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Before you die this signs will happen

The sign of death and end of life

By Jackson NjauPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

There are signs that precede the day of death, but some people claim that they did not see any sign before they died. However, everyone has a sign before they die, but these signs vary. Some people have obvious signs of death, such as sickness or spiritual sensations. Others have no such signs and death surprises them. But the sign I am talking about is time. Time is a sign of death, because as you age, your life span decreases. Time, age, and white hair are all signs of death. The prophet, peace be upon him, said that everything has a remedy except two things: death and old age. There is no remedy for old age.

The end of this world also shows us that when Allah says that everything will die, He means everything in this world, including the world itself. Allah says in the Quran that everything on it will vanish. The only thing that will remain is the presence of your Lord. Allah also says in many verses that the world and the sky will vanish. The prophet, peace be upon him, used to say that the world is going to vanish. A man asked him again, when is the final hour? He said, do not ask about that, what have you prepared for it? But the reason they asked was because the prophet had informed them, peace be upon him, that the world is going to end. Allah says that the earth, the world, and the sky will be transformed from the world and the sky you know to a different world and sky. Allah will destroy them and create new ones. Allah also responds to those who deny the end and resurrection. He says, look at how We created life as an example of how We will resurrect you. Look at how He sends winds and clouds as a good sign for you. When the clouds are full, We take them to a land that is dead, dry, and barren. And from it We bring forth life and fruits. Allah says, just like that, or similarly, We will resurrect the dead. And Allah says, you will surely be resurrected.

There are many signs of the end of the world. There are minor signs and major signs. The minor signs started with the death of the prophet, peace be upon him. His death was a sign of the end. Allah says that the day of reckoning has come very close to the people, while they are heedless and distracted. They are forgetful of it and busy with other things. They are playing and amusing themselves. Allah says, do you not realize that when the day comes, it may come to you while you are playing, while you are in a state of heedlessness or ignorance? So when the world ends, brothers and sisters, it will be a time when most of the people of the world will be in a state of loss and heedlessness. They will be unaware and occupied with fantasies and illusions, and things and ideas they have invented. Allah says in the Quran about these kinds of people, to the prophet, peace be upon him, when the prophet tried to call them and teach them, and he would say to them, please listen to me, I want to save you, and many of them would not listen. Allah said to him, let them eat and enjoy themselves, and let them play, and let false hope deceive them. He let their hopes deceive them and take over their minds for a brief moment, until they will soon realize the truth. It will confront them and seize them, and they will not be able to escape it.

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