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What I found cool about Disney's "Soul"

A movie that made me cry and a look into why its worth a watch.

What I found cool about Disney's "Soul"
Disney Pixar "SOUL" Starring Jamie Foxx

You may or may not know that Disney just premiered a new movie to Disney Plus, it's called Soul. Now there has been some controversy about the voices used in the movie and why they didn't have an all black cast. However, I am looking at the movie from a script point of view.


Firstly, we have some great voices in this film. They include Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Richard Ayoade, Phylicia Rashad and Donnell Rawlings just to name a few. The movie has a mostly Black and Brown cast with a few oddballs thrown in for diversity.

Jamie Foxx plays "Joe Gardner" a man who thought his spark or passion was jazz music. While his passion is Jazz it's not what fuels his need for life. Joe goes on a crazy journey that starts out pretty selfish and in the end he learns the meaning of living life. In his need to land that one Jazz gig that would take him to the top, he forgot how to live. He taught band but didn't take the chance to listen to the next up and coming passionate players. He was focused solely on himself and his music. Granted, he's a talented pianist and his jazz music is to die for. However Joe realizes that he could have inspired so many other kids, done so much more with his life instead of waiting for the next gig. In the midst of all that, he's closed himself off to the rejection he's faced. Claiming he has no time for a girlfriend and that Jazz is his reason for living.

Tina Fey plays a newborn soul who... let's say is having hard time. Basically in the movie new souls get mentors to find their spark before heading down to earth to be born. Joe thinks the spark is their passion like art, music or a job aspiration. Tina Fey plays "22" and she's been in the great before for a really long time. She's had mentors like Ghandi, Marie Antoinette and Einstein. All who have completely given up on her. Joe is the one who coincidentally by sheer accident helps her find her spark.

The actors brought real life to this movie and I was locked in the whole way. It never missed a beat and the jazz music throughout was really fun.


Now maybe I'm biased because my Dad was a Music Teacher, but Joe's dilemma is one we've heard a million times. A man/woman whose dream is to be a musician of some kind, Joe's is Jazz, finds the musican life too hard and settles for other jobs. Joe happens to be a part time music teacher. He finds it hard, dull and just not his cup of tea. If we follow the heroes journey this would be "Before" and his "Daily Life" and it's a little boring until he gets the chance to play with a renowned Jazz Sax player. She's a little on the serious side but he gets the gig.

Without spoiling the story, it takes a turn; and the journey Joe goes on is one where he has to learn to live his life and not obsess. He had so many chances to help kids in his life. SO many chances to live.

Joe gets to see the "Great Before" and what happens when you're inspired and what happens when you become a lost soul. It's a reminder to live and to not forget about life. We get so busy with work and stress that sometimes we forget to have fun.

Critics were a little annoyed that "Spoiler Alert" Joe gave Tina Fey's character back her "Earth Pass" after she managed to find her spark. However, I see this as a teaching moment. The earth pass NEVER belonged to Joe. It always belonged to 22 (Tina Fey's Character). Joe returned something he stole. Which is something we all should live and learn. I won't spoil the very end but I thought it was very nice.


IN conclusion I really enjoyed the movie and as someone whose been a little dissapointed in what Disney has been putting out, I feel like they really took the time on this one. It was like Watching "Inside Out" another movie by Disney/Pixar- You felt the emotion. This movie made me cry, I felt the emotion of the characters, and I felt for their situation. That is what movies should do. Not only that but hello JAZZ! My dads favorite music to teach was Symphonic and Jazz. I grew up listening to Thelonius Monk and several others my Dad listened to on the daily. The movie found all the fun and funky aspects of Jazz and they was really refreshing to see.

I really reccomend giving it a watch because of all the funny moments, sad moments and "what?" moments, there's a really great story buried in there.

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