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By Vicki Lawana Trusselli Published about a month ago Updated about a month ago 29 min read
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I have written this with complete excerpts from PROJECT 2025. You will see the excerpts in quotes. I did not utilize AI as I had two weeks of being home with the flu while the paragraphs continued to haunt my nights & days of attempting to make sense of the reversal of all laws for women’s rights, civil rights, and LBGTQ rights stand as scapegoats for a few very white wealthy men. I am of mixed nationalities, and I thoroughly embrace all of them.



I am in California. I am so upset regarding the Project 2025 900-page MAGA Heritage Foundation papers here in America. I have been an ally to LBGTQ for years now. I also am a member of Planned Parenthood and NARAL PRO CHOICE California. I am so upset about the GOP using LBGTQ and women as political pawns. I am a humanitarian and support women's rights and LBGTQ rights. This election in 2024 is honestly and truthfully an important election. If MAGA wins the Heritage Foundation 2025 project is intended to roll out severe restrictions for LBGTQ, women's rights restrictions and we will be living back in 1864 before slavery was abolished and before women had the right to vote. The billionaires and MAGA people intend to force everyone into White Christian nationalism the first 180 days 2025. I read the manifesto. Women go back to the kitchen barefoot and pregnant to live under their husbands’ thumbs and our life as we know it will be no more. This is very serious, and they mean to enforce their dystopian laws ASAP and to round up people that don't agree with them, immigrants and Dreamers will be sent back to their country of origination. Journalists, doctors, or anyone that doesn't follow their White Christian nationalist church will be either murdered or put in concentration camps. People of color and poor people will be considered 2nd class citizens. They intend to outlaw abortion, public school and segregation will be rampant between the rich and the poor. The wealthy White Christian Nationalism will be in control, Healthcare will be non-existent, Medicare and social security will be cut drastically, and we will be living in a dystopian white Christian nationalist society of hatred and bigotry, and we will be thrown away if we are disabled or old. This is not a conspiracy theory nor yellow journalism. This is scarier than a Stephen King horror film. The Heritage Foundation intends to eliminate anyone that disagrees with them. I posted several videos and materials on Facebook yesterday. I watched documentaries and truth videos yesterday. However, I refuse to bury my head in the sand to succumb to the Heritage Foundation and lose our rights in America. The far-right wing Nazi movement is global as they want to only have a white Christian nationalist dystopian society ruling the world. It is very scary to think one day we all wake up to a Handmaids Tale Nazi society of darkness and our light as writers will be turned off.

The Heritage Foundation is a political non-profit filled with far-right wing extremists’ people of extreme measures to take America back to 1864.

“What happened in 1864?

This is from Wikipedia not AI.”


• January – Long Walk of the Navajo: Bands of Navajo led by the U.S. Army are relocated from their traditional lands in eastern Arizona Territory and western New Mexico Territory to Fort Sumner in the Pecos River valley. At least 200 died along the 300-mile (480 km) trek that took over 18 days to travel on foot.

• January 13 – Songwriter Stephen Foster ("Oh! Susanna", "Old Folks at Home") dies aged 37 in New York City leaving a scrap of paper reading "Dear friends and gentle hearts". His parlor song "Beautiful Dreamer" is published in March.


• February – Lewiston–Queenston Suspension Bridge on the Niagara River collapses in a gale.

• February 9 – American Civil War: Libby Prison escape – 109 Union soldiers escape from the Confederate prison in Richmond, Virginia, 59 making it back to their home territory.

• February 17 – American Civil War: The Confederate submarine Hunley torpedoes the USS Housatonic, becoming the first submarine to sink an enemy ship (the sub and her crew of 8 are also lost).

• February 20 – American Civil War: The Union suffers one of its costliest defeats at the Battle of Olustee near Lake City, Florida.

• February 25 – American Civil War: The first Northern prisoners arrive at the Confederate prison at Andersonville, Georgia (the 500 prisoners had left Richmond, Virginia, 7 days before).


• March 9 – American Civil War: President Abraham Lincoln appoints Ulysses S. Grant commander in chief of all Union armies.

• March 10 – American Civil War: The Red River Campaign begins as Union troops reach Alexandria, Louisiana.


• April 22 – The U.S. Congress passes the Coinage Act of 1864 which mandates that the inscription "In God We Trust" be placed on all coins minted as United States currency.


