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by Rebecca Lynn Ivey 5 months ago in book reviews

The Wendigo Possession II

Steven and his family have just moved into a vast, ultra-modern mansion deep within the Tennessee mountains. Steven immediately begins to have vivid dreams and horrific hallucinations which leads him to believe that he knows what happened to the former family that resided in the home.

Soon strange and terrifying events begin to unfold as his family falls victim to the legendary wendigo that lingers within the verdant, somber, and haunted peaks.

The doctor stares at Steven with disbelief and uncertainty as he jots down notes and places them inside of a thick yellow folder. He motions for the nurse to come near.

“Steven” the doctor speaks in a feckly whisper. “Do you seriously believe that you were possessed by some form of evil spirit?” “I don’t think, I know that I was.” Steven leans back in the silver metal chair and smiles at the two professionals before him.

The doctor soughs “We’re here to help you, you’re safe here Steven. No matter what you say it will remain confidential; Nobody but the three of us will ever know.” “Do you think that I'm fallacious and misleading?” Steven’s smile grows more intimidating.

“I don’t believe in demons, angels or the power of the crucifix. I believe in science, in sickness and mental disabilities.” The doctor boldly confesses.

- “So, I’m crazy then?”

- “No, you’re very sick!”

- “That’s what they all said.”

- “Is that why you killed them?”

Steven propels himself from the chair, with one quick movement he clasps his fingers around the doctor's throat. The nurse attempts to run toward the door but he grabs her arm with his free hand. “I didn’t kill my family!” he screams.

His fingers begin to easily dip into the doctor's flesh. “Like warm butter.” he grimaces as the thick blood streams down his hand and drips from his arm.

The nurse begins to fight and struggle. The grip on her arm intensifies as the bones begin to grossly crack under the pressure. The doctor is crumpled on the floor, a pool of blood quickly amasses.

Steven turns his attention to the nurse; Her eyes sweeping in fear. He loosens his grip as she bolts out of the door with a feverish scream. He turns to the security camera just above his head. His bloody hands slowly make their way to his face, he smiles.

His murderous laughter turns into nauseating screams as he begins to rip and tear the flesh from his face. Alarms are sounding in the distance; He hears the rushing of footsteps. “Help me!” He peers into the camera.

3:15 is the second installment to the Wendigo Possession Series.​ It's due to be released on July 16, 2021, and is currently on pre-order.

Although both books can certainly stand alone I recommend reading the short prequel first.

Do you enjoy reading horror books? I know that I sure do, it's like being handed a script and being able to choose your own characters for each role; and then creating the movie inside of your head.

I truly believe that this is why so many people love the book version of a story better than the movie version. You already know the story, and you've already directed it within your own imagination.

Writing a good story has the same effect. As I'm writing I know what my character looks like, what they're wearing, the sound of their voice, and so on. Trying to share my image with you can be difficult. No two people will ever see the exact same images when they're living inside of a book.

I often find it sad when I have to figure out how to end the book. I have spent so much time giving life to these characters. I feel their emotions and pretty much breathe life into them. Will I let them live happily ever after or will I give them a cruel and dramatic ending?

Would you believe that when I wrote "Strawberry Lipstick - A Bad Boy Romance" I actually cried when I ended the story. I truly loved my characters and finding a place for them at the end was an emotional roller coaster.

This is one of the amazing things about writing. We're in charge. We get to create our own world and design who lives in it. We build their lives and give them emotions. Yes, we get to play God! What an exhausting job.

Happy reading and please take a moment to travel into some of my worlds; I think that you just might like what you find. All of my books are currently available in ebook and paperback formats.

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

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