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What Does Chronological Order Mean? What Are some examples?

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The true meaning of Chronological order and sharing some examples.

What does chorological order mean? Sharing some examples

What does chronological order mean? What are some examples?

When we arrange events according to their timeline, we are actually placing them in chronological order. In other words, it is a schematic representation of events in which they are placed in order of first to last.

It is the science of putting things in order.

Some examples of chronological order:

Following are given some examples to make the term easier for you.

  1. Let’s suppose, you are required to explain each event that had occurred today. You start from the very beginning-the first thing that you did today. For instance, “I woke up early in the morning and rolled over to my side of the bed just to learn that I was already sleeping on the edge. I fell big time making a huge noise, but it did not hurt me at all.” In the above paragraph, you begin by the first-most thing you did in that day followed by a sequel of events that come in order of timeline.
  2. Time is not the only factor here. Things can also be arranged in order of the cause. The discussion further leads to the result (effect) of the cause. For instance, “back in the 80s, toys were mostly mechanical. Kids could play for long hours using a mere stick as a sword without being bored. Today, most of the toys are electronic, which is why kids can’t entertain themselves for long hours.” As you can read, two different timelines, cause, and their effects are arranged in first to last order.
  3. Another kind of chronological arrangement in a sentence is the spatial order. Here, you take a reader from one place to another, describing things one by one. An example is, “we reached the spot in time. It was a dark forest with almost no source of light. With the dim light of our phones, we could see a path that was taking us down the hill. We followed it on foot while carrying our stuff on our backs. The path took us to a house, old, vintage, scary looking. It seemed as if no one in a hundred years has visited the place.” The story extract takes a reader from one spot to another schematically in the spatial order of sequence.
  4. There is a kind of chronological order of events wherein problems stated are followed by their solution (problem to solution). For example, “a significant number of people in the urban areas fall victim to cholera even today. The problem is not just personal hygiene, but a lack of access to clean water. To resolve the issue, certain steps must take place at the national level to ensure the supply of clean water to urban areas. Along with that, people must be educated about the measures they carry out to clean water for domestic uses.”

Real-life uses of chronological order:

In real life, you need to understand chronological order to describe a series of events or to narrate a story. Some examples of real-life use of chronological order in our sentences are:

  1. Family tree: when asked about fathers and forefathers, one will start in a chronological order, which is quite obvious. A family tree begins with the eldest member of the family, followed by the younger one, and so on. It ends with the youngest of the family members
  2. In medicine: a place where chronological order matters the most is when describing the history of a patient. It is crucial to know whether the fever came first or, is it that the vomit was followed by a fever. Even the tiniest of an event sequence impacts greatly on the decision making, and in formulating a diagnosis

Chronological order in cinematic entertainment:

Movie sequels have a transition point that blends the two parts of a story. Here, we are going to make use of the DC animated movies as our example, since they have long trails of sequels. Which movie came first and what movie is a standalone? Let’s learn the chronological sequence.

The correct order to watch DC animated movies:

In fact, I have an article about it which you can read it here: Chronological order to Watch DC Animated Movies

Have a long vacation ahead? Are you planning to watch DC animated movies with friends?

Here is how you can arrange DC animated movies in their correct chronological order:

  1. Justice League: the flashpoint paradox
  2. Justice league war
  3. Son of batman
  4. Justice League: the throne of Atlantis AND Nightwing and robin
  5. Batman Vs. Robin
  6. Batman: Bad blood
  7. Justice League Vs. teen titans
  8. Suicide squad: hell to pay AND Suicide Squad: Hell to pay (comic)
  9. Justice league dark
  10. Teen Titans: the judas contract AND Teen titans: Gol Vs. Teen titans (cameo)
  11. The death of superman AND The death of superman: (part 1) comic
  12. Reign of the superman
  13. Constantine: City of demons
  14. Batman: Hush
  15. Wonder woman: bloodlines
  16. Justice league dark: Apokolips war

Following are some of the articles about the Chronological order of movies:

  1. Chronological order To Watch Attack on Titan
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  5. Chronological order To Watch Code Geass
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  7. Chronological Order To Watch Naruto Movies In Order

I hope this helps.

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