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By Fahmi Casper86Published 2 months ago 3 min read

My name is Fahmi, I was 13 years old at that time. At that time I had an interest in one of the sports fields in my country, Indonesia, namely pencak silat. I chose the largest pencak silat organization in my country, namely, PERSAUDARAAN SETIA HATI TERATE or commonly known as PSHT. When I first started practicing silat I felt very happy. However, there was a very strong feeling at that time, because my training place was in one of the village fields close to the public cemetery. I can feel the very cold wind. However, it still felt warm because there were many friends who were just like me participating in the silat training. Day after day I spent in that practice. I went through level after level of practice. For 3 years I was trained very well by my trainer named MAS BAGUS. Until I reached the end of the training level, namely small white belt. I felt a very great aura there. I felt like there were many people present right behind me. But no one was behind me. There were only 4 people there including my coach, bro, good guy. Then I started to work up the courage to ask my coach.

Me: "Sir, is there something behind me?"

Good guy: "There's no one" really, what's wrong? "

Me: "I felt like someone was behind me, bro."

Good guy: "Maybe it's just your feelings."

Maybe it was true that it was just my feeling, but there I felt that someone was really present behind me. But after getting the answer from my coach, in the end I just ignored it while listening to the message that was being conveyed to us. Then, when I accidentally looked to the left, I saw a woman looking at me intently. Tall, wearing white clothes and very, very long hair. Even though there was no one at the place where we trained, there was a woman. All boys. As I continued to stare at the figure, my trainer asked

Good guy: "Fahmi, what are you paying attention to? Why are you looking to the side without hearing my advice?"

Me: "Sir, I saw the figure of a woman over there (while I pointed at the figure)"

Good guy: "Oh, did you see it too?"

Me: "yes sir"

Good bro: "Just leave it alone, he just wants to see you guys seeking knowledge here, he's not bad."

The aura that night suddenly became stronger. I feel like there's more to come. I saw what looked like a pocong, kuntilanak, and a large black figure with long fangs, namely genderuwo. Day after day I passed together with this very mysterious creature. Until finally I was approved as a citizen. I was given a belt with a shroud. Or the Javanese call it mori. Mori is one of the cloths for wrapping corpses at our place. As a sign that at any time we will meet death, namely death. After I wore the mori cloth, the aura was very strong. I can feel other horror things. When I was sleeping, I felt someone accompanying me right behind me. Female figure with long hair. In the corner of my room, I saw the figure of a large man with hair all over his body. Long fangs and a very pungent odor. One day when I was going to practice, someone saw me riding a pocong. Even though at that time I went to practice alone. I was very surprised to hear that. After I experienced this strange thing for a long time, I started to get used to it. In fact, they are always present every time I wear my mori belt. Many mysterious things happened after I joined this pencak silat organization. However, I am not afraid to face them, because I want to continue studying in this place. That is the horror experience that I have gone through after joining this place. Until now, they have always been present in my life. Do not know until when. Hopefully this organization that I join will grow bigger and be more prosperous forever until the destruction of the world.



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