Bunny Man Bridge

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The legend of Bunny Man Bridge says that if you walk all the way down the tunnel at around midnight the Bunny Man will grab you and hang you from the entrance of the bridge.

Bunny Man Bridge

The legend of Bunny Man Bridge says that if you walk all the way down the tunnel at around midnight the Bunny Man will grab you and hang you from the entrance of the bridge. Leaving you as a dead mutilated body to be found in the morning. On the bodies, feet will be a yellow note which reads: “You can’t catch me, I'm the Bunny Man.”

In the Fall of 2001 six local students and a guide, after hearing the tale, searched the area the find the bridge for themselves. Leading up to the bridge the group found dozens of mutilated bunny parts during their search. A few of the group members left the forest after they heard noises and saw figures moving around in the woods. The three who stayed finally came upon the bridge. They only made it halfway through the bridge when they saw a bright floating orb coming towards them. The three students turned and ran away from the light, but only two of them made it out alive. As they fled the bridge, one of the students turned and looked upon who was once their classmate. Now hanging from the bridge is the now mutilated corps of the student and his entrails swinging in the fall breeze.

The story of the Bunny Man starts back in the 1900s when two asylum escapes managed to elude capture. Here is some light on the infamous Bunny Man.

Many people think of Springfield as a happy DC suburb, but what many people don’t know is that Lorton has a dark secret hiding beneath the surface. After the civil war, an insane asylum was built in the town of Springfield, but soon the institution was shut down because of public outrage.

After the shut down of the institution the administration transferred the patients to a new facility and in 1904 the process was completed. But, during the transfer of the asylum patients, some of them escaped and hid in the surrounding woods and forest. These individuals were lost, delusional, and dangerous. All of the patients were found, except for two, Marcus Lawster and Douglas Griffen.

After many exploits of attempted murder and acts of vandalism, Douglas G. was pursued by police all the way to the infamous bunnyman bridge, where he was sadly hit by a train, when finally cornered by the authorities. Since there where no accounts of his death some say he escaped the institution when the mental asylum near Lorton was demolished.

His ten companions were eventually found with their heads severed on spikes near the bridge with fresh carrots stuck in their mouths. The local authorities found a trail that led to them by following a path that was littered with half-eaten mutilated bunnies. The trail led deep into the woods to the Bunny Bridge “a tunnel bridge crossing a wide creek”. There they found Marcus L. hanging from the tunnel entrance along with the decapitated heads of the other ten men.

The authorities found a note attached to Marcus’s barefoot that read, “You’ll never find me no matter how hard you try! Signed, The Bunny Man.”

From that day forth the bridged tunnel has been given the name Bunny Man Bridge.

—Phillip Greco from Columbus, OH, and Ace from Irving, TX

This story is from my childhood from being on the web looking for scary stories to keep me up at night. While giving credit to the author of the story I also encourage you to check out the Urban Legends online site. There you can get your fill of scary stories from many categories. Also, feel free to help support my profile by donating/ tipping to my page!

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