An Angel's Grace

by CL Hill about a year ago in paranormal

Stories From the Other Side

An Angel's Grace

This next story comes to us from a young woman named Janet; she wishes to keep her family's identity private as they still have a home on the Sunshine Coast.

"I grew up in a haunted house, and the spirit world continues to be part of my life. As a child, they terrified me of course, but as I aged and started to understand the ethereal world, it fascinated me. I grew up in a very religious home, angels and demons, a vengeful god with so many rules, so like many teenagers, I rebelled and ran away to the big city. Vancouver City, downtown had been my hang out. All night food stands, music blasting, and always crowds of people. One never felt truly alone."

"I'd met a few kids like myself a little older and honestly, they weren't the best influence on a sheltered 16-year-old girl. But I admit they took care of me, I never went hungry, and most nights slept someone dry and safe. One evening we were all sitting near the Granville Island Skytrain station. Someone had managed to sucker some poor soul into bootlegging for us. A few drinks in, we began playing one of our favourite games. Truth or Dare. My dare was to climb on the back of a public transit bus and ride it for two stops. Easy enough, so I thought. So as soon as a bus stopped I climbed up and held on for dear life. Unfortunately, it was a little more difficult than I'd thought. The bumper was narrow and my toes barely fit, and there was nothing for my fingers to hold on to except a tiny window frame. I was already regretting my decision. I clutched the tiny lip with my fingers telling myself, "it's okay, it's two short stops, I can do this." I glanced back at my friends who were waving their arms and shouting at me, cheering me on.

What poor Janet didn't realize was her friends weren't cheering her on but rather telling her to get off. In her haste to impress them, she'd jumped on the wrong bus. The bus she clung to was an express bus for commuters. It went through downtown and directly to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. There was only one stop just over a small bridge on the outskirts of downtown.

"I figured it out rather quickly as the bus stops flew past me. I was now completely sober! There wasn't a red light in sight! The bus was gaining speed and the vibration was making it even harder to hold on. My feet kept slipping with every little bump and jerk. I glanced sideways the long line of traffic behind me, their lights blinding me. No one seemed to notice I was there."

"We were just on the bridge. I knew that moment that I couldn't hold on anymore. The bus lurched forward again. I started to cry. I would never see my mom again. I felt my grip loosening, my fingertips hurt... it was horrible as I watched my fingers leave the safety of the window. All I could do was close my eyes and wait for the end, but I didn't fall. My eyes shot open and I recall the strange sensation of being suspended in mid-air. I was a good arm's length from the bus, and I glanced down at the road, but I remember feeling two strong, but gentle hands on my back pushing me forward. I blinked as the bus came to a halt at the last stop. Jumping down, my legs were like jelly. Then in my left ear, I heard a beautiful voice, a soft feminine voice telling me to go home, those same loving soft hands that had saved my life now touched my shoulders reassuring me that everything would be alright. I looked around, but no one was there, yet I could feel the presence of someone, a calm came over me, this feeling of being safe and protected. I didn't go back to friends. I walked all the way to the Greyhound bus station and called my mother. I went home that night. Angel or ghost, it changed my life forever."

"I wish I knew who had saved my life. I can still hear her voice in my head some nights when I feel like the weight of the world is crushing me, but then I smile and remember no matter how hard things get, I have someone looking out for me."

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