Call to the Arms of the Outcasts

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Epilogue to the Proctors

Call to the Arms of the Outcasts

The morning started off normal in the household of the Proctors. Light seeped through the crack in the cloth blinds that hung over the windows. In the old room of the deceased parents lay the eldest son wrapped up in sheets. Down the hall in the children's room were the two youngest parts of the family, Samuel and Apryl Proctor. As the first person was to arise from the bed, Apryl, a creak rang through out the silent house. The patter of one person’s feet sounded as they made their way down the stairs. Apryl, being the sole female in the house hold took on the chores and tasks of being a woman. She cooked, cleaned and did all the other things that a wife was to do. Apryl was a bright female for her age, she learned things easily and did not complain. Her downfall was an apathetic personality.

As the clanking of the metal devices used to prepare food sounded, the boys slowly woke up. The eldest let out a groan and rolled out from his weaved cocoon of sheets. The youngest messed up his hair before he sprang up ready to start the day. Elephant footsteps sounded as the brothers made their way down to the kitchen just as Apryl finished setting the table. A silent morning greeting was exchanged through nods as both males took their seat; Apryl went on with cooking. As the food was shortly done Apryl set it down on the table and went away to walk upstairs. Samuel was stuffing his face as Jonathan slowly ate. His eyes rose up from his meal and he called out to his younger sister. “Apryl-" The siblings locked eyes. “Are you not eating?”

Apryl simply shrugged her shoulders and walked up stairs to change from her morning wear to her day attire. Jonathan sighed as he watched his hurting sister walk away. The two brothers continued on eating their breakfast before they too went upstairs and changed for the day's work. As the family went on with working they seemed to finish early and it was a bit after lunch time. It was usually like this. They never spoke or stopped to interact, they just worked. Thus how they finished in a short time for the laborious work.

As the boys walked inside the house, Apryl looked up from her tasks of setting the table once more to see her dirt covered siblings. She nodded her head and shuffled over the the cooking area to gather the food. The boys both plopped down into the chairs and gathered their breaths. Apryl came over with a pot and filled both plates up as much as she could. The males in a hurried motion stuffed their faces full, Jonathan didn't care at the moment for manners. Samuel looked over and saw his elder brother who was the more collected one looking disheveled and lost it. A laughter spilled from his lips, Jonathan finally looked up wondering what had cause his brother’s laugh. The elder wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and felt the food on his face rub off. Jonathan let out a chuckle before he too was laughing alongside his brother. Apryl sat before the two and cracked a smirk. The boys noticed that and smiled brightly before taking slow breaths to get calm once again.

“So…” Jonathan’s low tone broke the silence. Four eyes snapped up and locked onto his. Jonathan scratched the back of his head and let out a sigh. “So. Mary, Mary and I are getting married.” The clank of a spoon was heard on the table, Samuel’s eyes went wide. “You can't!” Samuel slammed his hand down on the table. “She's a whore and only wants our money!”

“AND SHE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL LOOK US ALL IN THE EYES!” Jonathan stood up abruptly as he yelled at his brother. Samuel glared at his brother before he scuffed and wiped his nose with the back of his hand. “…For you to stoop so low brother.” Jonathan cringed and averted his eyes away but they landed on Apryl. The female’s eyes were wide and for once Jonathan saw emotion on her usual apathetic features. Apryl was staring at the table. She remembered all the times when she was left alone with Mary. Mary would make fun of her and beat her when she didn't do tasks the way Mary wanted them to be done. She looked up and he eyes connected with her brother’s. Both had a silent conversation, Jonathan with hues of desperation and April’s filled with sadness, then like a click all was gone from her eyes. She stood up and Jonathan reached out for her but stopped as he saw her cold eyes. “A-Apryl.” Apryl about faced and walked up the stairs and locked herself in her room. Samuel scuffed and ruffled his hair before her and Jonathan turned to their front door slamming open.

“Tsk! I thought I racked away the weeds from the crops.” Samuel glared at the female who was soon to be his brother’s wife. “Good day to you as well Samuel.” Mary gave a fake smile before she turned to Jonathan and pouted. “I have bad news dear. I will not be marrying you anymore.” Mary smiled and gave a small laugh.