• May – Man and Nature: or, Physical geography as modified by human action by George Perkins Marsh is published. One of the first works to document the effects of human action on the environment and it helped to launch the modern conservation movement.

• May 5 – American Civil War: The Battle of the Wilderness begins in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

• May 7 – American Civil War: The Army of the Potomac, under General Ulysses S. Grant, breaks off from the Battle of the Wilderness and moves southwards.

• May 8–21 – American Civil War – Battle of Spotsylvania Court House: Some 4,000 die in an inconclusive engagement.

• May 11 – American Civil War – Battle of Yellow Tavern: Confederate General J. E. B. Stuart is mortally wounded at Yellow Tavern, Virginia.

• May 12 – American Civil War – Battle of Spotsylvania Court House: The "Bloody Angle" – thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers die.

• May 13 – American Civil War – Battle of Resaca: The battle begins with Union General Sherman fighting toward Atlanta.

• May 18 – Civil War gold hoax: The New York World and the New York Journal of Commerce publish a fake proclamation that President Abraham Lincoln has issued a draft of 400,000 more soldiers.

• May 20 – American Civil War – Battle of Ware Bottom Church: In the Virginia Bermuda Hundred Campaign, 10,000 troops fight in this Confederate victory.

• May 26 – Montana Territory is organized out of parts of Washington Territory and Dakota Territory, and is signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln.


• June 5 – American Civil War – Battle of Piedmont: Union forces under General David Hunter defeat a Confederate army at Piedmont, Augusta County, Virginia, taking nearly 1,000 prisoners.

• June 9 – American Civil War – The Siege of Petersburg begins. Union forces under General Grant and troops led by Confederate General Robert E. Lee battle for the last time.

• June 10

o American Civil War: Battle of Noonday Creek near Kennesaw, Georgia.

o American Civil War – Battle of Brice's Crossroads: Confederate troops under Nathan Bedford Forrest defeat a much larger Union force led by General Samuel D. Sturgis in Mississippi.

• June 12 – American Civil War – Battle of Cold Harbor: General Ulysses S. Grant pulls his troops from their positions at Cold Harbor, Virginia and moves south.

• June 15 – Arlington National Cemetery is established when 200 acres (0.8 km2) of the grounds of Robert E. Lee's home Arlington House are officially set-aside as a military cemetery by U.S. Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton.

• June 27 – American Civil War: Battle of Kennesaw Mountain near Kennesaw, Georgia.

• June 30 – President Abraham Lincoln signs the Yosemite Grant Act, precursor to Yosemite National Park.


• July – President Abraham Lincoln signs a law that abolishes the commutation fee that could be paid to in lieu of conscription.

• July 20 – American Civil War – Battle of Peachtree Creek: Near Atlanta, Georgia, Confederate forces led by General John Bell Hood unsuccessfully attack Union troops under General William T. Sherman.

• July 22 – American Civil War – Battle of Atlanta: Outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Confederate General Hood leads an unsuccessful attack on Union troops under General Sherman on Bald Hill.

• July 24 – American Civil War – Battle of Kernstown: Confederate General Jubal Early defeats Union troops led by General George Crook in an effort to keep the Yankees out of the Shenandoah Valley.

• July 28 – American Civil War – Battle of Ezra Church: Confederate troops led by General Hood make a third unsuccessful attempt to drive Union forces under General Sherman from Atlanta, Georgia.

• July 30 – American Civil War – Battle of the Crater: Union forces attempt to break Confederate lines by exploding a large bomb under their trenches.


• August 1 – The Elgin Watch Company is founded in Elgin, Illinois.

• August 5 – American Civil War – Battle of Mobile Bay: At Mobile Bay near Mobile, Alabama, Admiral David Farragut leads a Union flotilla through Confederate defenses and seals one of the last major Southern ports.

• August 18 – American Civil War – Battle of Globe Tavern: Forces under Union General Ulysses S. Grant try to cut a vital Confederate supply-line into Petersburg, Virginia, by attacking the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad, forcing the Confederates to use wagons.

• August 31 – American Civil War: Union forces led by General William T. Sherman launch an assault on Atlanta, Georgia.


• September 1 – American Civil War: Confederate General Hood evacuates Atlanta after a 4-month siege mounted by Union General Sherman.

