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10 Anime with Vampires

Looking for a little supernatural twist to satisfy your hunger?

By Rich BurtonPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

Needing a little supernatural twist to your anime watching? Here are some good ones to watch! They all have scary, funny, and intense moments- so they have everything you could want with cool vampires to throw into the mix.


This is probably the funniest show on the list. It makes me laugh out loud! It’s about a boy who ends up in a contract with a vampire unknowingly and now has to face all these problems in the vampire world. Taking on a lot of new responsibilities, he finds allies and enemies and must figure out how to help a troubled friend while figuring out his newest abilities.

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Honestly, this series was a little too sexual for me, but most anime’s kind of are? But this series is about the vampire queen, Mina and her resolve to create peace between the humans and vampires. The humans give her and her clan a bund to live safely. She stays as a child to not have to marry per the code of vampires because she loves someone she cannot and we have to see them go through the world with the one she loves without being able to touch him.

Black Blood Brothers

The last vampires from a special elite clan are making their way to the special zone to be in harmony with both humans and vampires. In the shadows, vampires forces are starting to put a crack in the pace that has been formed. The new vampires are forced to unleash their power and protect the peace. This is probably one of my favorite on the list.

Vampire Knight

A school for human children and vampire teens centuries old. Seems legit right? Sometimes I’m baffled by these kinds of shows, but I’m a sucker (lol) for teen romance with vampires (thank you twilight for ruining me). But the show focuses on a girl trying to maintain peace between the two school, day and night, and her friend who hates vampires with his whole being. Tangled in the drama the friends realize they have more in common with the vampires than they originally thought.

Trinity Blood

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, two races are fighting between one another while also trying to maintain peace. Vampires versus humans. Abel Nightroad is a vampire who is trying to keep the peace and maintain order between the two races. It’s an intense show, with a very engaging plot!

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

Children are forced to live as slaves for the vampire race after a deadly virus kills everyone above the age of 13. This series follows to boys who were childhood friends, but now supposed enemies. They are trying to coexist and find a compromise to cohabitat as different beings, but live as equals and no longer harbor the humans as miserable slaves.

Rosario + Vampire

Enrolled in a supernatural school for vampires, werewolves, ghouls, etc. a young boy finds himself in the wrong place. He is in no way a supernatural being. Just a normal kid trying to go to school. He tries to escape, but realizes that it might be harder than he thinks, even though most of the supernatural students inherently hate mortal beings!

Sirius The Jaeger

On Netflix, this series follows a young man who has been haunted by vampires ever since he was a boy. His family was attacked and killed leaving only him. The story begins with him battling vampires with a group who hunt them down for a living. This young boy starts to understand the history of his family secrets and the ones that are slowly coming to light when he meets up with his older brother in the most unfortunate way.

I probably binged this in two days! Easy watch!


Hellsing is an Organization, a secret branch of the British government that has been battling the supernatural threats while trying to keep the citizens safe from the creatures of darkness. The series follows a vampire within the ranks who kills his own kind and other ghoulish creatures. He is the trusted and most powerful exterminator the Hellsing leader has to offer. Not only do they have to fight off ghouls and vampires, but madmen who are out for blood.

Blood Lad

I haven't watched this one yet, but I am looking forward to it! The series follows a vampire from the demon realm, Staz, who meets a young high school girl that accidentally wanders into the realm through a portal. However, this young girl gets killed while in the demon realm and Staz has to figure out how too bring her back and get her back to her realm!

Will vampires and humans ever live peacefully? Lol... they might but it wouldn’t make a good story!

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