3 AM (Pt. 2)

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Chapter 2

3 AM (Pt. 2)

"Now remember kids if anyone offers you drugs, say 'thank you,' because drugs are expensive!"


"Why did you screw it up?" Dyll questioned as I ran homewards. Kissing Bonnie was the worst thing that I had ever done to our friendship. "Turn around, you're messing it all up!" Dyll redirected my body towards Bonnie's house.

"No! You don't get it!" I protested trying to turn back but failing. Dyll had been getting better at taking control of my body. "I don't like Bonnie that way,'' I tried to explain, but Dyll was too adamant on 'fixing' my love life to understand that this was not what I wanted for myself.

"I have been in your head for years having to go through what you feel about this girl... I'm not having you wait around anymore, you're RUNNING OUT OF TIME!" Dyll insisted. He only wanted the best for me, but I needed to stop him right there before he got me back to Bonnie's house.

"Hey! Let's talk about it... lemme explain!" with that Dyll stopped and we sat on the pavement. "Bonnie is not the one for me," I started.

"She is-"Dyll already started to protest. But I cut him short.

"She looked at me the same way she looked at each and every crush she's ever had," I pointed out, " You and I both know what that means... It won't last," I started explaining, I knew Bonnie like the back of my hand we grew up together for crying out loud.

"Maybe this time it's different?"Dyll said sounding small, meaning that he knew that I was right and he didn't want me to be.

"You had me shirtless in her bedroom, for Christ's sake!" I pointed out again, "She was probably paying more attention to my abs than a single word that you had to say..." I laughed.

"OUR abs!" Dyll corrected. "Let's go home..."


"Piere... Piere!"

I struggled to wake up, slumber pulling me in and engulfing me into peaceful bliss. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

"Don't wake up..." WTF! Who was this fool? I opened my eyes enough to see my mum's silhouette at the doorway of my room. "I'm leaving for work, don't leave the house, okay?" I groaned in response and turned over and back to sleep again.

It had been the same routine every day for the past 5 days. I hadn't seen nor spoken to anyone who was not a part of this family in those days. Even my phone and laptop were taken away, because of this 'conditioning' they had me doing. It was like a social diet and I hated it. I was actually starting to believe that the asylum could be better than this.

I spent my last day at home watching tv and clearing the fridge. Life was a shadow of great... I was finalizing on my packing when Sarah walked in. I kept myself busy, ignoring her presence entirely because I knew for sure that this serpent had nothing nice to say. " So Bonnie has been blowing up my phone, and now it's blowing my mind cause she says that you've been blowing her off!" Sarah starts. "Oooooh! Did you hear all those blows that I just said?" She cheered excited for herself but I continued to ignore, clearly nothing important was going to come out of her mouth.

"Hey! Look!" She stepped in front of me halting my actions, "I know I've been a bitch to you," I stepped past her and continued to clear my closet. " It's just been so hard to be nice to you knowing that we're not related," she ripped the bandage right off! Now, this was important.

"What do you mean?" I asked trying to seem disinterested.

"Wait, mum and dad haven't told you yet?" she seemed surprised... "Damn... Then that's something that I'm not in the position to tell you," she softened, but I was on edge, What could she possibly be talking about?

"What are you talking about?!" I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her a little... I was losing it.

"I'm not the one you should be hearing it from," Sarah said calmly, which surprised me considering the position that I had her in. She was claustrophobic, this position would have had her spilling her guts, but she didn't. Whatever she was keeping a secret must have been completely important and that made me want to know even more. I tightened my grip on her shoulders and shook her harder.

"HEAR WHAT?!!" I yelled in her face.

"I can't tell you..." She began to cry and gasp for air ... I could feel her shiver but I wanted answers.

"TELL ME WHAT?!" I had no remorse, she put me through hell before an I had had enough.

"That you're adopted!" I heard my mother say from behind me... Wait, I'm what?!

I released my grip on Sarah's shoulders and she fell to the ground crying, as I turned to look at my 'mother' completely and utterly surprised. "She must be joking," I thought.

