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Abended Village Horror

Megu and Emma were two friends who decided to take a vacation and spend a week in a small village

By Financial IndependentsPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Megu and Emma were two friends who decided to take a vacation and spend a week in a small village. They heard about the place from a friend who claimed it was one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in the country.

As they arrived, they were greeted by the friendly locals who welcomed them warmly. They checked into their cabin and decided to explore the village. But as the night fell, strange things began to happen.

They heard strange noises coming from outside their cabin and saw strange shadows lurking in the darkness. They tried to ignore it, thinking it was just their imagination. But the next morning, they woke up to find strange symbols etched into the walls of their cabin.

They tried to brush it off and enjoy their vacation, but the strange occurrences continued. They heard whispers in the dead of night and saw ghostly figures darting through the shadows.

One night, they decided to investigate and followed the mysterious noises to an abandoned house on the edge of the village. Inside, they found a dark ritual being performed by the villagers. They were sacrificing outsiders to an ancient demon, to keep the village safe from harm.

Terrified and in shock, Megu and Emma ran back to their cabin and packed their bags, leaving the village as fast as they could. They never spoke of their experience again, but the memory of that cursed village haunted them for the rest of their lives.

As they left the village, Megu and Emma couldn't shake off the feeling of being watched. They were convinced that the villagers had put a curse on them for discovering their dark secret.

On the way home, strange things continued to happen. They saw ghostly figures in the rearview mirror, and heard strange whispers in their ears. They felt a sense of dread and unease, and were convinced that the villagers had sent something to follow them.

When they finally made it home, they were relieved to be back in the safety of their own home. But their relief was short-lived, as strange occurrences continued to happen. They heard footsteps in the hallway, and saw shadows moving in the corners of their eyes.

One night, Emma woke up to find Megu missing from her bed. She searched the entire house, but there was no sign of her friend. Just as she was about to call the police, she heard a whispering voice in her ear, "She's mine now."

Emma was horrified and knew that the villagers had taken Megu. She knew that they would never let her go and that they would sacrifice her to the demon. Emma knew that she had to go back to the village and save her friend.

Emma returned to the village alone, and found the villagers gathered in the abandoned house, ready to sacrifice Megu to the demon. Emma fought bravely and managed to free her friend, but not before being cursed herself.

Megu and Emma were never the same after that night, and the villagers never let another outsider into their village again. And the demon, still waiting for his next sacrifice, still haunts the village to this day.Megu and Emma's vacation turned into a nightmare, one that they could never forget. They knew that they were lucky to have escaped the village alive, but the curse that the villagers put on them followed them for the rest of their lives. They were haunted by the memories of what they had seen and heard, and the knowledge that they had almost been sacrificed to an ancient demon. They never spoke of their experience again, but they both knew that they would never be the same again. They knew that the village and its dark secrets would always be with them, a haunting reminder of their terrifying vacation.

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