Bath Tube (Daruma-San)

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Bath Tube (Daruma-San)

Ever play red light, green light? How about the red rover, red rover game? What if I told you about a game that was kinda like those, but you will need a bathtub? Want to have fun in the bathtub, ADULT STYL? No, not like that, I’m talking about a bathtub ritual for those daring, lonely nights. Daruma-San game, also known as the bath game, originated in Japan. In this ritual, you are "IT" and Daruma is trying to catch you; and, of course, the goal is for you not to get caught.

All you will need is a bathtub to do the ritual and play the game, don't worry, it doesn't matter what kind of bathtub it is.

At night, take a bath before you go to bed, make sure that you do this before midnight. If you fail to follow this rule, you will allow her to enter your dreams. When taking the bath, make sure you remove all clothing before entering the bathroom.

When you are ready to start the ritual, you must follow these steps to the letter:

First, before you start, you must turn off all the lights in the house, even small ones.

Once all of the lights are off, get into the tub filled with water while facing the faucet, sit down, close your eyes, and start washing your hair. While washing your hair in the tube, repeat out loud “Daruma-San fell down.” Continue to repeat until you finished washing your hair. Remember to keep your eyes shut, you cannot open them until you leave the bathroom.

If you completed this part of the ritual correctly, you will have a vision of a Japanese woman standing in a bathtub washing her hair as she slips and falls face first, gashing her right eye out on the tubes faucet.

If you start to hear or feel anything behind you in the tub, stay calm and do not turn around or open your eyes, instead ask the question: “Why did you fall in the bathtub?”

After asking her the question, let the weight of it linger in the air for a while until you either feel uncomfortable or a mild presence behind you. While keeping your eyes closed, slowly and carefully get out of the tub, trying not to fall yourself as she did. Once out of the tub, you must not drain the tub of its water, you just have to exit the bathroom and close the door behind you.

When you have exited and closed the bathroom door, you can now open your eyes, but you cannot turn on any lights in the house until the sun rises. So carefully make your way to your room, careful not to trip, and go to sleep.

Once the morning sun has risen, the game has begun, and continue your morning day process as you would any other normal day. This day, however, you’ll feel a presence behind you throughout the day, and if you happen to glance behind your right shoulder, you will see a girl with black tangled hair and only one missing eye. The other eye that is intact will be a color of burning red.

Throughout your day, she will try to get closer and closer to you. If and when she does get too close for comfort you must yell “Tomare!” (meaning “Stop!”) and run away as fast as you can. Doing this will put distance between you two, however, the more you use this tactic, the less time you have to stall her. The rule of the game is like tag; you must not let her touch you. You must keep in mind that the longer you continue to play the game with her, the stronger she will continue to grow throughout the day.

When you've had your fill of the game or have grown too afraid to finish, you may end it with this tiny side ritual. When doing this, you must make sure that you follow it and not half-ass it or else...

Once you catch her in your line of sight, she will try to hide from your line of sight. Before she disappears shout: “Kitta!” (meaning “I cut you loose!”) You must move your arm from up to down in a chopping motion. Once done, you will have won the game, but only if done right. Keep in mind that you must have her in your sights for this ritual spell to work. If it isn't done right, you must run, because if she catches you, she wins the game. What she does to you when she catches you will depend on the moment, but it's either she will kill upon catching you or possess your body. You better hope for the former as a quick and painless, for the latter I've heard to be most unpleasant.

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