• September 2 – American Civil War: Union forces under General Sherman enter Atlanta a day after the Confederate defenders fled the city.

• September 8 – American Civil War: Atlanta, Georgia is evacuated on orders of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman.


• October 2 – American Civil War – Battle of Saltville: Union forces attack Saltville, Virginia but are defeated by Confederate troops.

• October 9 – American Civil War – Battle of Tom's Brook: Union cavalrymen in the Shenandoah Valley defeat Confederate forces at Tom's Brook, Virginia.

• October 15 – American Civil War – Battle of Glasgow, Missouri: Confederate forces take the town.

• October 19 – American Civil War – Battle of Cedar Creek: Union forces under Philip Sheridan defeat a surprise Confederate attack although incurring nearly twice as many casualties, ending the Shenandoah Valley Campaigns of 1864.

• October 25 – American Civil War – Battle of Mine Creek: the second largest cavalry engagement of the war, two divisions of Major General Sterling Price's Army of Missouri are routed by two Federal brigades under the command of Colonels Frederick Benteen and John Finis Philips.

• October 28 – American Civil War

o Second Battle of Fair Oaks: Union forces under General Ulysses S. Grant withdraw from Fair Oaks, Virginia, after failing to breach the Confederate defenses around Richmond, Virginia.

o Second Battle of Newtonia: Union forces defeat the remnants of Price's Missouri Expedition.

• October 30 – Helena, Montana is founded after four prospectors (the so-called Four Georgians) discover gold at Last Chance Gulch; it is their last and agreed final attempt at weeks of trying to find gold in the northern Rockies.

• October 31 – Nevada is admitted as the 36th U.S. state (see History of Nevada).


November 15–December 21: Sherman's March to the Sea

• November 4 – American Civil War – Battle of Johnsonville: At Johnsonville, Tennessee, troops under the command of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest bombard a Union supply base with artillery and destroy millions of dollars in material.

• November 7 – The capital of Idaho Territory is moved from Lewiston to Boise; North Idaho declares the move illegal and proposes secession.

• November 8 – U.S. presidential election, 1864: Abraham Lincoln is reelected in an overwhelming victory over George B. McClellan.

• November 15 – American Civil War – Sherman's March to the Sea begins: Union General Sherman burns Atlanta and starts to move south, causing extensive devastation to crops and mills and living off the land.

• November 22 – American Civil War – Sherman's March to the Sea: Confederate General John Bell Hood invades Tennessee in an unsuccessful attempt to draw Union General Sherman from Georgia.

• November 25 – American Civil War: A group of Confederate operatives calling themselves the Confederate Army of Manhattan starts fires in more than 20 locations in an unsuccessful attempt to burn down New York City.

• November 29 – Indian Wars – Sand Creek Massacre: Colorado volunteers led by Colonel John Chivington massacre at least 400[citation needed] Cheyenne and Arapahoe noncombatants at Sand Creek, Colorado (where they had been given permission to camp).

• November 30 – American Civil War – Second Battle of Franklin: The Army of Tennessee led by General Hood mounts a dramatically unsuccessful frontal assault on Union positions around Franklin, Tennessee (Hood loses 6 generals and almost a third of his troops).


• December 4 – American Civil War – Sherman's March to the Sea: At Waynesboro, Georgia, forces under Union General Judson Kilpatrick prevent troops led by Confederate General Joseph Wheeler from interfering with Union General Sherman's campaign of destroying a wide swath of the South on his march to Savannah, Georgia (Union forces suffer more than 3 times the casualties as the Confederates, however).

• December 15–16 – American Civil War – Battle of Nashville: Union forces decisively defeat the Confederate Army of Tennessee.

• December 21 – American Civil War – Sherman's March to the Sea: The campaign ends as Major General William Tecumseh Sherman captures the port of Savannah, Georgia.


• Asa Mercer travels from Seattle to the U.S. East Coast and recruits 11 Mercer Girls, potential wives for men on the West Coast.

• Robert Lowry writes the gospel hymn "Shall We Gather at the River?".


• American Civil War (1861–1864”

THE CONSERVATIVE promise is to convert all family units into a male and female family environment. LBGTQ families and single parent families, especially women will not be allowed in this new White Nationalist Society. Trans people are to be erased from society.

