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A horror story untold

A chilling tale from horror stories

By Ricardo de Moura PereiraPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
A chilling tale from horror stories

A writer moves into an old house in the countryside in search of inspiration for his next book. He discovers that the house once belonged to a famous horror author who died mysteriously decades ago. The writer decides to explore the attic, where he finds an old typewriter covered in dust. He feels a strange attraction to the machine and decides to use it to write his book.

But he soon realizes that the machine has a supernatural power: everything he writes becomes reality. He begins to live the horror scenes he creates and can't stop writing. With each page, he becomes more involved in a macabre plot, full of death, violence and madness. He tries to escape from the house, but the machine stops him, threatening to kill him if he stops writing. He finds himself trapped in an endless nightmare, being tortured by his own imagination.

The chapter begins with a scene of a couple traveling by car along a deserted road at night. They are heading for a secluded cabin in the woods, where they intend to spend the weekend. They talk about their plans, their expectations and their love. They seem happy and carefree.

However, the road is full of potholes and rocks, and the car ends up suffering a flat tire. The man goes out to change the tire, while the woman stays in the car, turning on the radio to distract herself. She tunes in to a station broadcasting a program about urban legends and supernatural cases. She listens with interest, but also with a little fear.

Meanwhile, the man is having trouble changing the tire. He realizes that he doesn't have a proper wheel wrench and that the spare tire is empty. He curses and gets angry, trying to find a solution. He looks around, but doesn't see any houses or gas stations nearby. He feels a sense of isolation and vulnerability.

He decides to go back to his car and call for help on his cell phone. But as he approaches the vehicle, he sees something that paralyzes him with terror. A tall, dark figure is standing next to the passenger window, staring at the woman inside the car. She doesn't seem to notice the stranger's presence, as she's concentrating on the radio. The man shouts to the woman, but she doesn't hear him.

He runs towards the car, but it's too late. The figure opens the car door with supernatural force and drags the woman out. She lets out a high-pitched scream, but is quickly silenced by a blow to the head. The man reaches the car and sees the woman lying on the ground, bloodied and unconscious. He tries to help her, but is attacked by the figure, who turns out to be a deformed, monstrous man with sharp teeth and claws. It rips the man's throat out with a brutal bite, and then devours the rest of his body.

The chapter ends with the voice of the radio announcer, who says: "And that was another horror story based on true events. Do you believe these things? I don't know about you, but I'd rather not take any chances. That's why, whenever I travel at night on deserted roads, I take a crucifix, some garlic and a shotgun. You never know what might be lurking in the darkness..."

Here's the other story

It was a gloomy night, where darkness embraced every corner of the small town. A thin mist hung over the narrow streets, creating a scene worthy of a horror tale. In the oldest and most secluded house, known as the Mansion of Regrets, resided a story that few dared to tell.

Rosalia, a brave local reporter, heard about the legends surrounding the mansion and decided to unravel the mysteries surrounding it. Guided by a tremendous flashlight, she walked through the rusty gate of the abandoned property. The boards creaked under her feet as she made her way through the empty corridors. The silence was interrupted only by the whispering of the wind and the strange sounds that echoed through the corridors. Rosalia was determined to discover the truth behind the macabre stories that haunt the Mansion of Regrets.

As she explored the dusty rooms, the reporter began to feel a dark presence around her. Shadows danced on the walls, and the atmosphere became increasingly oppressive. In a dark room, she found an old diary that belonged to Emily, a woman who lived in the mansion many years ago.

The yellowed pages revealed a tragic love story and a mysterious death. Emily believed that her beloved Victor had been taken by supernatural forces. As Rosalia read, strange noises echoed through the mansion, as if the spirits of the past were trying to tell their own version of the story.

As Rosalia plunged deeper into the dark plot, the events around her took a terrifying turn. Shadows materialized, whispers became screams and doors creaked open and shut without explanation. The line between reality and the supernatural began to disappear.

Haunted by frightening visions and spectral apparitions, Rosalia began to question her sanity. Was she falling victim to the supernatural forces that haunt the Moaning Mansion, or was it all just her mind being consumed by fear?

At the height of the night, Rosalia found the room where Emily supposedly said goodbye to Victor before his tragic death. A faded portrait of the lovers adorned the wall, their eyes seeming to follow the reporter as she moved around the room. The atmosphere reached a climax, and Rosalia felt an invisible presence beside her. Suddenly, the shadows dissipated and the room was illuminated by a pale light. Emily's figure appeared in front of Rosalia, her eyes conveying a deep sadness. She stretched out her hand towards the reporter, as if asking for help to reveal the hidden truth.

With a final sigh, Emily disappeared into the darkness, and the Mansion of Regrets fell silent again. Rosalia, now overcome with compassion, realized that her fate was intertwined with the mansion's tragic past. By telling Emily and Victor's story, she freed their tormented souls and allowed them to finally rest in peace. As she left the mansion, Rosalia looked back one last time. The Mansion of Regrets, once immersed in darkness, now seemed asleep. The reporter's journey will change her forever, leaving her with a deeper understanding of the power of the stories that haunt our hearts and souls.


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Ricardo de Moura Pereira

I love to read writing and watch many documentaries in history, to have more knowledge in all science.

I work with digital marketing, and create articles for newspapers and marketing content.

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  • Test4 months ago

    I'm so glad I found this story.

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