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Why Brightburn is the leading movie for the next cinematic universe

Are you for a cinematic universe of monsters...again?

By Samantha ParrishPublished about a year ago 4 min read

when Brightburn first presented itself back in 2019. People felt like they already watched the movie without having to watch it. You could tell by the first couple of seconds that it had an anti-Superman theme, which was intriguing but we already know the story of Superman what is good so it makes sense to know what’s going to happen when he’s bad. But it did intrigue some people to know how this premise was going to be delivered.

Unfortunately, the film proved to have potential but didn’t live up to its potential.

I watched the movie on a late Saturday night for something to put on for background noise. I finally decided that I would see why people did not talk about this movie afterward.

You could turn Brightburn into a drinking game for how many motions and notions were tied to Superman. It proved itself to uphold its premise of being a horror-themed superhero movie, which is very far and in between to have those. I have to give credit that it is trying to revive something that’s not to come in movies.

There were moments with the film did deliver on being a horror movie by holding on to very horrific injuries that are inflicted by this young, confused boy that has been lied to that he is not of this Earth. It’s not the first time that we’ve had antagonists that our children in movies or TV shows but this one’s different because it’s a child that essentially becomes a supervillain. Usually were introduced to the supervillain when they’re an adult and we get their backstory of what led them to be a supervillain instead, we’re getting the opposite. It was a risky move to not show Brandon Byers as an adult so you could truly feel the turn of what happened. Usually, this is like a cliff note or a minor plot device.

If this film was given a little bit more time, we would want to see more of Brandon’s dissent into being a supervillain, until you finally see him as the supervillain he’s been crafted to be. But there lies the double edge, sword. You have one side of the sword that makes this movie very forgiving in the run time to only an hour and 30 minutes including the credits. But then the other side, it’s an hour and 30 minutes of dull moments, and very few moments that make the film uphold the title.

What ruined this movie's potential success was having all of the elements in the end credits.

The end credits gave us the inside that we’re gonna have a proposed Cryptid universe. Something that is highly celebrated in Marvel and DC. We already had the failed dark universe with the mummy movie back in 2017 when Tom Cruise, cruised us out of that potential.

This would’ve been the perfect thing for horror fans, having a connected universe of various horror, movie monsters, but only focusing on the Myths.

That’s an exciting and fresh idea, but the movie didn’t deliver it enough to make people want to come back so it’s making people excited for something that might not happen because of what happened with Brightburn

The thing about making a cinematic universe is that you have to have certain people or elements. Supposedly there is a cameo of Rainn Wilson reprising one of his characters from Super, but you could barely find him in the movie. The cameo wasn’t recognizable enough to piece it all together. If he was noticed then it would make this crossover seem more believable.

But Rainn Wilson's character wasn't the only crossover to build this universe. The credit scene also provided some possible cryptids that are going to join Brightburn.

Here's the problem, there is no connection to put Brightburn with another movie. How can it be confirmed when no one could see the connection? When the next movie after Brightburn comes out, how are people going to remember this was connected to a movie everyone already predicted?

Take, for example, Hawkeye makes an appearance there, and that ties Thor to the Marvel Cinematic universe. If Thor was by himself, with no mention of Iron Man, Captain America, or Phil Coulson, nothing to indicate its a shared universe, then it's just

When I was thinking about this movie and how the first proposed film in this cinematic universe didn’t go well. Sometimes the second try does be the silver lining. The first season of Parks and Recreation didn’t go well, but the second season made up for what happened in the first season. It could very well be that the second movie would redeem Brightburn.

But this plan is still moving forward despite the lack of reception, The Crypid Universe is James Gunn's next project to start after Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. |||.

It's going to be hard to present a whole cinematic universe when we don't know if we want it yet or not without a leading established movie to make us psyched for something we didn't know how to feel about it. There are no questions to make us wonder, not even the backstory of where he was found isn't enough backstory. The whole point of an introductory movie is to have elements or plot points present in the next film.

There are some movie universes without a comic or written preset universe that can work if we're given enough information to be intrigued about. Brightburn did have potential and that's the only hope that have for the future of the new set of movies from the Cryptid Universe. Lets hope it doesn't crash and burn like the Dark Universe

Hell of a gamble Mr. Gunn, I hope you bring the thunder to make the next cinematic universe of monsters work this time.

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