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By Rosie J. SargentPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 7 min read

10. Nexpo

Nexpo (or Nightmare Expo), covers everything horrific, disturbing and damn right creepy. He will show you worlds you wish never existed. The first video that brought me into the weird obscure world of Nexpo was a 35 minute long video (known as Kanye Quest) The Video Game Tied to a Cult.

Nexpo began his YouTube journey in May 2017, and has since gained 2.43 million subscribers. His content is refreshing and different. His analytical presentation is slick, stylish and at a professional level.

You can expect a new video from Nexpo every two weeks.

  • Channel:

The Video Game Tied to a Cult:

9. BJ Investigates

BJ Investigates is fairly new to the platform, but with the support of her friends Deep Dive and That Surprise Witness TV, she's hit the ground running.

Uncovering the truth in some of the biggest scandals of our times? No matter what the cost? Hillsong? Kris Jenner? Oh Yes.

As a Brit, discovering the whole (I don't even know what to call it, but) 'cult', I was infatuated by the ridiculousness and shadiness of it all. Its' sweet coffee with some caramel sauce and cream and honestly I'm here for it. I love drama with a distance, so channels like BJ Investigates is right up my alley. It might be yours too...

8. ArthurTV

Airline freak-outs, 90-Day Fiancé and even Come Dine With Me, all the reality tv you need condensed in less than 15 minutes. I'm not a fan of reality tv but I do love a dramatic play. Airline freak-outs for me are the best, from the poor bloke who was just trying to get to Barcelona, to the French Lady with her cat that has been living in my head rent free for about four years. I've been subscribed to ArthurTV pre-face reveal, and he hasn't lost his style, voice or flair. ArthurTV's commentaries are witty, consistent and informative. I prefer watching 'reality tv' this way because I find it's more comedic and I don't have to sit through 45 minutes of brain dribble.

ArthurTV is massively underrated and deserves your support.

Trust me, start with the Airline freak-outs and you'll find yourself binging.

7.Hailey Elizabeth

Gossip, cults, crime, Hailey Elizabeth, has it all. This young YouTuber has a chill presenting style that is funny and conversational. I found Hailey Elizabeth's channel through one my favourite YouTubers, Bailey Sarian. Her channel popped up in my recommendations with 'PLOT TWIST: Shane Dawson was a Sociopath the whole time' and I had to instantly watch. I was graduating from University when the Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson hype was peaking, the makeup industry was booming, and more toxic than a nuclear meltdown. The Bye Sister saga was a Greek tragedy within itself, pretty much cancelling all those involved, including Shane Dawson.

Hailey Elizabeth is well researched, and only five years her senior there isn't a lot I haven't seen and read on the internet in these genres. Hailey Elizabeth on the other hand as brought new information to light, which makes for great fresh content! Her make-up looks are super sweet as well. Go check her channel:

  • PLOT TWIST: Shane Dawson was a Sociopath the whole time:
  • 6. Colin Furze

    Ok, if you don't know who this fella is, I don't know what to tell you. At a total of 11 million plus subscribes, Colin is the man that dares to dream, and then builds it in his underground bunker, were his guitar flame thrower, and all of his other zany inventions are proudly on display like trophies.

    Colin is mad, but we love him for it. My partner introduced me to this crazy character, and to be honest, I then I understood why my partner wanted to build a pulse jet engine in the garage. So yes, I don't think I need to explain anymore... Youtube Channel below:

    5. Thoughty2

    "Hello its Thoughty2 here," a fellow Brit who calls himself the 'gatekeeper of useless facts'. Thoughty2 is the guy with all the pointless information, and answers to are unusual and unasked questions. He has a huge subscriber count of 4.67 million oh, (and if I may say so) a crackin' moustache.

    Thoughty2 is all about mind-blowing facts, delivered in a light-hearted and comedic way that will fill your head with random information to show off too your friends and family. I found Thoughty2 through my YouTube recommendations 'Why Did All the Children in this Village Suddenly Disappear?'

    Wait the Piped Piper is real? Instant click. Oh no, there's more...

    What do you mean a 100 year-old corpse could possibility safe my life? Do the Knight's templar still exist? The dictionary was written by a murderer?

    For me, Thoughty2 is definitely worth a subscribe.

  • Channel:
  • Why Did All the Children in this Village Suddenly Disappear?:
  • 4. Deep Dive

    Obviously having mentioned BJ Investigates earlier, we have to talk about Deep Dive. This is the channel that pulls back the curtain on some of the most biggest icons of my generation: The Olsen Twins, Alicia Silverstone, Hilary Duff. Honestly, it's so sad and so twisted. The world is so ugly and Deep Dive is here to show you why. Their presenting style brings you a lot closer to these people in a way like how biographers write about their heroes. Delivered in a documentary style, this is normally something I save for my bath-time self-care routine.

    3. Cruel World Happy Mind

    Cruel World Happy Mind is a YouTuber who simply likes to research things. Professional cynicism at is finest, Cruel World Happy Mind is the channel that's going to make you question every influencer and their posts, advertisements and anything else on the internet.

    Scams have become more and more frequent thanks to our clingy friend Miss Rona. CWHM is here to let you know these scammers have always been there, and here's how they do it...

    CWHM's latest video was top quality content - Madison I can't wait for the next video!

    2. Violating Community Guidelines

    AHA. Now these two ladies Britany Broski and Sarah Schauer are the friends I never had. Their channel Violating Community Guidelines is hilariously informative, and you feel like a part of the conversation.

    I'm a 'cusper' which means I feel the pain of a millennial but have straight-up Gen Z humour, and these lovely ladies are exactly that!

    I found these ladies because nostalgia, and honestly my teen self is seething. What a way to make us all feel old...

    Calling all 90's babies, this channel is for us!!! Oh and... Britany your English accent/imitations is perfect, please do more!

    1. Kreosan (English)

    Ukrainians driving under nuclear reactors in Chernobyl. I don't think I need to say more than that really.

    The invasion of Ukraine has meant they have been uploading unseen old videos prior to the conflict. YouTube is making it difficult for these guys to get paid, and because of their risky and wow content, Kreosan is now on the fore-front of everyone's mind. Dive Guys and other YouTube channels have openly supported Kreosan, and are pleased to see them still active on socials.

    The world is in antipaction waiting for a new video. Whether it's old footage from before the invasion or just an update on how they all are and what they are currently doing. Everyone wants to know if they are safe, well and ok.

    If you want to help in anyway head to their patreon, which you can find here:

    You can find the same article on my Publish Ox page:


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