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Season 1

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Okay with season 2 of What If now being released I thought I should actually get around to finishing season 1. I really only watched a few episodes that had the possibility of being tied to the multiverse of madness. But of course the filmmakers weren’t smart enough to spend their time on actual multidimensional exploration. So we are finishing it and ranking the episodes from worst to best.

Captain Carter Were the First Avenger; So upon first watch this episode wasn’t terrible. The idea of what if it were Peggy instead of Steve is a direct line of thought and it actually makes a lot of sense. However coming from season 2 I’m just so over it. We could be using an entire universe of characters….there are literally thousands of Marvel superheroes and there are like 5 What If episodes with Peggy Carter as the center point and it's just so unnecessary.

T’Challa Became Starlord; I don’t love the swapping out characters in existing stories, I think it's lazy storytelling but this one happened to be somewhat interesting. I just think that there were better stories out there for T’Challa.

The Watcher Broke His Oath; DUMB. Seriously what a horrible thought experiment. This episode is basically What If nothing meant anything? What if there were no rules and the world had no structure and we all just did anything? It was so stupid and a very very lazy attempt at being interesting. AGAIN the point of What If has always been to expand on something, give an existing story some more depth, try something you could never do in the main continuity. But the Watcher exists in every continuity making this episode absolutely unbearable.

Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark; So I like this episode just because it's a pair up that you wouldn’t have expected which is exactly what I like about the potential that this show has. Killmonger will never interact with Tony in the live action MCU and to see them on screen together in animation was definitely the creativity that I am asking for.

Ultron Won; Now I think this episode is definitely something all current MCU fans have played out in their heads at least once. Especially since the film Age of Ultron left a bit to be desired. I think we all were kind of bummed that Ultron ended up being a very one off villain when we all know he should have been more formidable than that.

The World Lost its Mightiest Heroes; Here we go, this is what What If is for. What if there was no one to save us? Who would be there? What would we do? This is what this series is for. Using a serial killer instead of a more cosmic enemy was definitely a choice but I think it was a good one.

Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands; This was a slight change, so again, not as creative as we can get or as I would like us to be but it's an interesting enough change that it's still a fun episode. We get an extreme Doctor Strange using his powers for not so good. Now the story is pretty obvious but the thought process doesn’t suck.

Zombies; This is awesome. It’s just a great way to use What If and the animation medium. Avenger Zombies is a great idea and honestly Zombie Wanda is super badass. This is an instance where a specific story doesn't even really matter, like we don’t need a great plot to carry these zombies, we just need the zombies.

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