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Charlie, Charlie are you here?

The Ouija Board Terror Story

By Vivekananthan VellaichamyPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Once upon a time, there was a group of friends named Amanda, Sarah, Michael, and David who lived in a small town. They were always up for some excitement and decided to spend a night at the abandoned mansion on the outskirts of the town.

The mansion was infamous for its dark past, and rumors of it being haunted by the spirits of the former residents.

As the night approached, the friends gathered in the living room of the mansion and started playing with a Ouija board, trying to contact the spirits.

They laughed and joked, not taking the game too seriously, until they asked the board the question, "Charlie, Charlie are you here?" To their surprise, the pointer on the board moved and spelled out the word "yes".

At first, they were skeptical, thinking it was just their imagination playing tricks on them, but the pointer continued to move and spell out more messages. The friends soon realized that they had made contact with an entity claiming to be Charlie, the former resident of the mansion.

As the night progressed, strange things started to happen in the mansion. Doors opened and closed by themselves, furniture moved on its own, and they could hear whispers in the dark.

The friends tried to leave, but they found that the doors and windows were locked from the outside. They were trapped inside the mansion with the entity claiming to be Charlie.

The friends soon realized that Charlie was not a friendly spirit, but an evil entity that wanted to cause them harm. They tried to contact their loved ones for help, but their phones had no signal. They were completely cut off from the outside world.

The entity started to torment them, causing them to see frightening visions and hearing terrifying noises. The friends were desperate for a way out, but the entity seemed to be getting stronger with each passing moment.

One by one, the friends started to disappear, until only Amanda was left. She was in a state of shock and fear, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly, she remembered something she had read about Ouija boards and how to banish the entity. She quickly found the board and started the banishment ritual.

The entity put up a fierce fight, but Amanda was determined to banish it. After what felt like an eternity, the entity was finally gone, and the mansion was quiet once again.

Amanda managed to escape and ran to the nearest police station to get help.

The next day, the police searched the mansion, but they could not find any trace of Amanda's friends. They assumed that they had run away, but Amanda knew the truth. The entity had taken them, and they were gone forever.

From that day on, Amanda lived with the knowledge that she had faced an evil entity and had banished it. But she also knew that the entity was still out there, waiting for its next victim.

And the story of the mansion and the entity named Charlie became the stuff of legends in the small town.

To this day, people still talk about the night when a group of friends entered the mansion and only one emerged, telling a tale of terror and fear.

Years passed, and Amanda moved away from the small town, trying to put the past behind her. But she could never shake off the memories of that night and the fear that Charlie, the entity, could still be out there, waiting for its next victim.

One day, Amanda received a mysterious package in the mail. It was a Ouija board, and a note attached read, "Charlie, Charlie are you here?" Amanda felt a shiver run down her spine, and she knew that this was not a coincidence.

She quickly destroyed the Ouija board, but the memories of that night came flooding back.

Amanda realized that the entity could still be trying to reach her, even after all these years.

She decided to return to the small town and find out what was going on. Upon her return, she discovered that the mansion was still standing and that people were still disappearing after playing with the Ouija board.

Amanda knew that she had to face her fears and put an end to the entity once and for all. She entered the mansion and started the banishment ritual once again. This time, however, the entity was stronger and put up a more formidable fight. But Amanda was determined to banish it, and she finally succeeded.

After the banishment, the mansion was finally at peace, and the entity was gone forever. Amanda realized that the past could not be left behind, and she had to confront it to move forward.

From that day on, Amanda dedicated her life to warning people about the dangers of Ouija boards and the entities that they can attract. She wrote a book about her experiences and toured the country, spreading awareness and educating people about the dangers of playing with the supernatural.

And the story of Charlie and the mansion became known as a cautionary tale, a reminder to all that there are things in this world that should be left alone, and that playing with the Ouija board is a risk that no one should take.


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Vivekananthan Vellaichamy

Writing is my passion. I love writing stories about scary things and health related articles. And I love writing movies reviews about ghost and serial killer movies.

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