Abortion is already outlawed in many states here in America. The now far right supreme court turned over Roe vs Wade, so women no longer have control over their bodies.

The overall philosophy of The Heritage Foundation is to eliminate divorce. For instance, if a husband beats his wife up she has to succumb to his wishes and apologize to him for whatever he beat her up for the night before. I refuse to go back.

The next proposal is to state that only male and female identity will prevail. Pornography will be outlawed as they consider transgender and LBGTQ people the conveyors of pornography. Anyone caught with pornography will be imprisoned or murdered.

Any parent that reassigns their child’s sex orientation will be considered abuse and they will be arrested.

They plan to dismantle government agencies and follow Reagonomics by dismantling social security, welfare, disability insurance, Medicare, and write a law to erase Obamacare. They have no plans to take care of old people or disabled people. My opinion is they turn America back to the bootstrap theory. Reagon closed all the mental hospitals when he was governor of California. He unleashed all people from the mental hospitals into the streets as homeless people.

They plan to secure our borders by deporting people of color back to their countries. They will round up Dreamers who have lived here for decades and deport them back to their countries and they will never be allowed to return.

They want to secure our God-Given individual right to enjoy “The Blessings of Liberty”. We already have liberty. What The Heritage Foundation wants to do is make the President a dictator. The only liberty will be the liberty of the White Christian Nationalist patriarchal society. All other rights will be dismantled and erased.

They plan to deconstruct the Constitution. The President appointees must be loyal to the President and the Oval Office.

“Finally, the next Administration will face a significant challenge in unwinding

policies and procedures that are used to advance radical gender, racial, and equity

initiatives under the banner of science. Similarly, the Biden Administration’s

Climate fanaticism will need a whole-of-government unwinding. As with other

federal departments and agencies, the Biden Administration’s leveraging of the

federal government’s resources to further the woke agenda should be reversed and

scrubbed from all policy manuals, guidance documents, and agendas, and scientific

excellence and innovation should be restored as the OSTP’s top priority.”

“The President should eliminate the Interagency Working Group on the Social

Cost of Carbon (SCC), which is cochaired by the OSTP, OMB, and CEA, and by

executive order should end the use of SCC analysis.”


The President should immediately revoke Executive Order 1402041 and every

policy, including sub regulatory guidance documents, produced on behalf of or

related to the establishment or promotion of the Gender Policy Council and its

subsidiary issues. Abolishing the Gender Policy Council would eliminate central

promotion of abortion (“health services”); comprehensive sexuality education

(“education”); and the new woke gender ideology, which has as a principal tenet

“Gender affirming care” and “sex-change” surgeries on minors. In addition to eliminating the council, developing new structures and positions will have the dual

effect of demonstrating that promoting life and strengthening the family is a priority while also facilitating more seamless coordination and consistency across

the U.S. government.

Specifically, the President should appoint a position/point of contact with the

rank of Special Assistant to the President or higher to coordinate and lead the Pres ident’s domestic priorities on issues related to life and family in cooperation with

the Domestic Policy Council. This position would be responsible for facilitating

meetings, discussions, and agreements among personnel; coordinating Administration policy; and ensuring agency support for implementation of policies related

to the promotion of life and family in the United States.”

“The CSRA was able to maintain strong management rights for the OPM and

agencies and forbade collective bargaining on pay and benefits as well as management prerogatives. Over time, OPM, FLRA, and agencies’ personnel offices and

courts, especially in Democratic Administrations, narrowed management rights

so that labor bargaining expanded as management rights contracted. But the management rights are still in statute, have been enforced by some Administrations,

and should be enforced again by any future OPM and agency managements, which

should not be intimidated by union power.

Rather than being daunted, President Trump issued three executive orders:

Executive Order 13836, encouraging agencies to renegotiate all union

collective bargaining agreements to ensure consistency with the law and

respect for management rights.

Executive Order 13837, encouraging agencies to prevent union

representatives from using official time preparing or pursuing grievances or

from engaging in other union activity on government time;27 and

Executive Order 13839, encouraging agencies both to limit labor grievances

on removals from service or on challenging performance appraisals and to

prioritize performance over seniority when deciding who should be retained

following reductions-in-force.

All were revoked by the Biden Administration29 and should be reinstated by the

next Administration, to include the immediate appointment of the FLRA General

Counsel and reactivation of the Impasses Panel.

