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Choose Your Halloween Adventure

A Playlist for your Horror Movie and your Party

By Blake A SwanPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
Choose Your Halloween Adventure
Photo by Łukasz Nieścioruk on Unsplash

My favorite season

As I’m fortunate to celebrate another birthday in the fabulous month of October, I know that this means it’s time for a fright. Spooky season is upon us, and with it, come the sights and sounds that make us truly feel alive.

Horror Movies impact us on a primal level. What makes them special is their soundtracks. For my party, I will infuse some of the beloved sounds of the season with a twist. Guiding you through your own story as you listen. Enjoy!

1: I Got 5 On It - Tethered Mix from US

By Elti Meshau on Unsplash

A perfect combination of old school with a horror twist. Taken from Jordan Peele’s modern horror classic, this song makes you feel comfortable and familiar, but pretty soon you learn that there’s a twist.

This is where your adventure begins. You were drawn to that campsite, log cabin, beach house or a party. Everything seemed normal, but something was off. If you only knew the horrors that lie ahead.

2: Chill Bill (Instrumental)

Keeping with the tradition of the holiday, this is where you get your first warning. This hip-hop beat is infused with that eerie whistle. Perhaps this is the whistle of that old gas station attendant that asks where you kids are headed this weekend. Warns you that people don’t visit too often and begs you to avoid going out too late. What does this guy know? He only lived here his entire life. Warning ignored, even though he gives you...

3: Goosebumps

I told you this playlist was going to be a mix of the traditional. Had to include this gem.

Every 80s and 90s baby is familiar with the Goosebumps Theme! Where our story really begins. Congrats! You’ve made it past the intro and I will allow you to celebrate.

4: goosebumps

Much like Dan O’Bannon did with Return of the Living Dead, your story will apply to the times. Fortunately, I’ve spared you the excessively absurd Punk Rockers’ status. Keeping this party going and your movie moving as you settle in to your new location in style.

For those that don’t quite understand, this is the part of the movie where the protagonists is excited about their trip. Establishing the connections between each other and, if you’re lucky, a love interest. Look at you go!

5: Stranger Things (Remix)

By Rafal Werczynski on Unsplash

Of course, you’ve been so caught up in the fun you overlooked all the dangerous signs. The dead pet in the back that looks like it was murdered. Who cares! What about your belongings being moved? Okay, now things are really getting weird. I mean, you never put your right shoe on the left.

Don’t worry. While you’re only noticing that blood on the toilet you’ve been using for three days now, at least you’ll look amazing with this funky track.

6: The Hills

Let’s face it. The real reason you’re here is to tell that certain someone how you really feel. Googly eyes, sweaty palms, and the inability to speak around them weren’t clues enough. Maybe even one time you hooked up before you went on this trip, but you can’t get upset at who you may fall in love with this playlist or your movie.

7: Halloween Theme

Everyone knows what this means. Playtime is over. What’s a Halloween without this treat? We may be hip, but we respect tradition! Things are about to get serious. Put down your Airpods and turn around! Something’s lurking right behind you! Please, whatever you do, don’t be the first one to go. It’s always embarrassing.

8: Moonlight

By Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

Your world’s upside down. It’s all changed. Running through the woods and you know you’ll drop your keys along the way. Considering we never go out at night anymore, it makes sense that the world will look so different in the moonlight. Of course, where you’re at now, there’s no signal or wi-fi.

9: untitled 07

If you’re lost in the beats in this moment, I won’t blame you. Kendrick Lamar’s untitled 07 is our first chance to get in the mind of the “big bad.” Our supernatural humanoid is taking chunks out of everyone along the way, but what are they thinking? How do they feel? One thing for sure, they are having a blast right now. Perhaps they are brutal and gruesome, but maybe they’re funny like Freddy Krueger. It’s your story, after all. Have fun with it. We know the killer is.

10: Feel Good Inc.

When watching a horror film, one can’t help but notice that during the initial escape, everyone’s having fun. I mean, you’ve made the “big bad” look dumb as you’ve hidden in the trash can behind them. Despite all their ability, the one thing they will lack is the ability to play hide and seek. You’ve dipped, ducked, and dodged your way around every wrench thrown at you.

Take a moment to enjoy your accomplishments because you’ve made it! This is the point in the story where you made it back to that gas station, maybe the police station, or another group of unsuspecting travelers.

