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6 Things You Should Never Do on Halloween

Be Safe on Halloween

By Leanne SmithPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Halloween is just around the corner. People are buying their candy, costumes and party essentials; kids are getting excited to get their hands on free goodies. With that being said, Halloween can also be a fairly dangerous night that can easily put anyone off trick-or-treating, so here is a list of things you probably shouldn't do on Halloween.

1. Leaving Your Doors and Windows Open

This is a no brainer. You should never leave your doors and windows open no matter what day of the year it is, even if you know everyone on your road. The truth is, you never really know who has been eyeing you and your house up, nor their motive. On Halloween, a lot of people will leave doors open so trick or treaters can come and take their candy, meaning anyone can enter their porch with ease, even teenagers hoping for the whole bowl of candy or more. We have also seen in the last few years people 'pranking' innocent people as they dress as clowns, staring into their windows—especially the elderly.

2. Pranking

Okay, the I get that the whole point of trick-or-treat is 'if you don't give a treat, you get a trick,' but if a house has a 'no trick-or-treaters' or 'out of candy' sign, then don't be that person to knock on the door or pull a prank on them. If you're planning to pull a prank, then think about who is in the house and if it is really worth your time. Will it effect them more that you think?

A house will never have an endless supply of candy, and it will ultimately run out eventually. Don't make a big deal out of it and move on—you do have unlimited amount of houses, after all.

3. Being Greedy

Sometimes you will see houses with a big bowl of candy out because they can't be home, or are too elderly to keep getting up to open the door. Most of the time, the bowl will come with a note saying, 'Please take one!' in the hopes that the candy will last the whole evening. Unfortunately, we always have that one kid that wants more than just one chocolate bar, or entitled parents that will feel the need to dump the whole bowl in their bags or grab fistfuls. Don't be that person, and just be respectful and fair by taking one.

4. Saying No to Children Who Want Fruit

Sometimes you will get a child knock on the door with diabetes or another condition that prevents them from having too much sugar or a certain type of candy. Why leave them out on the fun? Stock up on low sugar candies and fruit so they can enjoy trick-or-treating too—and they get their "five a day" too.

5. Being Offensive

Halloween is a time to dress up as whatever you want to dress up as; however, you have to remember there is a line you shouldn't cross. Try not to dress up as anything to offensive, such as a current political figure with a beheaded political figure, or a historical figure that many people may have a certain view of. There still should be some respect when dressing up for Halloween, unless it is done tastefully.

6. Attempting Seances

From experience communicating with the dead, I can reassure you when I say you are not cool or clever to play with a Ouija Board on Halloween at 3 AM (the witching hour)—regardless of whether you believe in it or not. You do not want to open doorways and portals you can not close, so don't try to summon anything you do not understand how to control or banish from your personal space.


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