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Behind the Mirror.

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By Carol TownendPublished 8 days ago 6 min read
Behind the Mirror.
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The mirror showed a reflection that wasn't my own.

I bought the mirror from a second-hand shop. It had bronze edging and decorations that resembled the gothic era.

I thought it was simply beautiful.

I had another one similar to it on the wall, so I placed this mirror next to it.

"Aaah...perfect!" I sighed as I placed the mirror in its rightful place, smiling with satisfaction.

I placed the matching antique stool at the old dressing table below the mirrors and smiled at the clarity of my reflection reflecting back at me.

No sooner had I looked into the mirror than the room had darkened around me.

"Strange!" I thought.

I knew it was still morning as I had only just opened my curtains.

"Maybe we've had a power cut," I thought.

I felt around for the switch on my lamp, but I couldn't feel it. I couldn't feel the seat beneath me, or the dressing table either. I felt like I was floating in mid-air, even though I knew that I was still sitting on the stool in front of the mirror because I could see the slight reflection of the glass in front of me. I reached out to touch it, but I pulled back in horror.

The reflection showing in the mirror did not look like me. It was a glowing, white face with no eyes and a withered mouth. It had shoulder-length dirty white hair. When I moved, the reflection moved with me. I still felt like I was floating, so I reached out to touch the dressing table but it wasn't there. The whole room was dark and it felt empty.

I tried to scream but nothing came out. I could no longer feel my body or my face, and I could no longer touch anything.

I didn't even feel numb. I could still think, but I had no physical feelings at all.

It was almost like being in another dimension, except it was empty and nobody or anything else was here with me. I attempted to breath, but I had no breath.

I was literally dead.

I was just floating in a non-existing state. I didn't feel fear, sadness, joy, or anything.

there was nothing.

I heard a cold, icy, ; I was void of any feeling.

"Weeelcome Catheee."

I couldn't reply so I tried to nod.

Out of nowhere, a big bolt of lightning flooded the room.

"I should be scared. Why wasn't I scared?"

A glowing face appeared through the lightning.

"I always wanted a frieeend. Will you stayyy!?" it asked in a husky voice.

A glowing mirror appeared in the dark; it showed my room, my friends, my mum, my dad and my sister all arguing over tea.

"Why Riley? Why her! I'm supposed to be your wife!" Mum screamed at dad.

"Well Lisa, you can't meet my needs, but she can." Dad replied.

"Get out!" Mum shouted at him.

The scene in the mirror then changed again.

"Wash up Cathy," Mum told me.

"Why me? I always have to do it. Cheryl never has to."

"Wash up, or your grounded you ungrateful wretch!" Mum shouted.

Normally I would cry, but I couldn't; I was void of any feeling.

"You don't need that! Your family hate youuu!" the face told me, followed by a cackle, at which point the mirror showed me another image.

This time, there were things being blown and smashed around my room, while dad was physically beating my mum, and my sister was screaming.

Something didn't seem right about this. I might be void of feeling but I wasn't void of thought; it seemed that the images of my former life were being distorted from another side.

"Was it possible that I could be in another dimension, which I might have entered unknown to me through the mirror."

I had no idea.

The scene changed again, only this time it was happening wherever I was. There were terrifying screams all around me. A man with a knife in his eye appeared before me, followed by a woman with a rope around her neck, and a little girl with red bloody hollows and no eyes.

"Why am I here? Why am I not scared? This is not home? This is not me."

"Yooou belong to meeee now, Catheee!" a face whispered in my hollow ears.

I realized that I was no longer in my bedroom, but where was I?

"I couldn't have possibly gone through that mirror, and if I did there was no smash."

I wanted to go back, but there was a problem. I would have to smash the mirror from this dimension or reality, if I had gone through that mirror, in order to get back.

How was I supposed to do that if I couldn't feel?

"I knooow what your thinking Catheee! You knooow it won't work!" the voice cackled laughing at me.

Suddenly there was a loud wind, like a very loud tornado and I was spinning around in mid air. All the faces were laughing and spinning around me, taunting me with horrible remarks.

"We're going to suck the life out of yooou!"

"We're going to tear you apart!"

"We're going to make sure that you never see your family agaaain!"

"Yooou know this life is better than being alone!"

I didn't feel the spinning, though I did realize something.

My real life was on the other side of that mirror!

I had caught a glimpse of mum making my bed through the original mirror, and my sister Cheryl doing her homework.

I allowed the horrible things to keep spinning me. I realized as they were spinning me, my physical feelings were coming back. I allowed them to continue; they seemed oblivious to the fact that my feelings were coming back and they didn't notice that I was getting closer to the mirror either.

I waited for my full feelings to come back, and then I punched the mirror hard with my fist. The fake reality behind the mirror filled with loud screams as I flew through it, landing on my bed.

I was just glad to be back, and I was glad that horrible mirror was gone.

I looked around my room amazed to find that there was no glass on the floor. I checked the internet to find out about haunted mirrors, and I found out that I had purchased a poltergiest mirror.

'The mirror only exists in an extorted reality. It feeds on loneliness and darkness, and pulls its victim in a false sense of security. Once the victim is behind the mirror, the poltergiest's living inside it show the victims a distorted reality of their lives in order to prevent them going back to their own reality. The only way to go back to their own reality is to smash the glass behind the mirror. This can only be done once the victim changes their thoughts and gets their feelings back, and this will only happen after the victim starts spinning.'

Mum walked into the room, oblivious to what had just happened.

"Hi mum, how was your day?" I asked.

"Fine thanks; how was yours?" Mum asked.

"It was great thanks!" I replied, vowing to never tell my family about that mirror, and to never purchase one again.


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