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The Holy Grail Story and its Relations | The Fall of the Knights Templar

Explore the Holy Grail story and its presence in ancient legends. Also find out the lost books connections and literature like Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.

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The holy grail story & Fall of Knights Templar

Backstory - The Holy Grail:-

The Holy Grail Story is told in ancient legends such as King Arthur and the Round Table. Meanwhile, Hollywood blockbuster movies like "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and (Dan Brown's) "The Da Vinci Code" are today's topics to discuss. These stories are defined in different aspects. They believe in a relic with supernatural powers that dates back to Christ. Furthermore, others believe the Grail is a miraculous "stone" or the sacred bloodline that carries Jesus' blood.

But how many realities and secrets are hidden in these myths? We combine history and folk tales with science to investigate places and some of the literature. We also justify forgotten information to highlight this fantastic subject. Now it's time to explore lost books and define major and incredible connections in our content.

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The Chalice Grail, the Church, and the Legend of Merlin and King Arthur:-

In infamous texts and journals, the Holy Grail is seen as a powerful item capable of granting unchanging life. These journals also describe abundance, healing, desires, and unlimited youth to its bearer.

According to traditional Christian belief: "the chalice was held during the Last Supper as Jesus Christ used it as the holy Grail. Later, his blood was collected on the same chalice during his crucifixion." Some churches worldwide still claim to be the piece's guardians and this chain of events gave the item its supernatural "powers."

Centuries later, Robert de Boron and Parsifal by Chretien de Troyes and Wolfram von Eschenbach revived the Holy Grail tale in works like Merlin. These people identified themselves as poets and minstrels. But they were told the holy grail story that continues today and the story is full of difficulties and secrets. Their exceptional works slowly uncover these special tales brick by brick.

These poets described famous mythological Knight Templars such as King Arthur and his Round Table allies. A beginning and a spiritual trip continually described The Holy Grail hunt, the same as defined in legends. According to these legendary tales, the Knights Templars must show their purity of heart, and worth to face many trials and difficulties on their path.

The Living Grail, or Christ’s Bloodline:-

History explains that the sacred bloodline of "Jesus Christ" has been a controversial theory. However, it has recently achieved across-the-board attention because of Dan Brown's writings. For centuries several authors have researched connecting this myth to find possible evidence. They searched for the secrets of the holy grail in monasteries, and libraries, and wrote chronicles for proof.

Some authors and academics believe in this theory. After settling in Europe, José de Arimathea established a hidden bloodline "The Protectors of the Sangreal". The family through this bloodline is considered a direct descendant of holy Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. According to this theory, the power and monarchy of Christ's blood are also assumed as The Living Grail or its carrier.

The Catholic Church regards Christ's ancestry as a hidden secret. They attempted to hide the reality that Jesus Christ had a wife, "Mary Magdalene" and their child still exists today. Perhaps, a group of people who had saved the family from potential harm and assassination. Because it was necessary to protect the holy family. On the other side of the story, the Church was also required to retain power through the Roman Empire.

Mythology mentions that the Merovingian dynasty was another element. So, they controlled France from the fifth to the eighth centuries. Historians assumed that the Merovingians were descended from Jesus Christ and his wife Mary Magdalene. This secret bloodline is known as "Sangreal". The history mentioned Merovingian kings as "The Holy Kings". Perhaps they were gifted with heavenly authority because they proudly carried Jesus Christ's holy blood in their veins.

The "STONE" or Alchemical Grail (Philosopher's Stone):-

One of our research's most fascinating authors Wolfram von Eschenbach provided fresh proof of the Grail Legend. This proof defined "the Grail as a stone", "not a chalice" or "a bloodline".

Wolfram von Eschenbach's mythology explains a historical belief. This mythology proves that the Grail Stone was made of a substance known as "Lapis exilis" or "Exile Stone." It presumably fell from the sky in the form of a meteor. According to this German composer, this stone was the Grail's source of power and vitality. Only the holy people with a pure heart and noble intentions may approach it and use its abilities.

The legend of the Chintamani Stone of Asia is shockingly similar to this narrative. The legend of the Emerald of Lucifer is also comparable to the previous theory which we will explore in future articles. It is said that The Stone had therapeutic abilities like other stories. The holy stone had to cure wounds and diseases, grant desires, and deliver visions for spiritual acknowledgements.

What does the Knights Templar have to do with it...?

During the 12th century the Crusades era this order had been created. An armed and religious order of the Knights Templars officially came into existence. They defended the Christian people who came to Jerusalem. One of the most powerful and prominent Middle Ages orders had settled by this time. So, they accumulated money and property throughout Europe.

The Grail stories mentioned above (von Eschenbach, de Boron, and de Troyes) originated in the same period. Fresh evidence mentioned in studies is gaining attention. So, the association of the Templars with the Holy Grail is a repeating topic in several stories. In this scenario, everyone agreed with the story almost unanimously that the Templars were the guardians of the Grail (artefact or bloodline).

The Knights Templars came extinct in 1307, according to official history. There was a horrible time for the Templars. When French King Philip IV launched a campaign to eradicate them and seize their extensive treasures. The King accused the order of sinful behaviours like demon worship and heresy against the Catholic Church. They were also suspected of holding secret ceremonies involving the "Grail".

The charges were based mainly on under-tortured statements. Philip IV also assembled a council to judge the Templars under his power from Pope Clement V. Most of the members of this order were captured, tortured, and executed. Unfortunately in 1314, Jacques de Molay the founder of the Knights Templars was burned alive at the stake.

A famous chronicle tells us. Before "Master of the Templers" de Molay's death, he warned his accusers, including King Philip IV and Pope Clement V. He foretold them, they would perish before the year's end. And true to his words, it happened.

Final Thoughts:-

  • We witnessed several theories concerning the Holy Grail but some of the stories were quite surprising like the Knights Templars story.
  • We don't want to convince a new one that one version is superior to the other, or even that it exists.
  • It is up to each individual to consider the values of the information and use their conclusions.

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