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7 Creepy Short Stories Perfect for Halloween

What's Halloween without a few creepy stories. Here are seven creepy stories prefect for Halloween.

By Steven WalkerPublished 5 years ago 4 min read
Scariest, Most Bone-Chilling Stories You'll Read All Year

1. Mom's Home

A father is laying in bed after just waking up from a nap, he grabs the baby monitor next to him on the night stand, and walks into his home office. As he sits down, he hears his wife on the baby monitor singing. The father cracks a smile when he hears his wife sing "Go to sleep... go to sleep." Suddenly the front door opens, and his wife comes in with groceries.

2. Pretending to Sleep

One night, a child hears footsteps outside of his room. As the child peeks from underneath the covers, he sees a murderer carrying the dead bodies of his parents at his door. The child quickly goes back to pretending like he's sleeping, but keeps an eye slightly open. The child watches as the murderer props the bodies up in a chair, writes something on the walls in their blood, and hide underneath the child's bed. After an hour of pretending to sleep, the child's eyes adjust to the dark. He is finally able to read what the murderer wrote, "I know you're awake."

3. Yeeees?

When I was a child, my family, and I moved into a big, old, two floored house. Both of my parents worked, so I do my homework alone when I came home from school. One night I came home late, and noticed that the house was still dark. As I walked into the house I called out "Mom?" immediately I heard a "Yeeeees?" come from upstairs. As I walked upstairs I began to feel uneasy for some reason, and called out again, "Mom?" Again she replied in a tuneful voice "Yeeees?" My uneasiness quickly grew, so I ran to the room I heard her voice from. As I put my hand on the door I hear my Mom come through the front door, and call to me "Sweetie, are you home?" I jumped back, and ran to her. Before I reached downstairs, I glanced back at the room, and saw that the door was now open, and something strange was staring directly at me.

4. Only See Red

Desperate for somewhere to sleep after a long trip, I checked into a hotel. The woman at the desk gives me a key, and tells me the room number, but then warns me about a room across from mine without a number. She tells me, "Don't even peek in there." Later that night I wake up to the sound of trickling water. It was coming from the numberless room. I walked to the room, and knocked, to no response. I then peeked through the key hole, and saw nothing but red. I went to the lobby to complain, but then the lady told me a story about a husband who murdered his wife in there. Everything on the woman skin, hair, etc was all white, except for her eyes, her eyes were all red.

5. Solo Camping Trip

A woman survivalist, and trained outdoors guide, loves to go camping by herself. The woman comes home after two weeks of camping, not seeing a single soul. As she develops the film from her disposable camera she begins to see numerous pictures of her sleeping at night, on different nights. She never went camping again.

6. Car in Road

As a man was driving through the mountains, he came across an undamaged car sitting in the middle of the road. Confused as to why the car was sitting in the middle of the road, the guy chose to drive on. Eventually the guy stops as he sees two bodies laying in the road. He gets out of the car, and stares at the bodies then looks around and sees nothing. As the man gets back in his car, he starts up the engine, looks in his rear view mirror, and sees 20 pairs of eyes reflecting off of his tail lights. The man stomps on the gas to get out of there.

7. Man in the Back Seat

A salesman was driving home one night, and saw that there was a long line of traffic on his usual route home. The salesman knew of a short cut that hardly anybody used, because the road was a gravel road, and it was next to a lake that was considered haunted. The salesman wanted to get home as soon as possible, and didn't believe in ghosts, so he took the gravel road. During the drive he began hearing rumblings from his back seat, but he didn't see anything. Five minutes later the man begins hear things again and looks in his rear view mirror. He is shocked when he sees a person in his back seat. The salesman immediately stops the car, and turns his head toward the back seat only to see nothing.


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