Jonathan’s eyes went wide and he stepped forward to her. “Why? Have I not given you enough of my love?” Mary waved her hand dismissively. “Oh no it’s just that I thought I could bare the teasing of your outcast of a family and just be happy with the money but today I was teased.” Mary's frown deepened as she spoke. “The other women called me a fool for marrying you and said that if I wanted money going to Boston and being a whore would be worth it more than you.” Mary gave a sigh then smiled once more. “And also Jackson proposed to me! I said yes, how exciting yes?” Jonathan just stood there, he was as still as a stone. Samuel, however gave into his temper and grabbed her by the hair. “WHORE! Get out of our house and never come back!” Samuel threw open the door and tossed her out. Mary let out an annoying shriek and scuffed. “I am not as you say, but even so at least I don't let my sister be beaten and die every day of her life!”

“Silence…” Jonathan’s voice cracked as he spoke. Samuel cringed, he knew that tone. His brother was done. He had finally cracked. Samuel’s eyes went wide and he looked at Mary. “Leave. Now.” Mary scuffed and got up on her wagon and parted from the Proctor household. Samuel slammed the door shut and turned to find his brother but he was gone. Samuel’s heart rate went up and he called out to Jonathan. He got no response so he ran to Apryl’s room. He threw open the door to see Apryl in Jonathan’s arms crying. Samuels’s eyes widen and he dropped to his knees.

It had been 10 years since he had seen his little sister show any emotion more than a smirk. And the first thing that was on her face were tears. Rage built up inside Samuel and he looked over at his brother. He locked eyes with him, he was gone. He knew it. He was fed up with all the torment as well. He got bullied but he could handle it, they were boys but his little sister didn't deserve it.

“A-Apryl?” Samuel scooted over to the two. Apryl let out a sob and both brothers cringed. She looked up at Samuel and held her arms out for him. Samuel wrapped her up in a warm hug. “It's going to be okay.”

Samuel and Apryl watched as Jonathan stood up and walked out of the room. Samuel picked up Apryl and carried her out and followed Jonathan out of the house. He walked into the barn. He walked back out with two scythes. Samuel put Apryl down and patted her head. He walked up to his brother and grabbed one scythe. He looked him in the eyes, he opened his mouth to question whether he really wanted to do this or not but he was gone. Samuel frowned a bit, how could devastation cause his brothers sickness to come on so fast? He sighed and just patted his brother on the shoulder. “Well, we should get going now, yes?” He gave a laugh and turned to Apryl who tilted her head. Jonathan emotionlessly looked at her before he turned to get the horses. Samuel patted her on the head and he mounted his horse as Jonathan returned with them. He smiled down at her. “We’ll be home soon so just go get some flowers for the table, yeah?” Apryl looked over to Jonathan and frowned. “Is John sick again?” Samuel cringed, smiled anyways but nodded. Apryl walked up to her oldest brother and smiled up at him. Jonathan didn't return it but he did bend down and look her in the eyes before he abruptly stood up and mounted his horse.

Riding towards town the brothers road at a fast pace. As they neared town both brothers nodded towards each others and held their scythes out. The people of the town looked towards the storm of dust and saw two boys on horses. A female screamed as she noted that they held scythes. Jonathan saw Mary with her mother and he rode right up to her and swung his weapon, cutting her head clean off. A cruel smile adorned his lips as Samuel slowly trotted up, he yelled out to the town. “Ahaha! Sorry everyone but it seems as though my brother is sick again and this time it won't be cured by working for the butcher…” Samuel smiled as his brother went on with his murder spree. Screams filled the air and Jonathan slowed his horse down to a stop. Blood dripped down his face and he tilted his head towards the sky. He felt the drop of rain fall on his face, as it rolled down his face he closed his eyes.

“Don't cry mom…” The sky roared with lightning and Samuel laughed as he trotted up to Jonathan. “Don't get nasty dad.” Jonathan shifted his weapon and positioned it so he could strike yet another person as they passed by them. Jonathan closed his right eye as blood splattered on his face. He sighed and Samuel did as well. Samuel laughed and smiled at his apathetic insane brother. “And they said we were never good at playing warrior when we were small.” Johnathan smirked and looked to the frightened people around him. “They never guessed the outcasts would stand up and bite back.”

“I guess it's a calling from the devil himself for the outcasts to pick up their weapons and take revenge…”

“—so, a call to the outcasts then…”



Thank you for reading my short story. I hope you enjoyed. I wrote this a while ago after I decided to re-read The Crucible. I have a deep love Salem (I've visited once in my life so far) and The Crucible, as it is such a classic. It tells of trials, pain, love, and everything else that is just so human (and non-human).

Again, thank you for reading and see you next time!

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