Steven Walker

Steven Walker is a creative writer and content strategist who helps people succeed at self-education, writing, motivation and more by sharing with them his knowledge. Writes blog posts for McEssay.

Recipe for Living a Healthy and Stress-Reduced Life
3 months ago
Staying healthy is like baking a perfect cookie. All you need are the right ingredients. What tends to happen with health, though, is, all too often, people tackle getting healthy by doing too much at...
10 Wine Myths Debunked
3 months ago
Check these most wide-spread misconceptions about this popular drink.
10 Parenting Myths Debunked
3 months ago
Parenthood often has its fair share of trials and tribulations. After all, there's no manual that comes with babies, which means that we all have to just learn as we go along. However, if there was a ...
Possible Reasons for Stock Splitting
3 months ago
As an investor, you need to understand all there is to know about stock dilution. Stock splitting is one of the most common ways in which the shares of a company are diluted. When the board of directo...
5 Signs the Shoes Just Don't Fit
3 months ago
Many women are willing to sacrifice comfort for style, but shoes that do not fit properly can throw your balance off and make you walk funny. Plus, wearing shoes that are the wrong size can do serious...
Five Ways to Bring Kissing Back into Your Relationship
3 months ago
It is no secret that kissing is one of the first sexual demonstrations of attraction and affection, but some research also indicates that it may be one of the ways we find a compatible mate. An Oxford...