4 Animes You Must Watch

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Hulu Horror Collection Part 1

4 Animes You Must Watch

I am the type who bores easily. I tend to get bored with everything from food to music and books. Sometimes I get bored with the screen time too. It is really bad. I am also a bore because I stay within the walls of eerie shows. I do have to admit I lean towards horror most of the time. When I do switch tastes, I go from Netflix to HULU for an anime high sometimes. I also have an account with Crunchy Roll when I want to discover new animes. I have mentioned in previous articles that I have a love for subtitles and anime is where I can enjoy that word-on-word romance.

Although I may gravitate towards horror, I am in the middle of Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, and One Punch Man to name a few. All of which are quite humorous and side-splitting for the heaviness of the plot. Here are some heavy hitters without comic-relief in the anime genre worth noticing. There are not many horror animes that omit humor but when I find them, I become astounded. Be advised that none are in a particular order because I did not want to influence your choices. In the upcoming features, I will apply the same respect. Some of the animes will be dubbed and some subbed. Either way, I find them to be fun to watch.

*Keep in mind, dubbed will be white-washed immensely. Using subtitles over the original language will gift you with the power of words the English language cannot deliver.

Future Diary is a mystery and psychological thriller. A group of people enters a Battle Royale to become the successor of God. The protagonist is unaware that he has joined a game of chance and must survive the crazy opponents. There is a sick and twisted design to the story that I love. It is an enjoyable story of fantasy and reality combining to make a fantastic bundle of psychological soup.

Shiki is a horror and suspense- thriller anime. A doctor begins to worry about an epidemic when he finds himself in the middle of many mysterious deaths in a small Japanese village. As the doctor fights the pandemic, he begins to understand what is happening. With little to no help, Dr. Ozaki discovers this may be a repeat of endemic proportions. Observing the timing of which the nocturnal neighbors have returned and the unusual deaths, Dr. Ozaki figures out his situation quickly.

I must also advise on the fact that this has an almost unbearably slow beginning. I stuck it out because I was curious as to why the plot was so obvious but the characters were clueless. Then I had an ah-ha moment. Maybe you will too! Seriously, though, stick it out. It gets REALLY good.

Parasyte: The Maxim is a welcoming science fiction and horror story anime version of Invasion of The Body Snatchers. A 17-year-old is infected by a parasite that butchers humans for consumption. Very quickly the parasite realizes he cannot assimilate fully and the kid comes to the conclusion he will have to coexist with a monster. I believe I binged on all 24 episodes within a week. Of course, if I am to be honest, I also did not like how it ended. The ending, of course, is up to debate because I know somebody who enjoyed it through. You may be that person who digs it 100 percent of the way!

This anime is straightforward right from the beginning. Koichi transfers to a small village public school from his private education in Tokyo. Immediately there is a sense of foreboding. He does not understand why his classmates do not see the student who goes by Mei Masaki. He knows she is real because he interacts with her! He presses matters and inadvertently begins the doom of his classmates. One at a time Class 3 begins to fall into a pattern of gruesome deaths. The ending to Another is well thought out too. Spiraling out of control, it seems the victims extend past the students of Class 3. This anime is well worth the watch for its suspense and touch of gore. With its secretive student president and dishonest student body, you will miss many things. I, for one, am watching it once again as I type. It is definitely worth the hype.

I hope to get four parts out of this, if not more. The following features in the near future will be for the parents who want to share their love for anime with their young, spoilers and details of animes I may or may not have shared before, and some more movie reviews for your pleasure. I hope you enjoyed the first part of Horror Animes You Must Watch. Follow me on Twitter @DloveDiana to see what I am up to :) You can also send me a tweet about what you think of any above animes! Were they scary? Gory? Sensible? Not scary enough? Mind boggling? Did it have a great soundtrack?? I would love to hear your opinions.

-Dee J.

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