Steven Walker

Steven Walker is a creative writer and content strategist who helps people succeed at self-education, writing, motivation and more by sharing with them his knowledge. Writes blog posts for McEssay.

13 Things to Consider Before Dissing on Taylor Swift
9 hours ago
There's about a trillion people out there that are die-hard Swift fans, but we all know those individuals that are just not impressed. Maybe you don't like her music, maybe you just don't like her, bu...
How to Maximize Your Workouts
10 hours ago
If you are already committed to spending time exercising on a regular basis, why not make the most of that time? Although some exercises require your undivided attention, there are a lot of things you...
5 Tips for Buying Classic Cars
9 days ago
A classic car can be a great collector's item. However, the vehicle should be in good condition if you want it to retain its value while you own it, and make the most of your money. If you're thinking...
15 Most Disturbing Moments in Pokemon History
10 days ago
Pokemon, while largely a kids' game, and television show, hasn't been without its fair share of disturbing moments over the years. Whether they're creepy, or oddly sexual, you won't soon forget these ...
7 Creepy Short Stories Perfect for Halloween
10 days ago
What's Halloween without a few creepy stories. Here are seven creepy stories prefect for Halloween.
3 Innovative Pieces of Technology that Can Help You in College
10 days ago
In recent years, technology has become increasingly commonplace in classrooms, from instructors who communicate with students via text, to discussion boards on online education platforms, to electroni...