are the royal elite of the lizard man hierarchy. (I think it was mentioned in "Revealing the Universe." I didn't see it.)

Draconians are similar in appearance to the first lizard people, but they also have unique physical differences.

The one with the white powdery scaly skin is the highest ranking among the celestials, and the lizards of other colors do their bidding. So skin color or other genetic traits could affect the status of lizards.

A reptilian who crossed with a little grey

A lot of sources suggest that little Grey man (see my other article about little Grey man) had an affair. Little greys are lizardman pets/slaves, it's normal to interbreed with each other.

But the most classic and common is the first lizard man.

The concept of lizard man has long been popularized by famous British conspiracy theorist David Acker. Many of his claims and theories have been dismissed as conspiracy theories.

He's basically saying that the lizards, through humans, have political power to take over the earth and influence human society. Many world leaders are lizard people. His 1999 book "The Biggest Secret" suggests that tall, bloodthirsty, shape-shifting lizards from the Draco constellation AIpha (circled in red) are now hiding in underground bases.

The Merovingian Dynasty, the first dynasty of the Frankish kingdom, the Rothschilds, the Bushes, the British royal family all had something to do with lizard people.

The people who hold key positions of power in the world are the product of a human-lizard hybrid. They were behind the death of Princess Diana, the murder of John F. Kennedy and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Ike also had many supporters around the world and attended many lectures. A 2013 poll by public Policy Polling found that about 4% of americans believed Him.

The proportion is expected to be even lower in China. If you believe in it and spread it, it's easy to come across as either anti-intellectual or retarded. Only a few insiders can deeply subscribe to conspiracy theories that are unacceptable to ordinary people.

There are a lot of Revelations about lizard people on the Internet, and the ability of Internet users to find out what they see is terrifying. The Queen of England, President Clinton and numerous entertainers have all been found to have lizard-man physical features, partly echoing David Eck's theory. In a recent on-camera video, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also stone hammered as a lizard man.

There are people in the United States who not only treat lizard people as conspiracy theories, but also study them as an academic discipline.

John Rhodes was the first to seriously investigate and publicly make claims about reptilian sightings/contacts.

In 1997 he set up a website called Reptoids.com to collate reptilian evidence, and has been interviewed on television and radio about his findings and the scientific evidence supporting their existence.

Rhodes argues that most reptilians are descended from dinosaurs (a point also mentioned in the Leseta Archives) and are biological byproducts of earth's evolution.

But there was one point where he and David Eck went head-to-head! He says all accusations that politicians are shape-shifting lizards are baseless, and that conspiracy reports are nothing more than a reflection of collective fear and dissatisfaction with the world today.


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