Congress should also consider whether public-sector unions are appropriate

in the first place. The bipartisan consensus up until the middle of the 20th century held that these unions were not compatible with constitutional government.30

After more than half a century of experience with public-sector union frustrations

of good government management, it is hard to avoid reaching the same conclusion.”

The conclusion is that Unions will be forced out with The Heritage Foundation rules.

“Transform NATO so that U.S. allies are capable of fielding the great

majority of the conventional forces required to deter Russia while

relying on the United States primarily for our nuclear deterrent, and

select other capabilities while reducing the U.S. force posture in Europe.”

“Restore standards of lethality and excellence. Entrance criteria for

military service and specific occupational career fields should be based on

the needs of those positions. Exceptions for individuals who are already

predisposed to require medical treatment (for example, HIV positive

or suffering from gender dysphoria) should be removed, and those with

Gender dysphoria should be expelled from military service. Physical

fitness requirements should be based on the occupational field without

consideration of gender, race, ethnicity, or orientation.”

“Reinstate servicemembers to active duty who were discharged for

not receiving the COVID vaccine, restore their appropriate rank, and

provide back pay.

4. Eliminate Marxist indoctrination and divisive critical race theory

programs and abolish newly established diversity, equity, and inclusion

offices and staff.”

“Reverse policies that allow transgender individuals to serve in the

military. Gender dysphoria is incompatible with the demands of military

service, and the use of public monies for transgender surgeries or to

facilitate abortion for servicemembers should be ended.”


Our primary recommendation is that the President pursue legislation to dis mantle the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). After 20 years, it has not

gelled into “One DHS.” Instead, its various components’ different missions have

outweighed its decades-long attempt to function as one department, rendering

the whole disjointed rather than cohesive. Breaking up the department along its

mission lines would facilitate mission focus and provide opportunities to reduce

overhead and achieve more limited government. In lieu of a status quo DHS, we

recommend that:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) be combined with

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); U.S. Citizenship

and Immigration Services (USCIS); the Department of Health and

Human Services (HHS) Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR); and

the Department of Justice (DOJ) Executive Office for Immigration

Review (EOIR) and Office of Immigration Litigation (OIL) into a standalone border and immigration agency at the Cabinet level (more than

100,000 employees, making it the third largest department measured

by manpower).

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) be moved to

the Department of Transportation.”

There would be a complete overhaul of the DOJ and other agencies to divide the agencies into other priorities that would basically cause chaos and division.

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) be moved to the

Department of the Interior or, if combined with CISA, to the Department of


The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) be moved to DOJ and, in time of full-scale

war (i.e., threatening the homeland), to the Department of Defense (DOD).

Alternatively, USCG should be moved to DOD for all purposes.

The U.S. Secret Service (USSS) be divided in two, with the protective

element moved to DOJ and the financial enforcement element moved to the

Department of the Treasury.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) be privatized.

The Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) be moved to DOD and the

Office of Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction be moved to the FBI.”

The bloated DHS bureaucracy and budget, along with the wrong priorities,

provide real opportunities for a conservative Administration to cut billions in

spending and limit government’s role in Americans’ lives. These opportunities

include privatizing TSA screening and the Federal Emergency Management

Agency (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program, reforming FEMA emergency

spending to shift the majority of preparedness and response costs to states and

localities instead of the federal government, eliminating most of DHS’s grant programs, and removing all unions in the department for national security purposes.

A successful DHS would:

Secure and control the border;

Thoroughly enforce immigration laws;

Correctly and efficiently adjudicate immigration benefit applications while

rejecting fraudulent claims;

Secure the cyber domain and collaborate with critical infrastructure sectors

to maintain their security

provide states and localities with a limited federal emergency response and preparedness.”

“Safeguarding Americans will require not just securing the border, but continuous vetting and investigations of many aliens who exploited President

Biden’s open border for potentially nefarious purposes, including some Afghan

evacuees sent directly to the U.S. during America’s disastrous withdrawal from


This means to insinuate that anyone and everyone suspected of being illegal will be investigated and deported.



The Homeland Security Act established only an Officer of CRCL, not an office.

