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X-Men '97

Eps. 9-10

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished about a month ago 3 min read

X-Men ‘97 has been praised for more than just its nostalgia factor. Its classic writing and impressive reflection of the source material made fans declare this one of the MCU’s best projects. They filled a desperate gap as fans have been asking for the X-Men for about a decade now. I do believe their only mistake was how short this season was. With the newest declaration of Marvel Animation being assigned its own division of the MCU (which is always how it's worked by the way. There is no world that exists where tv, film and animation were done by the same people. It was always separate; the declaration does nothing but prove the public’s lack of knowledge about the industry.) We will hopefully see some more X-Men in the coming years. So here we are with the X-Men ‘97 finale.

Magneto’s big save actually shut down the earth, apparently killing the earth's electromagnetic field. So the mutants are of course splitting themselves into two teams to figure out how to handle Magneto and the other to handle the sentinel threat. Forge and Hank think they figured out how to dampen Bastion’s powers. But Storm will not allow them to use neutralizer technology to do so.

My Rogue is so angry. Charles is back but she is really grieving Gambit, she is hurting bad. And as the two are talking about it Magneto descends from the sky. As predicted the X-Men have to choose between Magneto and Charles and as expected Roberto and Rogue join Magneto.

In the aftermath of Bastion’s attack humans and those in charge want to revise history by saying Charles shouldn’t have left his legacy to a lunatic, but Magneto was doing great until Genosha was attacked. After the attack is when all the mutants started to question this path of peace, and had Xavier not come back more of the X-Men would have joined Erik.

He tries to kill Jean Grey but as even the show knows, that is not possible. I love that they made her continuously dieing a running joke. But she emerges from the water as the phoenix which means that no one else stands a chance. My girl is the most powerful and it's awesome. She kicks everyone's asses and it's amazing.

It looks like we are leaving this season with Scott finally stepping into his leadership role in a cool, logical way. He reasons with Bastion, and Storm stands with him as the other leader of the team. At least he tries but humanity, of course, fucks it right up. The audacity by the way of humans to think that they can overpower mutants, like the only way you should be dealing with them is with admiration and fear. Know your place, peasants. Yeah I would totally be a member of the brotherhood and I am not sorry about it. Heavily implied that there will be a different configuration of the X-Men come season 2, as our original team is scattered across time.

X-Men ‘97 was not just Disney+’s most watched show but it was the 2nd most watched show across all platforms for the entire month of April. It is also one of the highest rated shows on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic all giving it over an 8/10. The positive reception is probably why we are getting seasons 2 and 3. Season 2 is reportedly written and being animated and season 3 is reportedly in development. The X-Men ‘97 finale gave fans everything they wanted. Character development from our main two protagonists and a huge fight with the villain of the season. I look forward to what we might see from season 2 and 3.

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