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X-Men: Apocalypse.


By jack kentPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

When I said that Batman v Superman was a convoluted mess, (on a blog for uni) I meant it. However, I might not have gone that far, if I had seen this film beforehand, due to how many different plot points that it wants to get into. In fact, it has so many different story ideas that it wants to go with that it doesn’t seem to know which one to focus on. For example, there are over 10 characters that are focused on, and because it has so many characters it becomes unfocused, in other words, it’s as convoluted as BvS and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Remember how convoluted this film was? The problem that X-Men suffers from is that they try to give all of these characters (and plot points) a chance to make shine, like the comics do. But the thing with that is, the comics have over decades and decades of comics to cover the big characters to the smaller ones, whilst this film only has 2 hours and 45 minutes to do so (even though it feels much longer than that). It just can’t handle the amount of characters that are in it and that they try to focus on it. Maybe it would have been better (or at least more interesting for me) if they had less characters in it that they tried to focus on.

The writing is also piss poor as well in this film, I’m sorry. What was Oscar Isacc’s smurf-looking Apocalypse’s reason for trying to “Build a better world?” Flicking through 30 seconds of telly and realising that this place is a massive shit hole, it’s not really great motivations is it? What was that? Wolverine is in this movie, for 5 minutes and then has a really embarrassing long shot of him running into the forest never to be seen again, with the last thing to be said about him is, “I hope we never see him again…” Really… Really movie, we’re going down that route… Eurgh. That entire scene was just for a quick cameo and more sequel bait. The writing just doesn’t go anywhere for motivations, dialogue is poor, you have James Mcavoy, trying to work with dialogue such as “I still believe there’s good in you Eric” and just some characters are more plot points than actual characters. For example, Magneto’s family, are just used as motivation for Eric to join Apocalypse than actual characters. Sure they have one scene to show the family dynamics within the group, but that’s just one scene, and in exactly the next one they are both dead due to freak circumstances (bad plot writing), but then again I did really enjoy the pay off when Magneto uses his daughter’s locket to slice the neck of all of the guards, that was pretty fucking awesome. Unfortunately, that was one of the best moments in the film and there aren’t that many.

The acting in this film is rather hit and miss as well. With the best performances coming from Michael Fassbender's performance as Magneto, and James McAvoy as Professor X. Both of them bring their all to the table in this film, or at least what the script can give them to work with. Fassbender's performance is wonderful... For the first half of the film, where he has to deal with being found out as a mutant, and the consequences that come with that... Then for the rest of the film, he's put on a bus and he doesn't have a whole lot to do in the film. Which is a shame because he's one of the more interesting characters in the entire series. McAvoy gives another good performance as Xavier. But, just like Fassbender, he's just not given a whole lot to do in this film. In fact, all I can really remember is that he has that fight with Apocalypse at the end of the film... And that's it. Finally, one last point is Jennifer Lawrence in this. She's easily given the biggest role in this film as Mystique. But unfortunately, if feels like she's phoning it all in and that she just isn't bothered with it all. She's given probably the best material to work with, a mutant trying to save other mutants from fighting rings, and then leading the charge against Apocalypse... But, she just doesn't really try with the role she's given, she looks half-assed and bored for most of the scenes she's in and just seems like she would rather be in a different film altogether.


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