The only substantive function Congress then assigned to the officer was to review

and assess information alleging abuses of civil rights. Since then, Congress and

CRCL itself have significantly expanded CRCL’s scope and size well beyond its

original intent or helpful purpose. CRCL now operates and views itself as a quasiDHS Office of Inspector General. This results in a considerable waste of limited

component resources, which are routinely tasked to address redundant, overly

burdensome, and uninformed demands from CRCL. It is therefore important to

recalibrate CRCL’s scope and reach.

In other words, dismantle the office for civil rights and civil liberties placing the Managements in one office and the President and his council in charge of immigration. Anyone that’s investigated to qualify for civil rights investigation must be a citizen of America. If occurrences concur, they are illegal they will be deported as they will no longer have a relevance to live in America.

“A “sovereign Mexico” policy. Mexico is currently a national security.

disaster. Bluntly stated, Mexico can no longer qualify as a first world nation;

it has functionally lost its sovereignty to muscular criminal cartels that

effectively run the country. The current dynamic is not good for either

U.S. citizens or Mexicans, and the perfect storm created by this cartel state

has negative effects that are damaging the entire hemisphere. The next

Administration must both adopt a posture that calls for a fully sovereign

Mexico and take all steps at its disposal to support that result in as rapid a

fashion as possible.”

This is stating that if The Heritage Foundation wins the 2024 election the powers that be will no longer consider Mexico a first world nation. You know Trump the 91 indicted criminal thinks Mexico and Africa and any other country with people of color as a “shithole country.” So, The Heritage Foundation board feels the same way.

“Develop a reorganization strategy. Despite periodic attempts by

previous Administrations (including the Trump Administration) to make

more than cosmetic changes to the State Department, its structure has

remained largely unchanged since the 20th century.23 The State Department

will better serve future Administrations, regardless of party, if it were to

be meaningfully streamlined. The next Administration should develop

a complete hypothetical reorganization of the department—one which

would tighten accountability to political leadership, reduce overhead,

eliminate redundancy, waste fewer taxpayer resources, and recommend

additional personnel-related changes for improvement of function.

Such reorganization could be creative, but also carefully review specific

structure-related problems that have been documented over the years.

This reorganization effort would necessarily assess what office closures

Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise

can be carried out with and without congressional approval. Timelines for

action on these fronts should be developed accordingly, but speed should

be a priority.”

In other words, consolidate the old agencies into the realms of Presidential management. What I understand is giving the President unlimited powers.

“Enhance the DNI’s role in overseeing execution of the National

Intelligence Program budget under the President’s authority. This

should be done in a manner that is consistent with Congress’s intent as

embodied in IRTPA. Under the executive order as written today, the DNI

“Shall oversee and direct the implementation of the National Intelligence

Program.” In practice, the DNI’s authority to oversee execution of the IC’s

budget remains constrained by an inability to address changing intelligence

priorities and mandate the implementation of appropriated NIP funding to

higher intelligence priorities.

The DNI should have the President’s direction to address emerging but

catastrophic threats such as those posed by bioweapons. Clarifying how

much budget authority the DNI has in conjunction (within the limits of

congressional appropriations) with OMB and IC-member Cabinet officials

to move around money and personnel is crucial, but positions will not

always be fungible. It will probably be necessary to hold IC leadership

accountable at intransigent agencies and to restructure areas through

executive orders in close conjunction with OMB, as needed.”

The President will have ultimate power over intelligence priorities and in conclusion will have unlimited powers over America.


Every Republican President since Richard Nixon has tried to strip the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) of taxpayer funding. That is significant not

just because it means that for half a century, Republican Presidents have failed to

accomplish what they set out to do, but also because Nixon was the first President

in office when National Public Radio (NPR) and the Public Broadcasting Service

(PBS), which the CPB funds, went on air.

In other words, all Republican Presidents have recognized that public funding

of domestic broadcasts is a mistake. As a 35-year-old lawyer in the Nixon White

House, one Antonin Scalia warned that conservatives were being “confronted with

a long-range problem of significant social consequences—that is, the development

of a government-funded broadcast system similar to the BBC.”47

All of which means that the next conservative President must finally get

this done and do it despite opposition from congressional members of his

own party if necessary. To stop public funding is good policy and good politics.

The reason is simple: President Lyndon Johnson may have pledged in 1967

that public broadcasting would become “a vital public resource to enrich our

homes, educate our families and to provide assistance to our classrooms,”48

but public broadcasting immediately became a liberal forum for public affairs

and journalism.

