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Yule Ball

Sirius asks Remus to the Yule Ball.

By king alexPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Sirius had to admit it, Remus looked absolutely adorable all cuddled up in an armchair reading some muggle book. He wondered how long he fancied his friend and why he’d never done anything about it. Remus looked up when he felt him staring.

“What is it, Pads? Is there something on my face?” he guessed, wiping his face.

Sirius shook his head. “No, no. I was just thinking.”

“About what?” He got up and sat next to Sirius on the couch. Sirius looked at him intently, as if studying every freckle and scar. Then he shook his head. What was wrong with him? He’d flirted with loads of people before, but he was never this nervous. He stared into his friend’s light brown eyes and decided to go for it.

“H- has anyone asked you to the ball yet?”

Remus shook his head. “Who would want to go to the ball with me?”

“Who wouldn’t wanna go to the ball with you?”

Remus gave him a small smile. “I mean, my face is all scarred, I’m too skinny, I can barely hold a conversation…” He trailed off.

Sirius shook his head. “Moony, how could you even say any of that? You always have something interesting to say. And I think your scars are cool,” he said, trailing a finger along a small scar that ran to the top of his lip. Remus’s breath hitched. They were caught in a trance until James sauntered into the room.

“Hey, Moony. Pads.” He placed himself in between the two boys, who were both blushing slightly. “Padfoot, have you asked anyone to the ball yet?”

“I was going to,” Sirius muttered irritably.

James looked confused, then turned to Remus. “What about you, Moony?”

Remus was staring at his hands and shook his head. Something finally clicked in James’s brain. “Oh, okay. I’m gonna go. I forgot I told Lily I’d meet up with her.” He got up and left, winking at Sirius.

The boys looked at each other again, not daring to move any closer.

“S- so who were you planning on asking to the ball?” Remus asked.

Sirius hesitated for a moment. All his confidence from before was gone. Dammit, Prongs.

“Is she in Gryffindor?”

“He, actually. And yeah he’s a Gryffindor.”

“Okay, is he in our year?”

Sirius nodded, playing with his hair so he didn’t have to look at Remus.

“Is it Wormtail?”

Sirius chuckled. “No, it’s not Wormtail.”

Remus grinned lightly, making Sirius’s heart leap. He stood up and summoned some courage. “Moony, do you want to go to the ball with me?” Sirius watched as Remus’s face broke out into the biggest smile he’d ever seen on the boy. He jumped up and hugged Sirius tightly. “I’m taking that as a yes.”

Remus chuckled and stared into Sirius’s eyes when James came running out from behind the corner. “My best friends are going to the ball together!” He looked very emotional as he pulled them both into a hug.

“Prongsy, you’re suffocating me,” Remus choked out. Sirius looked around to make sure there was no one in the common room before transforming into his animagus form. “That’s not fair! I can’t do that!”

Padfoot barked happily as he ran around the room. James let go of Remus and Padfoot ran back to them. He stood on his hind legs and pushed his date to the ball back onto the couch then hopped up and began licking his face.

“Pads!” he exclaimed as he tried to push the dog off off him.

Sirius transformed back and kissed him once last time on the cheek.

fan fiction

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hello! I write book reviews, recommendations, and the occasional short story

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