'Bird Box' - A Movie Review

'Bird Box' is a riveting, on edge, and powerful story.

'Bird Box' - A Movie Review

Bird Box is a riveting, on edge, and powerful story. Based upon the novel of the same name by Josh Malerman, Bird Box centers around a post-apocalyptic world. A mother and her two children travel blindly on a life-threatening journey. Blindfolded and forced silent, they must navigate around the invisible demons.

Since its release on Netflix, Bird Box has been in the spotlight of polarizing reviews. This film kept me on the edge of my seat. Sandra Bullock as Malorie does an outstanding performance. A recluse and mother to be, she witnesses traumatic events and finds safety with a small number of eccentric survivors.

Similar to the book, the film is also shown in flashbacks. If it were told in order, it most definitely would have ruined the story. Audiences learn secrets and backstories in the five years that the film takes place with the story out of order.

Other than Bullock’s conveying performance, the film also stars Trevante Rhodes, Danielle Macdonald, Tom Hollander, Sarah Paulson and a multitude of memorable performances. I have to commemorate Vivian Lyra Blair and Julian Edwards in the roles of Boy and Girl, the two young children who follow Bullock’s every word and say so much only through their eyes.

Bird Box has a few connections to a couple of other well-known movies. The first is The Mist, a novella, and film by Stephen King where a group of survivors is stuck inside a supermarket. I won’t give away any more for both films.

A Quiet Place is the most popular movie connection. In each film, characters are forced to live differently in order to survive. Both films convey different abilities to capture an audience. In A Quiet Place, nobody can speak. In Bird Box, nobody is allowed to see.

Blindfolds have become quite the trend as of lately. I don’t know how anyone can run around blindfolded through the woods, climb up a steep hill, or let alone drive a car. Yeah, that was one aspect I found disbelievable about the film.

At times the film is difficult to watch for its violent and emotional nature. Especially for the beginning. This film is not recommended for those who have triggers regarding suicide. And although very dark there are elements of dark comedy. The movie will let you breathe for a minute as you get to know the characters in conversation.

I have to give credit to the director, Susanne Bier. She does a fantastic job with the see, and don’t tell rule. I am still trying to work on this element myself when it comes to writing stories. You have to leave a surprise for audiences and even help them with critical thinking skills. I love the symbolism, detail, and how we’re also blinded at times.

The way these invisible demons are also a neat analogy. You don’t know what others are facing, therefore you can’t see their demons. I really like that about this film.

The cinematography and editing are absolutely breathtaking, and again it’s riveting. Half of the story is driven by Bullock who is in charge of these two kids as they’re sailing through the rapids on a river. Since they were born during a difficult period she never thought they’d be able to live a life. And so, they are named Boy and Girl.

Life is all about making decisions. You never know when you’ll be on your own. Everything will come together in the end. If you are interested in watching Bird Box, I recommend it, though if you don’t like violence or movies about suicide I suggest that you skip it. Warning, don’t walk around blindfolded!

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