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Why I Love "Anime Cartoons" When I'm "Too Old For It"

by Selena Field 4 years ago in comics / tv

Tell me, what would you do if you were trapped in a place? Would you stay there? Or would you formulate an escape, no matter how temporary?

Anime Black Butler. Picture of Sebastian (demon) and Ciel (contracted human)

Many people have criticized me for the fact that I watch cartoons when I am old enough to watch reality TV and political arguments that have no end. Even when I am mature in my life and I do have a life, I am still criticized. Looked down upon for enjoying a childish show.

It is to these people I dedicate this story.

One: I watch anime, which is a Japanese cartoon, yes, but I do not watch "Pokemon", or "Beyblade" where the plot is cheap and it ends happily every time. That is like a grown person reading Dr. Seuss in their free time. You get bored. What I enjoy are the anime like "Black Butler", or "Tokyo Ghoul", which are about boys who were forced into a world of pain and basically became monsters while they strived for humanity. The equivalent in books is Stephen King's "Bag of Bones", or Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games". It is just as enjoyable as the two-which, in fact, I have read. And to further prove my point-these anime were adapted from a manga, or Japanese comic books, which still count as books.

Two: Politics, popularity stunts, natural disasters, death, even life all have one thing in common: They are always there. They are always present and life becomes predictable. It will happen, so why should I be entertained by something I know about to the point that it becomes boring? What I do not know are the thoughts that go through someone's mind to make them come up with these fantastic stories of death or survival-whether it is an American author or a mangaka (Japanese comic maker). These cartoons-and books for that matter- are my escape from a reality that is too painful and too predictable. At least in a fantasy, I can pretend there is some humanity left in people-whereas TV, internet, the whole nine yards seem to prove otherwise.

Now that is not to say that monsters and freaks are all there is to enjoy-because if that were all there was, you could argue anime is only for the dark people of society or the recluses that are not sociably acceptable. Of course this is not true. Like normal fantastical shows-such as "Macgyver", "Gothem" or "Once Upon a Time"- there is a show for every genre and every person. There are romance shows that are even on par with movies like "The Fault In Our Stars" and "Me Before You", sci-fi that rules like "Grey's Anatomy" and thrillers about zombies-because we cannot ever get enough of that- that give "The Walking Dead" a run for its money.

"Game of Thrones"? Try "Future Diary" or "Highschool DxD". For the folklore just look up any fantasy anime. You'll find plenty.

There is also the little fact that there are more anime than there are TV shows. Why, you ask? In the grand scheme of things, it is easier and cheaper to make an anime from a manga because there is no need for multiple camera men or do-overs when a scene is done wrong or stunt doubles or anything-there is the creator, the studio, the voice actors, the singers an the animators. I could write a whole article comparing TV shows and anime productions and give exact detail as to why there is more of the other and which costs more.

So in conclusion, these "cartoons" are not things that are always for little kids. They can be just as explicit as "Game of Thrones" and more. They can be dark and sinister or lovey or zombies. It varies, but just because it isn't real people behind the screen doesn't make it any less acceptable or entertaining than a popular TV show. It really just comes down to what you prefer. Both are equally mature and fitting for adult ages.

I do apologize if I offended anyone, but this is my honest opinion backed up by fact. You may choose whether I'm right or wrong yourself-after all it's all about what you prefer, right?


Selena Field

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