"She isn't!" Dyll responded in my head.

"Wait! You knew?!" I asked Dyll out loud, completely oblivious to my surroundings.

"Of course I knew, I'm the one who adopted you," My mother responded with a confused look on her face.

"Shut the fuck up! I'm speaking to Dyll!" I snapped at her raising my palm to her face to silence her.

"I couldn't tell you," Dyll began to defend himself.

"No, you know what ... GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD!" Yep, I had lost it. I turned to see Sarah and 'mommy dearest' looking at me like I was crazy. "Get the fuck out!" I shoved them both out of my room and slammed the door. I needed space to take it all in. I picked up my full suitcase and threw it at the wall watching my clothes pour out as it flew across the room. Like that the trend began. The chair flew, the desk flipped, the pillows pierced the air, the window shattered. I was about to take on the bed when I got submerged into a giant blank... fucking Dyll!


"Do you remember what I told you?" G whispered. She risked coming into my room tonight because tomorrow was the big day. I was going to be free!

"Yep!" I said monotonously, this was getting boring.

"Ok, so how do you drive?" Great now she was giving me a pop quiz. We were seated on my bed, so I acted like we were in a car. Strapped on my safety belt, adjusted my seat, placed my foot on the brake, started the engine (sound effects included), selected the reverse gear, lifted the hand brake, placed my hands on the steering wheel, slid out of the parking lot and drove out onto the open road. G laughed the whole way, even after I shushed her so that I could listen to the music on the radio. "How can you manage to show no emotion, through all of this?" G asked as she struggled to hold back laughter.

"I told you, I'm a robot!" I said flatly as I parked the car and fell out of character.

"Yeah right!" G laughed as she stood up, "I gotta go so ... Goodnight Cara Mia, dream of your freedom!" With that, she kissed my forehead and left.

When I say I couldn't sleep, I mean no shut-eye, literally. I lay awake through the night and this time that crazy girl's screams were tolerable. I watched my door open and G step through. It must have been very early because unlike other mornings, G's eyebags were very defined. She waved for me to follow her.

"They're almost here," She whispered exactly as we sped walk through the hallways, " Here!" She pulled money from her belt and placed it in my hand slyly. The new patient was going to be taken in from the east wing so I was going to exit to the car park through the west wing. "Remember, speed is key!" She said as we ducked some of the security cameras. "When you get to the car, drive fast so that you can make it out before it is communicated to the guards that the car is stolen."

"What about you?"I had to ask. They would practically kill her if they found out that she helped a patient escape.

"Don't worry, I'll leave right after you, "She explained, "I haven't even clocked in today." We watched a black Volvo C30 pull up to the parking lot. "You can handle it from here, right?" I gave her a nod, "Good, cause I need to go and my plan my own escape," She smiled. "Before I forget..." She started to reach into her bra, it startled me a little but she pulled out a small folded piece of paper. "This is my number, call me every day when you can, use the money I gave you to buy a burner phone or something, okay?" Now she was getting concerned, "You're going to be ok," she said to me but it felt more like she was trying to assure herself. She pulled me into a tight hug and whispered, "Il Mio bambino (my baby), I love you."

"I love you, too," I whispered. With that, she started to head towards the servant quarters but stopped mid-step to turn around and mouth to me to take care.

Back on the mission at hand, the car looked empty, so I carefully crept towards the car, feeling the cold tarmac on the soles of my feet. I slid into the driver's seat, not focusing on anything else but getting the hell out of here. Very fortunately, they had left the engine running, so I just had to back out of the parking spot and drive off into the direction that G had told me to, easy. I tried, no, struggled to reverse the car without arousing suspicion. Breaking a sweat, I hit the gas and sped(Reasonably) towards the gate which was opened for me no questions asked, the guards didn't even bother to look into the car. I turned into the road remembering, every single theory lesson that G gave me on driving, but even with all that information, I sucked at it!

"What the hell! Who the fuck are you?" I heard a deep voice ask from behind me. It startled me and my first reflex was to stomp the brakes. Oh, fuck! I stole a patient!!!!

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