Not only is the federal government trillions of dollars in debt and unable to

afford the more than half a billion dollars squandered on leftist opinion each year,

but the government should not be compelling the conservative half of the country

to pay for the suppression of its own views. As Thomas Jefferson put it, “To compel

a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagations of opinions which

he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.”

NPR will no longer exist. Public Broadcasting will be erased under The PROJECT 2025 written by The Heritage Foundation.


Conservatives will thus reward a President who eliminates this tyrannical situation. PBS and NPR do not even bother to run programming that would attract

conservatives. As Pew Research demonstrated in 2014, 25 percent of PBS’s audience is “mostly liberal,” and 35 percent is “consistently liberal.” That is 60 percent

liberal compared to 15 percent conservative (11 percent “mostly conservative” and

4 percent “consistently conservative”).50

NPR’s audience is even to the Left of that, with 67 percent liberal (41 percent

“Consistently liberal” and 26 percent “mostly liberal”), compared with 12 percent

conservative (3 percent and 9 percent “consistently conservative” and “mostly conservative,” respectively).51 That may be an acceptable business model for MSNBC

or CNN, but not for a taxpayer-subsidized broadcaster.”

You will see all paragraphs in quotes are directly from PROJECT 2025. I thought it to be imperative to include the quotes from the actual document. I have not rewritten anything, but I am exposing unlimited power the President will have over America.


Proactively Defend Agriculture. From the outset, the next Administration

should: Denounce efforts to place ancillary issues like climate change ahead of

food productivity and affordability when it comes to agriculture.

l Remove the U.S. from any association with U.N. and other efforts to push

sustainable-development schemes connected to food production.

Defend American agriculture and advance the critical importance of

efficient and innovative food production, especially to advance safe and

affordable food.

Stress that ideal policy should remove obstacles imposed on American

farmers and individuals across the food supply chain so that they can meet

the food needs of Americans.

Clarify the critical importance of efficiency to food affordability, and why a

failure to recognize this fact especially hurts low-income households who

spend a disproportionate share of after-tax income on food compared to

higher-income households.23

To accomplish these objectives, a new Administration should announce its

principles through an executive order, the USDA should remove all references

to transforming the food system on its web site and other department-disseminated material, and it should expressly and regularly communicate the

principles informing the objectives listed above, as well as promote these principles through legislative efforts. The USDA should also carefully review existing

efforts that involve inappropriately imposing its preferred agricultural practices

onto farmers.”

This article erases climate change and any appropriations that relegate climate change awareness. There will be no regard for climate change regarding our food and crops supply chain.

“The overall goal should be to eliminate subsidy dependence. Despite what

might be conventional wisdom, many farmers receive few to no subsidies,31 with

most subsidies going to only a handful of commodities.”

They will eliminate subsidies to private farmers. So, with no regards for climate change and no regards to the American farmer what does one suspect could go wrong?

“Reform SNAP. Ostensibly, SNAP sends money through electronic-bene fit-transfer (EBT) cards to help “low-income” individuals buy food. It is the largest

of the federal nutrition programs. Food stamps are designed to be supplemented by

other forms of income—whether through paid employment or nonprofit support.

SNAP serves 41.1 million individuals—an increase of 4.3 million people during the

Biden years.55 In 2020, the food stamp program cost $79.1 billion. That number

continued to rise—by 2022, outlays hit $119.5 billion.”

Perhaps COVID 19 brought up the money figures of the SNAP program. However, the billionaires writing this PROJECT 2025 do not care about the poor, never have and they never will care.

They want to increase the retirement age to 70. Of course, the powers that be vacation in one of their five homes across the world. So, they always have food and water included in their five homes.




Federal education policy should be limited and, ultimately, the federal Department of Education should be eliminated. When power is exercised, it should

empower students and families, not government. In our pluralistic society, families and students should be free to choose from a diverse set of school options and

learning environments that best fit their needs. Our postsecondary institutions

should also reflect such diversity, with room for not only “traditional” liberal arts

colleges and research universities but also faith-based institutions, career schools,

military academies, and lifelong learning programs.

Elementary and secondary education policy should follow the path outlined

by Milton Friedman in 1955, wherein education is publicly funded but education

decisions are made by families. Ultimately, every parent should have the option

to direct his or her child’s share of education funding through an education savings account (ESA), funded overwhelmingly by state and local taxpayers, which

would empower parents to choose a set of education options that meet their child's

unique needs.

