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I saw an article about a child with 500 teeth, and I thought I’d tell my story

"I saw a boy's 500-tooth thesis, and I thought I'd tell my story."

By Kamran AlamPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The article discusses the tragic story of a poor Indian child who had over 500 teeth removed from their mouth. The odds of a conjoined twin birth are around 1 in 40,000 to 1 in 200,000, with around 4,000,000 babies born in the US every year. This means there should be around 20 to 100 conjoined twins a year, not including other unfortunate children with numerous medical issues.

The author's parents were told they had died when the child was born, but their uncle John told them he would love them no matter what. The child was taken away and hid under a blanket in a laundry trolley before being taken to the hospital. He spent most of his time in his room, only venturing out for food and sometimes when Uncle John wanted him to meet visitors. They were always nice, wanting to look at him, but Uncle John wouldn't allow them to take photos.

In the basement of the hospital, the child was checked over and graded, given a letter between A and E, which determined the severity of his medical issues. He was given a B and transported out of the hospital to a facility unknown to his uncle John. This was where the child spent the first two years of his life. As the child grew up, children would come and go, living with them in Uncle John's house, which overlooked rolling hills and forest. Most of the children didn't speak, and the child felt like he didn't belong there.

A woman named Patricia taught the child how to read and write, and she told him that she didn't scare her. One day, the child asked what was beyond the forest they could see from the window, and she said cities and lots of people. When the child was two, he had a medical exam to confirm his condition, and he was given a clean bill of health.

One day, Patricia drove the child to the nearest town, and the child covered her face with her sweater. Uncle John later said he was only trying to protect the child, but the child never saw Patricia after that day. The child was then driven to an estate in the west of the country, where he was left in a room. Uncle John said he knew as soon as he saw the child that he wanted him and would pay any price necessary.

As the child was sixteen, the uncle began to grow older and the visitors stopped coming and going. The child felt anger at being held captive, and he asked Uncle John about his real parents and why he bought him. He didn't answer, and the child snapped when he couldn't speak.

The author visits an estate in the west of the country and notices a change in the business. iPads are now displayed in front of rooms, allowing for better access to medical conditions. The author believes that saving one a year for the rest of their life is not enough, as the business runs too deeply into the core of their country.

A conspiracy theory about the whereabouts of malformed children is mentioned, which garners interest but disappears quickly. The author is a good customer and has nothing to lose.

They have Uncle John's money, which they don't tell anyone about. They are more than a match for someone coming after them. The author also practices good hygiene, brushing their teeth three times a day, as a testament to their father's teachings. The author believes that their efforts are worth the money in the world.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Fascinating! This is very interesting!

Kamran AlamWritten by Kamran Alam

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