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Astral Projection

A Living Nightmare!

By Joseph Roy WrightPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Be very afraid!

This is a fictional story about this particular urban legend.

Fun Fact: The Insidious movie series often depicts Astral Projection.

Have you ever had an out of body experience? The terror of seeing yourself from afar, like as if you were another person, watching somebody sleeping. It is a bone chilling experience, that will fill you with a dread so intense, you'll be screaming to get back inside yourself. With practice, this experience can be achieved, but it is highly dangerous and returning to your body, may not be possible. You'd be an absolute fool to try this, but some people have. It can attract demons and other foul spirits, searching for a new empty vessel to possess. Children have unfortunately mistaken dreams for Astral Projection, they've woken up to tell their parents they saw themselves sleeping. These kids often end up dying, or even worse, targeted by vengeful spirits. The most fortunate may have an exorcist come to scare away the demon, that has overtaken the child's body.

In very rare cases, parents have had to Astral Project themselves, in order to rescue their children from the clutches of demons. They've come back to tell us their experiences, after hearing these stories, you'd be glad to say you're still alive. For the underworld of the dead, is a horrifying reality full of monsters and misery. It is a dark and foreboding place, where time is not linear. Everyone suffers eternally where the future, present and past collide into one hideous reality. The only interesting thing to witness, is a twisted glimpse into what the future holds. Even so, these visions are blurred and only the bizarre fashion of future ghosts, can tell us how clothing styles may change. Seeing this, is not worth risking your life over.

Emma Larson is a woman, who once experienced Astral Projection unintentionally, when she was just eleven years old. It began as a nightmare, that involved another little girl who drowned in a lake. The dream was from this girl's perspective, she felt and saw how she died. When Emma awoke, she wasn't in her bed but beside that very lake, which stood nearby her house. The young girl was confused and scared, she was soaking wet and still thought this was the very same nightmare. Emma ran back to her house quickly, opened the door to find her house was not what it was. The architecture and furniture was out of place, not just in position, but out of time too. This event happened in 1992, yet she claimed to have seen a modern flat screen TV in the living room. The kitchen had primitive equipment, such a huge metal cauldron in the center, which was never there before. She also saw strange toys on the stairs to the top floor, they were chrome shapes with blue and green lights on them, looking like something straight out of a science fiction film. As intriguing as all this is, when she eventually reached her bedroom, that's where the true horror began. The bloated corpse of a little girl was clawing at Emma's sleeping body, the girl looked like a demon, it's eyes had turned yellow and her skin was green and mouldy. She wore an old Victorian dress, that was dulled grey and full of holes. Emma somehow found the bravery to attack this intruder, fighting the ghost until it screeched and vanished.

She awoke in her bed the next morning, without any demonic possession. For the longest time she thought that night, was nothing but a terrible dream. However, she soon come to learn that a girl really did drown in that lake and her parents also bought the house cheap, due to it's dark history and infamous hauntings. They never believed ghosts existed until their daughter began seeing that horrifying girl around the area. Eventually the house was sold again and again, never to find a permanent owner, until it was eventually demolished.

Astral Projection is a rare phenomenon and it's even less common to experience this by complete accident, yet if you do find yourself dreaming a particularly vivid experience like Emma's. Be sure to return home as quickly as possible, or you may just never awake again.

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