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Watch out, or he will get you.

By chrystal wrayPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Candyman is one of those spooky games that kids play at sleepovers. Some examples of other spooky games are Bloody Mary, Cat Scratch, and the Ouija board. Although this game does not cause an evil woman to come into your mirror, it could cause a vengeful spirit to come into your house looking for revenge.

In order to understand how the game works, you also need to understand the backstory of this challenge. The candyman is rumored to have been alive at one time, but was a slave on a plantation. His real name was Daniel Robitaille, and he worked on a plantation in New Orleans. Legend has it he was a really good painter, and the plantation owner needed a portrait done of his daughter. So naturally he made Daniel paint a portrait of his daughter.

But as with any urban legend surrounding plantations and slaves, Daniel fell in love with the plantation owner's daughter. When word came out stating that Daniel had fallen in love with the daughter, and that the daughter also fell in love with Daniel, the plantation owner raised an angry mob to chase Daniel out of town.

The angry mob full of men had pitchforks and dogs, and they chased Daniel throughout forests and fields and brooks until he became exhausted, and was found near an old barn. The men grabbed Daniel, took a rusty saw, and cut off his arm/hand. If we are being exact, it was his right arm. Once Daniel’s arm was cut off they covered him with honey, and threw him into a beehive. According to the original legend, Daniel did not die right away, and before he could die the plantation owner showed him what he looked like in a mirror and stated how his daughter would never be able to love him anymore. Before he died, he whispered candyman into a mirror, which was the curse he placed onto everyone. The men who killed him ended up dying in mysterious ways.

Daniel died in excruciating pain. But unbeknownst to the men, before Daniel died, he placed a curse. He cursed the men who killed him as well as anyone who would dare speak his name. He vowed to come back and get revenge on those who killed him. Now, people say his spirit never rests because of the way he died. To whoever speaks his name, he will then appear and kill. Luckily, you can say his name as many times as you want until it gets to number five. Once it gets to number five, he will then appear and wreak havoc. But in order to do the ritual right, you would have to chant his name five times into a mirror and then wait.

Luckily with this challenge, there is no need to wait until dark, and use candles, or anything crazy. All you need is a voice. It is quite fun to play in groups, because of the fear factor of everyone expecting something to pop out.

This legend has created a movie in 1992, as well as two sequels following. There are many adaptations including ones about a college student writing a paper on urban legends, and accidentally summoning the spirit. The one thing that no one ever talks about surrounding the candyman is his actual name. He was dipped in honey when he died, not candy sugar.

The cool thing I like about this urban legend is the simplicity behind it. All you need to do is just go up to a mirror and repeat candyman five times. There is no complicated steps to this urban legend, and unlike others, you do not need to leave the comfort of your own house.

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