States are eager to lead in K–12 education. For decades, they have acted independently of the federal government to pioneer a variety of constructive reforms

and school choice programs. For example, in 2011, Arizona first piloted ESAs, which

provide families roughly 90 percent of what the state would have spent on that

child in public school to be used instead on education options such as private school

tuition, online courses, and tutoring. In 2022, Arizona expanded the program to

be available to all families.”


What could possibly go wrong with this implementation from public education to private schools and vouchers? My opinion is the wealthy White Christian Nationalist will be the privileged ones to attend school. We will go back to the days of 1864 before women could vote and the end of slavery.

“As the next Administration executes its work, it should be guided by a few core

principles, including:

Advancing education freedom. Empowering families to choose among

a diverse set of education options is key to reform and improved outcomes,

and it can be achieved without establishing a new federal program. For

example, portability of existing federal education spending to fund families

directly or allowing federal tax credits to encourage voluntary contributions

to K–12 education savings accounts managed by charitable nonprofits, could

significantly advance education choice.

Providing education choice for “federal” children. Congress has a

special responsibility to children who are connected to military families,

who live in the District of Columbia, or who are members of sovereign tribes.

Responsibility for serving these students should be housed in agencies that

are already serving these families.

Restoring state and local control over education funding. As

Washington begins to downsize its intervention in education, existing

funding should be sent to states as grants over which they have full control,

enabling states to put federal funding toward any lawful education purpose

under state law.

Treating taxpayers like investors in federal student aid. Taxpayers

should expect their investments in higher education to generate economic

productivity. When the federal government lends money to individuals for a

postsecondary education, taxpayers should expect those borrowers to repay.

l Protecting the federal student loan portfolio from predatory

politicians. The new Administration must end the practice of acting like

the federal student loan portfolio is a campaign fund to curry political

support and votes. The new Administration must end abuses in the loan

forgiveness programs. Borrowers should be expected to repay their loans.

l Safeguarding civil rights. Enforcement of civil rights should be based on

a proper understanding of those laws, rejecting gender ideology and critical race theory.”

These are only a few recommendations by The Heritage Foundation PROJECT 2025.

I am concerned as my body has become a government entity as of 2024. I am concerned regarding the removal of critical race theory and gender identity from civil rights and education.

The Heritage Foundation has many wealthy people on board for PROJECT 2025. The document is 900 pages. I encourage everyone to read the document. We have a very important election in 2024. We either keep our democracy or convert to a dictatorship of chaos and control of our lives and the forcing of us all to convert to White Christian Nationalism.

Our choices will be taken away. Trans people will be erased. Gender equality is assigned to male and female only. LBGTQ marriages will be declared illegal and void. No one who now claims to be LBGTQ will no longer be able to say who they are as human beings. There will be mass deportation of whomever the government decides who look like an immigrant. There will be mass investigations of people claiming to be Dreamers and LBGTQ. Certain terminology regarding gender will be against the law. I see this as mass incarceration of LBGTQ and immigrants. Anyone disagreeing with the Heritage Foundation will be eliminated.

This November is a critical election. I am voting for democracy. It could be the last year for a free election.

This is more than a political debate but a debate between democracy and living in a “Handmaids Tale” of a theocracy plutocracy dictatorship.

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I worked for the music and film industry in Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas. I studied nursing, journalism, art, film, and computers in college. I was in the first computer class in 1981 at The LA Times. PEACE OUT!

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  • Danny L Trussellabout a month ago

    Pure untrue propaganda. I don’t know your source. But it is false. This Christian Nationalist hype is a made up thing by the left. Totally.

  • Hannah Mooreabout a month ago

    I've not read the whole of this, but I do see your fear, and I do recognise that fear around what comes of the next US election is very justified. The handmaid's tale, famously, did not make much up, but borrowed from lots of different places in history.

  • That is a lot to take in, and sounds like they want to go back a lot further than 1864. The UK has similar aims to take us back to a slave underclass and "phase out" the disabled , non whites and not heterosexuals

  • Terri Nickelson Williamsabout a month ago

    I'm terrified for my country and what will happen if the orange baboon is placed in office again.

  • Chloeabout a month ago

    the heck.

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