11: When Worlds Collide

By now you’ve been through the ringer. People should really pay attention. It’s not like running into the station in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder sends mixed signals. Of course, nobody will believe you. Except that gas station attendant. We all know if he helps you, he’s definitely dead. He stays out of it. He may have a chance, but then again, you don’t know them. This is your movie. Do what you want.

Regardless, you know it’s on now. You’ll be ready to face all that evil the next time you see them. Plus, you’ve set some traps!

12: Monster

By NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Of course, we’ll leave it up to Kanye West to take control of the energy. Make everything go crazy! Whether or not you meant to. This is the point when you realize the killer is way stronger than you expected. Revealing some supernatural abilities. Totally uncool to come at us with all of that. Much like this song, our “big bad” is going HAM. If only they’d listened.

13: Godzilla

Guilty pleasure. I love Godzilla! Except that Matthew Broderick one which, despite watching 100s of times, it’s still bad. Eminem and Juice WRLD brings the flames. Which is fitting because your monsters just about to hit their stride.

Don’t worry you are too! Unfortunately, this is only possible because all the people you just ran into will become human roadblocks. That will be mowed down at the same rate that Eminem raps. All for you to grow as a person through witnessing the carnage.

14: Algorhythm

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino with make you move as you contemplate your next situation. Our horror algorithm dictates we make our stand. Ignore the overwhelming data that suggests things won’t end well. You’re going to take a second. Remember that glaringly obvious thing you mentor told you before you left and finally, finally understand it. If not...don’t worry, because we have time to.

15: Floating

Alright, not everyone can figure out what they should’ve known all along. It’s like a relationship. This whole running from that insane person chasing you down. While you try to figure it out, whoever else remains can get lost in this dope beat.

16: I Put A Spell On You

By Natalia Y on Unsplash

Whatever this thing is, it’s way older than you. Its power extends beyond the forces of nature themselves. Just like the soulful voice of Nina Simone, it will endure the test of time. Once you hear it you can’t help but be changed.

Perhaps you stepped on hallowed ground. Maybe your grandparents forgot to tip the waiter. Regardless, it happened. Time to recognize you’re not the same person you were before. You’re ready to do whatever it takes because this thing won’t just let you go. It wants you and there’s only one way out.

17: Pray for Me

Don’t worry, we all see the spell that’s been cast on you. Everyone knows what it well takes to break it. After all you’ve been through, we’ll let The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar are speaking your truth. Will you do whatever needs to be done?

Maybe you won’t be the hero. Just the survivor. Very humble of you. We’ll be praying that you make it to the end of the playlists. We’ve invested too much time not to see how this story ends.

18: The Boogie Monster

Just like The Cave of Evil in Star Wars Episode V, you have seen the face of evil and it is your own. Our journey has changed us. There’s no going back. Listen, you’ve had to dismember, sacrifice, and burn this thing back to hell. You really going to work on Monday? Half of your friends are gone. Except the love interests cause that’s what this was all about anyway, right?

By vipul uthaiah on Unsplash

Is the curse over? the evil truly gone? Who knows?

For all we know, you did well enough to get your own franchise. Congrats! Minus, every few years your world is turned upside down, but maybe you’re a beast like Sarah Connor. Nice! You’ll get jacked in time for the sequel.

19: The Man Comes Around

Our party is coming to the end. All the signs are there. Just listen to Johnny Cash. Thank you for your integrity. Unless you choose to go down the SAW path and now you are truly the “big bad.” Unlike this song, don’t believe you’ll have the staying power that way. Then again, word is Netflix will take anything they can get, so... there’s hope.

20: The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

As previously mentioned, I’m an 80s and 90s kid. That has to include the Simpsons on Halloween. Each year, they’d break free of their formats to turn the world upside down, much like we have today. You’ve survived to the end. It’s your story so... that makes sense.

By Stefan Grage on Unsplash

Hope you’ve enjoyed creating your story as you listened to my playlist. No matter what horrors you imagined. No matter who you became to survive, that’s all over now. As credits roll, this song means it was all a bad dream. An alternative reality that will end as soon as the music stops. Don’t worry, you can always start over again. Maybe this time you’ll be in space, the bottom of the ocean, or go full Cyber Punk in a not so distant future.

You’ll have an excuse beyond the pandemic to wear your sweats this year. Just turn on the playlist and tell them your BIGGIE. When asked why, you can say “I Got A Story To Tell.”

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