Best Horror TV Shows of All Time

Tired of mainstream TV shows? Spice things up, and scare yourself for once by watching any of the best horror TV shows of all time.

Best Horror TV Shows of All Time

The horror genre is slowly making its way into the world of television. Since it's pretty big on the large screen, and people cannot get enough of shitting themselves through horror movies, why not create the thrilling genre into a TV series? All the more to shit themselves over.

Honestly, what's more unique than a horror show? We've got comedic sitcoms, mystery series, dramas, but what about horror? Don't leave out this genre while binge watching.

While you're getting into the mood, you now want to know what horror shows are out there. So, what horror TV shows are actually good and not some cheesy, tacky series that only make you roll your eyes and change the channel? As a horror expert and someone who only picks the finest horror TV shows and films, I'm here to suggest the best of the best. Here are the best horror TV shows of all time to really have you covering your entire, shivering body in a blanket and shielding your eyes in fear and disgust.

American Horror Story

Let’s start this list of the best horror TV shows of all time with American Horror Story. “Horror” is literally in the title, so you can easily tell what category this show falls under.

Despite the genre, this is definitely one of my favorite shows of all time. Since I’m a horror addict myself, this show is nothing but that. It’s almost every horror scene and event that you could think of, times two and on steroids. Yes, it’s that creepy and gruesome, not to mention a lot… a lot of intercourse happening between humans and ghost, ghosts and clowns, ghosts and corpses, and the list just keeps going on throughout each season, no, every episode — if you're into all that.

The show is based on complete different horror stories in each season — also the majority of these stories are based on real events. Each season is a totally new storyline, new characters, sometime new actors and actresses, but the only thing that each season has in common is that they all tell a horror tale.

So, if you want, you can start watching the show from season 3 or season 1, because most of the seasons don't really connect with the previous seasons. Unique, right? All the more to watch this insane, but intriguing horror show.

The Walking Dead

Based on a comic book series written by Robert Kirkman, and one of the best horror TV shows of all time, The Walking Dead kills it in horror.

This show is also a long-time personal favorite. If you're into zombies and gruesome killing, blood, guts, and everything else that's affiliated with zombies, then you'll love this show.

The show takes place during a zombie apocalypse. While there are numerous characters in this show and their stories are told throughout, The Walking Dead truly only follows the life of a police officer, Rick Grimes, and his family constantly on the move to find food and permanent shelter. Also, there’s multiple problems, zombies, and even people Rick faces while on this journey. So, will Rick and everyone around him survive the zombie apocalypse? Watch the show to see. And if you’re ahead of the show by reading the comics, don’t you dare spoil anything to anyone watching the show! I mean it!

There's a lot to The Walking Dead, so if you're considering getting started, I advise you to as soon as possible.

True Blood

True Blood is seen to be one of the best horror TV shows of all time — by far. And if you ever meet or know someone who watches the show, they’ll exclaim to you how much of an amazing show it is and a crazy fan they are.

The show is based on a waitress, Sookie Stackhouse, who is seen to be the weird one by her friends and neighbors, because she can read the minds of people around her (I wish).

What makes her even weirder? She falls in love with a 173-year-old vampire, Bill Compton, who came out of the coffin along with many of his undead buddies who all yearn to prey on human blood.

I can’t tell if this is a love story, but it’s no doubt under the horror genre.


Who loved the iconic horror film Scream? My hand is raised, but you can’t see it. Any horror loving person loves this classic 1996 film. Since this well-known movie became a huge franchise, it’s no surprise to see a TV series based on the movie.

Scream, just like the title of the movie, is about a cyberbullying incident that goes viral and turns into a brutal murder in Lakewood that brings memories of a crime spree from the town’s past.

In the center of the story, a group of teenagers are being targeted by a masked serial killer — but who’s the mask killer?


Ever heard of the iZombie book series? It’s big in the world of books and bookworms. This hit novel series became a television series and it’s seen as one of the best horror TV shows of all time.

Here’s another zombie-crazed TV show, but this time, the zombie isn’t a lifeless walking corpse. Instead, her name is Liv Moore and she’s a zombie who feasts on human brains while working at a coroner’s office. When she realizes that she can absorb the memories of the brains she feeds on, she uses this to work with detectives in solving cases involving murder. Zombie sidekick, huh?

I’m considering the show myself. I can never get enough of the zombies.

Stranger Things

Known as one of the best horror TV shows of all time, Stranger Things is currently huge. I recently started watching the show and I am seriously suggesting you start, too.

This super creepy, "strange," and interesting AF show will not only make your skin crawl, but really get you to think.

The show takes place in the 80s, when a 12-year-old boy, Will, goes missing. His mother does everything she can to investigate and find her lost son.

Meanwhile, a little girl who goes by the name Eleven escapes the government’s supernatural forces and finds her way in the home of Will’s friend, Mike. But don’t underestimate this girl — she’s a total badass with superpowers. But is there a connection between Will’s disappearances and Eleven’s appearance? Watch. This. Show. Please! It’s a great horror TV series.

Freddy’s Nightmares

Dating back to the late 80s, horror was in full force then — especially when A Nightmare on Elm Street was released in 1984. People went crazy over the film. It was so wildly different, and literally caused many people to shit themselves, that they had to create a series based on the movie.

As far as the show went, Freddy’s Nightmares is exactly what the show was all about — it’s basically a prequel of the movie, with a lot more nightmares happening. So, each episode would be based on a single nightmare that Freddy would partake in — like a never-ending nightmare.

Don’t think that the show won’t be good, because it occurred in the late 80s, it’s actually very scary and quite good. Something to consider for your next binge-watching episode.

Bates Motel

As you can see, many of the best horror TV shows of all time are based on iconic horror films from the past, including this one. The fantastic show Bates Motel is, yup, you’re right, based on the 1960s scary movie Psycho — but with a more modern twist.

Bates Motel is almost identical to the 60s film about Norma Bates and her son Norman who run a motel in… basically the middle of no where. There’s something a little off-putting about Norman. He’s really into taxidermy — like, really into it. If you don’t know where this is going, I’ll cut it short for you — he’s basically a serial killer in training.

I suggest watching Psycho first before getting into Bates Motel, because the comparison is uncanny.


Probably one of the longest-running horror TV series, and one of the best horror TV shows of all time.

Supernatural is a really eerie series about a dangerous and terrifying journey with brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who face sinister landscapes while hunting monsters. After the loss their mother to a supernatural/paranormal force, the two were raised by their father as soldiers who are on the quest to hunt and investigate these demonic creatures.

There’s plenty of action in this series, so if you’re into that, and of course the horror part, Supernatural is the one for you.


Where are my Goosebumps lovers out there?! Yes, you! This one's for you! If you were like me, who's childhood consisted of nothing but Goosebumps books, the series is literally just as amazing as reading it.

R. L. Stine's award-winning book series made it onto screen and became one of the best horror TV shows of all time. It's frightening and the stories in each episode are better than the previous one. From haunted amusement parks to possessed Halloween masks, this 90s series will surely give you the spooks.

Bring back your careless, childhood days by binge-watching the Goosebumps television series and recall why the entire history of Goosebumps is one of the best at telling horror tales.

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