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A Haunting in Jammu and Kashmir

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By Renuga kannanPublished 7 months ago 3 min read


Jammu and Kashmir, nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, has always been known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. However, beneath its beauty lies a dark underbelly of tales that send shivers down the spine. This is the chilling story of a haunted house in the heart of Srinagar, where the spirits of the past lurk, and a terrifying mystery unfolds.

Section 1: The Abandoned Mansion

In the heart of Srinagar, amidst the ancient Chinar trees, stood an abandoned mansion that had been shrouded in mystery for decades. Local legends spoke of a tragic incident that occurred within its walls, leaving it cursed and haunted. As the sun set on the city, casting eerie shadows on the decrepit building, people whispered tales of ghostly apparitions and spine-chilling moans that echoed through the night.

Section 2: The Adventurers' Curiosity

A group of thrill-seeking college students, curious about the haunted mansion, decided to venture inside one moonless night. Their hearts pounded with excitement as they crossed the overgrown garden and pushed open the rusty gates. Armed with flashlights and trembling nerves, they stepped into the darkness, oblivious to the horrors that awaited them.

Section 3: The Paranormal Encounters Begin

Upon entering the mansion, the group felt an immediate change in the atmosphere. The air grew colder, and an unsettling silence enveloped them. As they explored the decaying rooms, strange phenomena started to occur. Doors slammed shut without any wind, and chilling whispers echoed through the halls, sending shivers down their spines.

Section 4: The Vengeful Spirit

In the midst of their exploration, the group uncovered an old diary belonging to a woman named Zara, who had lived in the mansion many years ago. The diary narrated a tragic love story that ended in betrayal and heartbreak. Legend had it that Zara's spirit still roamed the mansion, seeking vengeance for the injustice done to her.

Section 5: Terrifying Apparitions

As the night wore on, the group began to encounter apparitions that matched the descriptions in Zara's diary. A pale, sorrowful woman with empty eyes appeared before them, her tattered clothes dripping with water as if she had risen from the nearby Jhelum River. Frozen in fear, the adventurers could only watch as the spirit glided past them, leaving a trail of coldness in its wake.

Section 6: Unexplained Phenomena

Objects levitated, and ghostly hands brushed against their faces, causing panic among the group. Desperate to escape, they retraced their steps to find the exit, but the mansion seemed to change its layout, leading them in circles. The spirits toyed with their sanity, and fear threatened to consume them entirely.

Section 7: Desperate Escape

In their frantic attempt to flee, one member of the group became possessed by an unseen force. His eyes turned black, and a sinister laughter emanated from his mouth. The others huddled together, reciting prayers from different faiths, hoping to repel the malevolent entity that had taken hold of their friend.

Section 8: The Exorcism

Summoning all their courage, the group contacted a local priest known for his knowledge of exorcism rituals. As the sun rose, casting its warm glow over the haunted mansion, the priest performed a harrowing exorcism. The house shook violently, and unearthly screams filled the air as the vengeful spirit resisted its banishment.

Section 9: Laid to Rest

Through the power of faith and the priest's expertise, Zara's spirit was finally laid to rest. The mansion, now devoid of its malevolent presence, seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. The adventurers emerged from their harrowing ordeal, forever changed by the horrors they had witnessed.

Section 10: The Haunting Legacy

The haunted mansion was sealed off by the authorities, its dark secrets forever hidden from the curious eyes of the world. The brave souls who dared to enter that night formed a bond that transcended their shared trauma. Their haunting experience taught them the value of respecting the boundaries between the living and the dead, reminding them that some mysteries should remain untouched.


The haunted mansion in the heart of Srinagar remains a chilling reminder of the thin veil that separates the living from the dead. The legend of Zara's vengeance endures, and the shadows of the Chinar continue to whisper her tragic tale to those who dare to listen. Jammu and Kashmir, known for its breathtaking beauty, also holds stories of horror and the supernatural, reminding us that in the realm of the unknown, there are some secrets best left undisturbed.

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