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‘Child’s Play’ Official Trailer Review: A Boy’s Best Friend!

My Thoughts on the Official Trailer of ‘Child’s Play’

By Michael ReynosoPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Welcome, Child’s Play fans!

The Child’s Play remake trailer just dropped and it looks really good. With the release of this remake, we’ve slowly started to see a lot of promotional materials, filtering its way on the web, in the last couple of months.

In this remake, it appears that Chucky is not going to be possessed by a serial killer, who possess a spell when he is dying on a toy. Furthermore, it is going to be created using artificial intelligence (AI).

That is cool I guess.

I know that Brad Dourif isn’t going to be returning voice as Chucky, which is very upsetting.


Brad Dourif is Chucky.

I know Dourif has done a few voice-over films, which includes The Bride of Chucky and The Cult of Chucky—to name a few. If you’re going to reboot Child’s Play, you need to have Brad Dourif be the voice of Chucky.

It’s going to be weird hearing someone else’s voice.

In this trailer, I didn’t hear Chucky’s voice at all. We only got a couple shots of Chucky.

Nothing too crazy.

Also, the movie has the same beats in the original film. In this trailer, we see a single mother getting a “buddy doll" for her son, who is a bit older by the way. Personally, when you're a certain age, you don't need dolls. In Andy's case, he sure needed one.


For some reason, this movie is telling us the same story as the original version. It seems that this film changed up the whole narrative from Chucky being a serial killer, possessed doll, to a doll killing machine. From the details given to us, Chucky will target Andy’s mom and his friends.

Maybe Chucky sees the mother and Andy’s friends as threats to take Andy away from them in a very psychotic way.

What's more, Chucky has completely gone rogue.

People Exiting the Store

During the trailer, we see everybody in a toy store. I don’t know if the directors will do a spin on the original version of how the toy store went down. Obviously, all of those people against one Chucky doll isn’t going to make for a very climatic ending.

So, I’m guessing maybe there will be more Chucky dolls and Chucky himself will create them. Then the people will start being killed by other Chucky dolls. At this point, Andy would have to save his mother and kill the real Chucky who created an army of Chucky dolls.

If this scenario plays out with bunch of evil Chucky dolls going rogue, it will make it even more terrifying.

A Buddy Doll Box

That can be a little upsetting because I wanted this movie to be a more believable story.

It’s supposed to be that no one believes Andy.

I get that Andy has friends now.

He is older.

This version of Andy is not the same young kid from the original Child’s Play movie. In the original movie, it had a more contained story and people didn’t believe Andy. They thought he was crazy when Andy would tell them about a doll trying to kill him.

If 30 or 40 people saw all of these Chucky dolls attacking them, I guess the company themselves will cover it up. At the end of the trailer, we see Andy's mother on the verge of being killed by Chucky, which is going to be very gruesome.

Are you ready for Chucky?

Overall, I think this trailer was okay. I didn’t jump up with a good genuine horror type of feel, but the suspense was there.

Hopefully, there will be more trailers to entertain us. In the next trailer, I expect more suspense and psychotic killings from Chucky.

Also, I want to hear the voice of Chucky as well. If this movie does well in box office, it should get a sequel.

Child’s Play hit theaters on June 21.

Stay tuned for the latest movie trailers!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

Thank you all for reading!

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